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Full Name: Raven Winter
Nationality: Unknown
Organization: The Recruitment Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alex Owumi
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Raven Winter is an agent with the Recruitment Agency.

Not to split hairs, she is an assassin. She kills people. She eliminates those individuals that the Agency tells her to dispatch. She removes from the breathing population those what someone has hired the Agency to see gone.

The organization operates from what appears from the outside to be an abandoned factory building but which inside tells a totally different story with its state of the the art computers, meeting rooms, and even an artillery room where specialized weaponry geared towards silent and efficient murder is created and built.

She is considered by those who work with her or those even fewer in number who have heard of her work to be the deadliest person on the planet. Certainly she is the very best working for the Agency which prides itself on only employing the very best. It is not stated how many people she has vanquished in reaching this pinnacle but from the hints given, it is quite a few.

Winter comes to this line of work via her father, once the Agency's top eliminator, now deceased. Her relationship with the man was an extremely close one and one she remembers with great fondness. He had taught her everything he knew about their bloody trade and she remembers every word. Toss in as well her own unique skills and it is no wonder she holds the esteem that she does.

Winter is 5'9" tall with black hair to match her name and "body that is sculpted with a six pack and which does not contain an ounce of fat on it". She maintains this physical condition through constant and extensive exercises, using the exertions to be almost a form of relaxation.

A professional at her work in all ways, Winter has no long-term relationships and no anxiety over that lack. This is a good thing in one regard; her boss keeps her so busy, she would not have time for one.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Fire Raven The Fire Raven
Written by Alex Owumi
Copyright: 2016

For most of her life, Raven Winter has traveled the world killing "some of the most dangerous people known to man". Now she is beginning to doubt what her employer is telling her. But looking too deeply into the stories she has been told can be very bad for her health.
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2 Welcome To Winter Welcome To Winter
Written by Alex Owumi
Copyright: 2017

Looking further into her past, her real past and not what her employer told her, is proving eye-opening and dangerous. Then her father, missing for the past decade, reappears and wants her to join his crusade to wrest control of the company that employs her.
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3 The Winter Vendetta The Winter Vendetta
Written by Alex Owumi
Copyright: 2018

The death of her family members has put Raven Winter on a path of vengeance that has no end other than the deaths of those who gave the orders - or her own
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     I found Raven Winter a fascinating person from the beginning. In an early scene with her talking to her handler at the Agency, he tells her that because a) she has talked for some time about being overbooked and needing a rest, and b) he has had to turn away work so as to not tire her out too much, he is interviewing people to take some the workload off her. She is kinda relieved and mostly not. It was such an amazing piece of humanity that from then I had a special liking for her.

     Even if she does, you know, kill people for a living.


My Grade: B+


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