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Full Name: Maggie de la Cruz
Series Name: The Agency Series
Nationality: American
Organization: the Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Max Tomlinson
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Maggie de la Cruz is an agent with the Agency.

Exactly what the name of that Agency is remains a mystery. Nowhere in the two recorded adventures we have of this woman are the initials 'CIA' found but the location name of 'Langley' is mentioned more than a few times. So does she work for the Central Intelligence Agency or for some other department that just is referred to as the Agency like the CIA is? Unknown.

Regardless of her employer, it is important to note that while she is an employee of the Agency, she is not a field agent per se and is not exactly trained to be one. Her specialty is in Forensic Accounting and her skillset there is quite extensive. This is very good for her gathering enough information to make a mission out in the real world a necessity but is not that helpful when bullets start flying or a bomb goes off.

De la Cruz does not have much misconception as to her place in the hierarchy of the department. She is first and foremost a 'bean counter'. On the first mission we follow her on, she is reminded early on that she is just 'along for the ride', largely there to keep track of a lot of money being used as bait. Nevertheless, her presence in that mission came about because of her desire "to branch out, climb up from the rut she was stuck in". That and the fact that it was her analysis that detected the illegal activities she was now trying to help shut down. She finds herself in an interesting position in that she would like to be more of an actual field agent but her work in analysis was still proving very rewarding. That and the awareness that in today's highly technical world, "being able to crack a firewall was often more valuable than kicking down doors".

De la Cruz is described as having "her mother's looks: dark, Indian, striking". Her physical condition was quite good thanks to "the miles pounded out in her Asics on San Francisco's hills". She is said to have long raven-colored hair.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

1 The Cain File The Cain File
Written by Max Tomlinson
Copyright: 2015

The mission was to prove Commerce Oil was breaking the bribery laws in the Amazon. Her part in that assignment was to deliver and hand over to a government Minister there a $2 million payoff. Then bullets started flying and she had to flee. Now when ecoterrorists kidnap that same Minister, she is sent back to the region to ransom him out, with another $2 million payoff.
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2 The Darknet File The Darknet File
Written by Max Tomlinson
Copyright: 2017

A high-ranking Jihad Nation leader wants to defect and Maggie de la Cruz is sent to assist in that operation. Then he does not show up to the scheduled meeting but suicide bombers do. Then a key woman in the assignment is killed and de la Cruz is ordered to impersonate her to complete the mission.
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     This is the kind of excellent adventure involving a technically non-operative forced into an operative role that I so enjoy finding. Not totally a fish out of water because de la Cruz is such a short individual but certainly not one where the character, having never touched a weapon before, uses it to perfection.

     I was surprised to not have had a couple more from this author on this character because she is interesting and well worth following; at least until I saw he was writing yet another very exciting female character in a PI role. I will have to check those books out.


My Grade: B+


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