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Full Name: Agent Darcy & Ninja Steve
Nationality: None
Organization: Unknown
Occupation Agent

Creator: Grant Goodman
Time Span: 2015 - 2020


Agent Darcy is an agent-in-training at the Bureau of Sneakery.

Ninja Steve is an ninja-in-training at Ninjastoria

When we first meet Darcy, she is thirteen years old and is an exceptional student at the prestigious Agent school but she has of late been plagued with a string of second-bests to her rival, Agent Serena, and now the worst thing she could imagine has just happened. She failed a test. That makes her certain she will never be given a real mission and will never leave the "hidden territory that belonged to the Bureau" where she has spent her whole life so far.

Our first introduction to Ninja Steve comes on the morning of his twelfth birthday and yet another chance for his older sister, Ninja Nora, to prove yet again that she is way, way better at being a ninja than he is, resulting in a birthday cake to his face. He knows a good part of the problem is that he really, really, hates studying and would rather be out doing it than reading about doing it, even if the reading part is needed to understanding the doing.

The two will meet when Agent Darcy is sent on her first mission (her fears of never getting one having proven unfounded) as an exchange student to Ninjastoria where, in addition to being an actual student there for six months, is given a secret assignment to complete. Ninja Steve will find that helping her, besides being a pleasure because she is really pretty and a whole lot smarter than he is, will help himself become a better ninja.

They will also find that there is something very sinister going on which involves the nasty and very dangerous mecha-moles from the not quite far enough away Mole Republic, ruled by the mean Mole Emperor (not sure how an emperor is ruling a republic).


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2020

     These four novella-sized adventures are geared towards youngsters aged 8-12 or in grades 3-9.

1 Tiger Trouble Tiger Trouble
Written by Grant Goodman
Copyright: 2015

Agent Darcy is tired of always being bested by her rival at school, Agent Serena, and worries she will never be given a real mission. Ninja Steve is always being upstaged by his older sister, Ninja Nora, and knows that he isn't as good at school as he should be. Their lives will change when she is sent as an exchange student to his school and together they will learn they make a great team.
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2 Robot Rumble Robot Rumble
Written by Grant Goodman
Copyright: 2016

"Since returning from her mission in Ninjastoria, Agent Darcy can’t think straight. Her hacking lessons with Agent Evelyn are boring, her classes seem pointless, and her curse can’t be cured.
Ninja Steve has come home to find that his parents have been captured. His sister, Nora, has a rescue plan, but it requires a treacherous journey beyond the borders of Ninjastoria.
When the mecha-moles launch an attack on the Bureau of Sneakery, Darcy finds herself on a perilous mission to save her comrades. Meanwhile, a familiar man in a gray mask arrives in Ninjastoria, carrying a mysterious gift that can’t be good for anyone. Or can it?"
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3 Mecha-Mole Mayhem Mecha-Mole Mayhem
Written by Grant Goodman
Copyright: 2017

"Friendships Will Be Tested, Battles Will Be Fought, and Butts Will Be Kicked! Following the Botsylvania battle, Darcy and Steve would like everything to go back to normal. Unfortunately, the mecha-moles have other plans. Their powerful army is on the move and they've set their sights on Ninjastoria. Darcy and Steve have made it through plenty of danger together, but will they have what it takes to win the war?"
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4 Shogun Showdown Shogun Showdown
Written by Grant Goodman
Copyright: 2020

Ninja Steve enters the Unlimited Power Tournament competition in the hope of winning the grand prize to get his family back together. Agent Darcy is going with him because she hopes the samurai known as the mindblades might her control her mind powers and end her curse.
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     The age and class ranges given for this set of kid's books are really important. My feelings is the lower of the ranges is in order because I think once Middle School is reached, these books would not be quite as interesting as they would be to Elementary graders.

     Having said that, I think as an eight-year-old, I would have loved these books and would have gone after all four.

     Ninja Steve got on my nerves a bit with his wanting to be something without really working for it (at least at first). Agent Darcy was adorable.


My Grade: B-


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