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Full Name: Mark Ray
Nationality: Indian
Organization: Indian Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Amarjeet Kullar
Time Span: 1975 - 1976


First Look

     Mark Ray is an agent with Indian Intelligence.


     That is pretty much the sum total of what I know about this hero of two recorded adventures, a man dubbed in several super-short mentions as an "Indian version of James Bond".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1975
Last Appearance:1976

1 Shadow of the Dragon Shadow of the Dragon
Written by Amarjeet Kullar
Copyright: 1975

"Mark Ray is caught in the midst of an international conspiracy which involves tampering with and scuttling with the air force of many European and Asian countries." Said to be set in southern France.

2 The Alpertol Affair The Alpertol Affair
Written by Amarjeet Kullar
Copyright: 1976

"Alpertol! Finally, an unbelievably inexpensive substitute for petrol has been perfected! The oil-rich Middle East becomes a hotbed of international intrigues as the oil prices start plummeting the oil producers and consumers gather in Beirut for a grand auction of the world oil supplies at ridiculously low prices. And as the gravel begins to bang at the oil auction in Beirut, Mark Ray is racing against time to unravel the mystery of Alpertol in a dead-heat climax."


     This series was told to me by fellow spy-fan, Narayan, to whom I send thanks.

     If anyone knows anything about either of these books, I would greatly appreciate a note telling me what you can.


My Grade: -


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