Full Name: Jack Stiles
Nationality: American
Organization: Presidential Agent
Occupation Agent

Creator: Eric A. Morris
Time Span: 2000 - 2000


Jack Stiles is an agent for the American President.

President Thomas Jefferson, to be exact, who served from 1801 to 1809 as the third person to hold that office. 

We are told the basic concept of the adventures of Stiles in the words of the theme song sung with considerable gusto and pride at the beginning of each episode:

"In eighteen-hundred-one the Revolution had been won

And Uncle Sam's favorite son had a job he needed done

Which brought Jack to a lady, both beautiful and smart

Who found his mix intriguing-a scoundrel with a heart!

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli

There was never a leatherneck braver, a Daring Dragoon is he

He'll halt the bold advance of Napoleon's attack

There ain't a French or pirate rogue who don't know Jack!

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli

Sailin' round the bloody world to defend democracy

And when ya need a fightin' man ya'd trust ta watch yer back

Just ask the bloke right next ta ya-it's... Jack!"

Okay, there are some important facts left out of that Emmy-nominated ditty. Namely that the location for the escapades is a French colony in the South Pacific, one that the President is worried about due to the expansionist tendencies of the then French leader, Emperor Napoleon, a far more diminuitive fellow than we thought (according to this rendition of history) who actually spends a fair amount of time on the island.

And that he will be forced to work with a British agent named Amelia Rothschild. And that while Stiles is very much a seat-of-his-pants type of agent, making it up pretty much as he goes along, Rothschild is a by-the-book operative who clashes with Stiles on virtually anything.

Oh, there is also the fact that Stiles likes to work out his frustrations by occasionally donning a black cape and a large black eye mask and a tri-corner hat and ride around on his trusty steed battling his enemies using the moniker, the Daring Dragoon (think Zorro but fighting French colonists instead of Spanish ones).

Good Lines:

- Said by Jack in a rebuttal, "I do not prance. I swagger."


Number of Episodes:22
First Appearance:2000
Last Appearance:2000

Bruce CampbellJack Stiles [ 1-2 ]
Angela DotchinEmilia Rothschild [ 1-2 ]
Stuart DevenieGovernor Croque [ 1-2 ]
Stephen PappsCaptain Brogard [ 1-2 ]
Verne TroyerNapoleon Bonaparte [ recur. ]

     This silly romp was filmed in beautiful New Zealand and distributed to American television sets via syndication by NBCUniversal.

     It lasted two seasons with the second one being quite abbreviated.

Note: the synopses are taken from the entry for the show on Wikipedia,

1 Return of the Dragoon
Episode s1-1, first aired 01/22/2000
Director: Josh Becker
Writer: Eric Morris

The adventure begins when Jack Stiles is sent by Thomas Jefferson to a tiny island in the East Indies where he teams up with a beautiful British inventor and secret agent to take on Napoleon Bonaparte.

2 Sex and the Single Spy
Episode s1-2, first aired 01/29/2000
Director: Charlie Haskell
Writers: Eric Morris, Melissa Blake

Jack tutors Emilia in the art of seduction, and she then tests her skills on an eminent French spy from whom she must retrieve a secret code.

3 The Floundering Father
Episode s1-3, first aired 02/05/2000
Director: Chris Graves
Writers: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman

Benjamin Franklin is kidnapped while journeying to France to build a weapon of mass destruction for Napoleon, and Jack and Emilia must come to his rescue.

4 Once You Go Jack...
Episode s1-4, first aired 02/12/2000
Director: Charlie Haskell
Writers: Laurence Walsh, Eric Morris

Kentucky Sue, Jack's former partner and old flame, returns with guns blazing, literally, and proposing marriage.

5 The People's Dragoon
Episode s1-5, first aired 02/19/2000
Director: Josh Becker
Writers: Adam Armus, Nora Kay Foster

Emilia and Jack, who is disguised as the Dragoon, work together to retrieve a shipment of American gold that has been intercepted by the corrupt Governor Croque.

6 Raging Bully
Episode s1-6, first aired 02/26/2000
Director: Charlie Haskell
Writers: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci

The stakes are high when Jack must beat Napoleon in a game of poker to win Louisiana back from the French ? and save his own life.

7 Daddy Dearest
Episode s1-7, first aired 03/04/2000
Director: Chris Graves
Writer: Eric Morris

It's all in the family when Emilia's father, who also happens to be Britain's most decorated spy, comes to Pulau Pulau to supervise a mission.

8 One Wedding and an Execution
Episode s1-8, first aired 03/11/2000
Director: Charlie Haskell
Writers: Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton

Jack is determined to save Emilia from saying "I do" after she agrees to marry Napoleon in an attempt to save England from a French invasion.

9 Croque for a Day
Episode s1-9, first aired 04/15/2000
Director: Wayne Rose
Writers: Geoff Martin, Josh Kravitz

When Napoleon sends an inspector to evaluate Croque, Jack and Emilia scheme to keep the benign governor in office rather than have him replaced by someone who will bring real damage.

10 Dead Woman Walking
Episode s1-10, first aired 04/22/2000
Director: John Laing
Writer: Hilary J. Bader

When the Dragoon is blamed for the desecration of a cemetery, Emilia plays dead in an effort to clear his name.

11 Love Potion No. 10
Episode s1-11, first aired 04/29/2000
Director: John Laing
Writer: David Ransil

Hoping to keep the peace on the island, Jack and Emilia help Croque to satisfy his young wife's libido.

12 Up the Creek
Episode s1-12, first aired 05/06/2000
Director: Chris Graves
Writer: Kevin Maynard

The famed explorers Lewis and Clark, two men who really should just ask for directions, think their deserted island is actually Oregon and can't fathom the idea that the Revolutionary War is over.

13 X Marquis the Spot
Episode s1-13, first aired 05/13/2000
Director: Eric Gruendemann
Writer: Timothy A. Jones

It's a little bit of pleasure and a whole lot of pain when Jack and Emilia are sent to the Marquis de Sade's island of torture and participate in a leather-clad triathlon in order to retrieve King George's stolen crown.

14 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Opera
Episode s1-14, first aired 05/20/2000
Director: Chris Graves
Writer: Melissa Blake

It's not over until the fat lady sings when Jack and Emilia are assigned to protect the unstable King George from a staged assassination attempt.

15 A Horse of a Different Color
Episode s2-1, first aired 10/07/2000
Director: Charlie Haskell
Writer: Melissa Blake

Someone's horsing around with the safety of the island when Katherine the Great threatens to destroy Palau Palau unless her champion horse is returned within 24 hours.

16 Shark Bait
Episode s2-2, first aired 10/14/2000
Director: Eric Gruendemann
Writer: David Ransil

It's all hands on board when Jack and Emilia enlist the help of the legendary pirate Blackbeard to thwart Leonardo Da Vinci's great, great, great, great grandson from destroying the annual Founding Father/Son cruise.

17 Monkey Business
Episode s2-3, first aired 10/28/2000
Director: Chris Graves
Writer: Eric Morris

A priceless silver monkey by the WallaWalla Bing Bang tribe has Emilia and Jack ape mad at each other when they're both ordered to send it to their respective countries.

18 The Morning After
Episode s2-4, first aired 11/04/2000
Director: Michael Hurst
Writers: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman

There's a lot of bitter grapes going around when Jack and Emilia wake up in bed together after drinking the "special" wine that Napoleon plans to send to every world leader.

19 Croquey in the Pokey
Episode s2-5, first aired 11/11/2000
Director: Chris Graves
Writer: David H. Goodman

When the governor is jailed for a planned assassination attempt on Napoleon, it's a battle behind the bars as Jack gets himself sent to prison so he can protect Croque from every thug he's ever sentenced.

20 One, Two, Three, Give Me Lady Liberty
Episode s2-6, first aired 11/18/2000
Director: Michael Hurst
Writers: Stephanie C. Meyer, Christopher Beresh

Napoleon seems to be turning over a new leaf when he has a special statue sculpted to give to America, but Emilia and Jack soon learn that behind the stone beauty lies a beast.

21 Hamnesia
Episode s2-7, first aired 11/25/2000
Director: Wayne Rose
Writer: Eric Morris

Emilia goes hog wild when an accident erases her memory, including the location of a priceless land deed, and Jack convinces her that she's really an uninhibited party animal.

22 Seventy Brides for One Brother
Episode s2-8, first aired 12/02/2000
Director: Charlie Haskell
Writer: Rick Copp

Emilia finds herself one woman among many when she is kidnapped and placed in a sultan's harem, but the longer she stays, the more she refuses to leave without the other "wives.


Take a tremendous amount of slapstick humor, throw in more sexual innuendoes and double entendres than you would imagine possible in 22 minutes of air time, a whole heapin' helpin' of fart and bodily function jokes, and an incredible number of anachronisms and you have this far-too-short action comedy.

Plus you have Bruce Campbell. As a tremendous fan of his since his Evil Dead days through his stint as Sam Axe on Burn Notice, I have had an affection for this man's banter for years and this show put him front and center.

The show makes no sense, of course, and is not to be watched for anything other than amusement but it is still a spy adventure so it definitely fits. And on occasion can bring about a series of fits - of laughter at some times and groans at others.


My Grade: B


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