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Full Name: Lawrence Marley
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jerry Walker
Time Span: 1947 - 1949


Colonel Lawrence Marley is an agent with American Intelligence.

The two recorded adventures that exist of this man's activities have his employer written as being the Secret Service but this is, I believe, more a reference to the overall intelligence community than the actual then-Treasury Department organization.

Both missions we have of him take place in the "near future", each three years ahead of when they were penned. As the blurb on the first of the two puts it, "A novel of diplomacy and atomic warfare and anti-Communism, published in 1947, but speculating on possible world events in 1950 and the problems of atomic warfare". The second follows the same concept but two years later.

When we first meet Marley he is having difficulties with Jocelyn, a lovely lady he has been seeing for quite some time but who has tired of his constantly disappearing for weeks on yet another mission for the government. She worries as to how she is about to turn 27 and will, "in a few years" be old. She wants him to give up his "secret service work" of "playing the game of a Dr. Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde" and being a Sherlock Holmes. He laments that he cannot because he has just received orders from the President himself, brought about because of intel learned during his last mission.

Marley is likely retired from his Army service, or at least seconded to his intelligence work. He is 42 years old and said to be a tall man with a "bony, wind-burned face" having "broad shoulders and [an] athletic leanness". He sports scant brown hair, a trifle gray at the temples with a firm mouth, keen gray eyes, aquiline nose and a prominent chin "which gave a stamp of distinction to his clear cut face". He is said to have "the face of a man who could be a loyal friend or a ruthless enemy - a climber of the heights and an explorer of the depths".


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1947
Last Appearance:1949

1 Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished
Written by Jerry Walker
Copyright: 1947

Taking place 3 years in the future, 1950, this tells the story of the work to perfect a weapon using "atomic rays" and the steps foreign powers will take to get their hands on that technology, all to force yet another war. "The story starts in New York, shifts to Russia, then to South America, finally back to America."

2 A Date With Destiny A Date With Destiny
aka The Fabulous Impersonation
Written by Jerry Walker
Copyright: 1949

Was a great American scientist kidnaped? Was the great atomic secret betrayed? What was a certain German officer doing with a double? All these things worry Washington and Col. Lawrence Marley takes the trail once more to Europe and South America.
"The saga of a ghost, supposedly to be the late German dictator, who, in possession of the Atom Rays, in the wilds of the Brazilian jungle, is plotting another world conquest."


There are extant and available on the web a couple of notices and reviews of both books with inferences of low quality in the writing, taken because each was likely the result of vanity press as the indicated publisher, listed as Cosmos, apparently only released these two books and no more.

The copy I have of the first adventure does not exactly agree with that assessment, possessing a fair number of short review comments from various people and publications. Then again, who knows!

I have not found the second book yet but the ending of the first makes me very curious of what happens next. The matter of the lovely Jocelyn seemed resolved, in a good way, at the end with Marley looking like he was giving up his nomadic life but ... there is that second adventure looming!


My Grade: B


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