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Full Name: Gordon Mitchell
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Mitzell
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Gordon Mitchell is a security consultant with the CIA.

This former Special Forces officer is the creator and owner of a small private security company based at his rural compound not far from the small city of Front Royal, Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. While he indicates early on in the first recorded adventure that his company had gotten out of the kind of mission he had done as a black-ops specialist in the U.S. military and then later for the Agency, that statement will not last long as he will be pulled into a couple of daunting assignments.

Mitchell is just on the low side of fifty years old and is described as "a six-footer with a solid, muscular build, and rugged good looks. His closely cropped hair had only a few specks of gray". He is married though estranged from his wife Karen with has a son, Jeff, at Virginia Tech and a daughter, Melissa, nearing graduation from high school.

He has lost his family due to far too many missions in foreign lands, too little time spent at home even when not on assignment, and far too much drinking when he was home. We watch him express his sorrow over his loss and his desire to do better but his actions now, or rather lack of actions, throw considerable doubt on his true desires.

Mitchell lives in a 175-year-old stone house he purchased a decade before and has been slowly restoring it.

He uses it as the basis for his security company.

Aiding Mitchell in his activities are his employees and teammates:

Steve Garret - 45 - Mitchell's right-hand man, said to be soft-spoken, dependable, and proficient.

Wes Taylor - 40 - African-American from Detroit, described as tough and lethal but charming when he wanted to be.

Jason Hill - 35 - Slow-talking good-old-boy from Kentucky, expert with weapons and survival techniques.

Proving to be his primary adversary in the two adventures we have of him is Colonel Troy Smith, once a fellow officer in the action Mitchell saw in Afghanistan and at one time probably his closest friends.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

1 False Flag: Able Thunder False Flag: Able Thunder
Written by Michael Mitzell
Copyright: 2015

Wanting to force a war in the Middle East, Colonel Troy Smith and his small but highly elite group plan on creating a false flag sabotage of a national security drill, laying the blame firmly on Islamic terrorists. It falls to Gordon Mitchell and his even smaller team to find out what the plan it and come up with a way to stop it.
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2 False Flag: Desert Archer False Flag: Desert Archer
Written by Michael Mitzell
Copyright: 2017

Determined to not let his previous defeat be his last word, Colonel Troy Smith decides to up the stakes with a major chemical attack in the Middle East with the hope of starting a massive war, hopefully a world war. Gordon Mitchell is just as set on stopping his nemesis.
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     This two-book series is an entertaining combination of clandestine black-ops activity and behind-the-scenes military operations. While the main character, Gordon Mitchell, is a civilian now, it would not have been hard to imagine him being in camos when ordered by his superiors out on either of these missions.

     The author did an excellent job of portraying a hero who is far happier in the field putting his life in danger to accomplish something almost impossible than dealing with situations at the home he thought he wanted.


My Grade: B


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