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Full Name: Ruby Redfort
Nationality: British
Organization: Spectrum
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lauren Child
Time Span: 2011 - 2016


Ruby Redfort is an agent with Spectrum.

Spectrum, according to the "elegant and strikingly beautiful, immaculately groomed" woman who calls herself 'LB' and who runs the organization, is a very secret agency. "To put it simply, we work outside the government but not against the government". She assures Redfort when they first meet that her group are the 'good good guys' and when Redfort points out that everyone always thinks they're the good guys, LB agrees but adds, "happily for us, we are".

The agency came to notice Redfort when she was 8 and had created a code for a competition which Harvard experts had needed two weeks to break. They have been following her progress in the five years since and have only now actually needed someone of her skills for a mission. That is when they presented a puzzle of sorts to her knowing that if she could solve it, she would not only prove up to the task they had for her but also likely to be intrigued enough to consider the offer.

Redfort's parents are Brant and Sabina Redfort, fabulously rich socialites, not the "brightest buttons in the box" but well liked by the community in which they live. Neither has any idea that Redfort is working for Spectrum.

Redfort was kind enough to provide a fact sheet on herself from which we learn:

- She is 13 years old.

- She is "every smart kid's smart kid"

- She is Sassy, cute, brainy, and fearless as well, except for small dark spaces, which she is rather scared by .. but isn't everybody?

- At first glace she is a very ordinary looking girl "until you look a little longer". Petite and small for her years.

- Eyes are different shades of green

- Teeth are small and doll-like

- Hair is dark brown with a side parting across her right eye and always secured by a barrette.

- Usually seen in jeans and a T-shirt printed with either the somewhat hostile word 'bozo', an interesting number '1729', or some statement like 'bored beyond belief'.


Redfort has a list of, apparently, 81 rules to live and operate by. Not all of these have been revealed to those following her adventures but many have. Some of these are particularly good:

- Rule 6: Never have a friend who would sell you out

- Rule 10: Never reveal your hand to a psychopath

- Rule 19: Panic will freeze your brain

- Rule 24: Stay alive long enough to figure out your next move

- Rule 32: Tell one lie and get ready to tell a whole lot more

- Rule 36: Always come up with Plan B before you have embarked on Plan A

- Rule 40: If you ain't breathing, you ain't surviving

- Rule 79: What to do if you meet a bear- wish you hadn't!

- Rule 80: Don't stand on a window ledge if you aren't completely sure whether it opens inwards or outwards


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2016

     A couple years before the author produced the first of the Ruby Redfort adventures, she had crafted a half dozen books designed for readers in the 6-8 years old range starring Clarice Bean. They dealt with the myriad of problems being the 3 of 4 children can encounter at home and at school.

     One of the things that help Ms. Bean cope is her love of and infatuation with a series of books about a middle-school-age female spy named Ruby Redfort. As the tales of Bean progress, the reader discovers that there is also a television series about Redfort and even a theater release movie.

     According to Wikipedia according to Ms. Bean, the Ruby Redfort books are titled:

- There Was a Girl Called Ruby

- Run For It, Ruby

- Where in the World Are You, Ruby Redfort?

- R U 4 Real, Ruby Redfort?

- Run Ruby Run

- Who Will Rescue Ruby Redfort?

- Ruby Redfort Saves the Day

- Ruby Redfort Rules

- Rush to Russia Ruby

0.5 Hang In There, Bozo Hang In There, Bozo
Written by Lauren Child
Copyright: 2013

"Ruby Redfort: secret agent, detective, thirteen-year-old kid.

It's not always possible to skip around smelling the roses, 'cos sometimes you're too busy gripping onto the cliff edge by your fingernails. But 99 times out of 100 it's worth hanging in there bozo: just as things get worse so too can they get a whole lot better.

In this handy pocket-sized book, Ruby will give you the lowdown on how to survive a bunch if tricky situations. So long as you keep your a cool head, buster, you can make it out there alive..."

1 Look Into My Eyes Look Into My Eyes
Written by Lauren Child
Copyright: 2011

13-year-old Ruby Redford, genius code-breaker with exceptional observational skills, is determined to find out what happened when the entire contents of her house are stolen. This will eventually bring her into contact with and later working for the spy agency Spectrum.
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2 Take Your Last Breath Take Your Last Breath
Written by Lauren Child
Copyright: 2012

"When dolphins start showing up in the harbor, strange sounds are heard in the ocean, and cargo shipments go missing, Spectrum has Ruby all over the case. With the help of her sidekick/butler, Hitch, and her best friend, Clancy, she soon discovers that someone is after the legendary treasure out at sea."
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3 Catch Your Death Catch Your Death
Written by Lauren Child
Copyright: 2013

"Wild animals roaming around Twinford? Ruby Redfort has heard the rumors, but she doesn’t quite believe them. She’s got enough on her mind doing wilderness survival training with the secret agency Spectrum, and her bad eyesight isn’t helping. But as high society buzzes with news of a very exclusive perfume formula coming to town, and some priceless jewelry goes missing, Ruby begins to sense a sinister plot in the works."
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4 Feel The Fear Feel The Fear
Written by Lauren Child
Copyright: 2014

"When a ghostly foe begins stealing from the highest buildings in Twinford, Ruby Redfort is ready to defy death one more time to capture the bandit. But fearlessness can lead to taking risks, which can land a person in very serious trouble. While Ruby may think she’s invincible, there’s truth to the saying that recklessness always comes before a fall."
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5 Pick Your Poison Pick Your Poison
Written by Lauren Child
Copyright: 2015

"Ruby Redfort: You can count on her if you’re between a rock and a hard place. A bite from a poisonous snake? Pass me the antivenom. Need someone to take the fall? You don’t even have to ask. Stay one step ahead of trouble? Not so easy. There are always snakes to look out for, but they aren’t half as poisonous as the rumors floating around Twinford. It’s a lot to chew over. Will Ruby pull through in one piece? When trouble’s out to get you and being smart is not enough, do you run like crazy, or is it time to brush up on your martial arts?"
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6 Blink And You Die Blink And You Die
Written by Lauren Child
Copyright: 2016

"Ruby Redfort: you can count on her when the ice starts to crack. Falling through the air at 120 miles per hour? Just relax and think fast. But now even Ruby Redfort is running scared. A bunch of people want her dead, and worst of all, one of them is on her team. When your name is first on a mastermind’s hit list, do you lock the doors, switch off the lights, and wait for someone else to do something? Or do you get out there and save yourself? If you’re Ruby Redfort, genius code breaker and undercover agent, the choice is clear: death or glory. In a satisfying series finale, surprises are in store and Spectrum’s backstory comes to light as fans bid good-bye to Ruby Redfort, every smart kid’s smart kid."
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     I loved the fact that the "fictional heroine" of the stories and television shows that a character in another series, non-spy one at that, enjoys and who she quotes all the time, gets her own series of adventures. It's like breaking the fourth wall and then some!

     These are very well written stories meant for young readers and I think the author did a great job with them. I would have loved to be able to get them for my kids back in the day so they could enjoy them after I have made sure they were up-to-snuff.


My Grade: B


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