Full Name: Steven and Samantha Bloom
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. J. Abrams, Josh Reims
Time Span: 2010 - 2012


Steven and Samantha Bloom are agents of the CIA.

Are and were is an accurate statement.

Over a half decade before the events of the recorded adventures take place, the two operatives met and fell in love. After falling in love they tried for a while to maintain a relationship while not actually working together but soon they decided they would rather spend their lives together peacefully so they both retired from the Agency to get married and start anew as civilians. After a time they decided to open a restaurant and catering business bringing in Samantha's younger sister, Lizzie, who knows nothing of either of their previous careers which is how the Blooms want it to stay.

When we first meet the Blooms, they have been happily out of the spy business for five years and, though their food service business is not making them rich, they have no desire to go back to their previous line of work.

That is when grumpy and perpetually acerbic Carlton Shaw comes to call. The Blooms and Shaw had never met before but Shaw is quick to present his credentials and to explain why he needs both to resume their old walk of life. Both refuse but after some quiet reflection and sleeping on it, Steven Bloom goes to Shaw's hotel room to tell him he is willing to come back for the one mission, on the condition his wife never learns about it. When Shaw opens his room door wider to let Steven in, there stood Samantha already volunteering.

Both Blooms are African-Americans. Steven is a mid-30's tall (6'4) very handsome man with a trimmed beard and shaved head. Samantha is a late 20's rather short (5'4) extremely attractive woman with shoulder-length hair. They are both very self-reliant but even though they did not work as a team in the field back in the day, the years spent together since then makes them a great partnership. Minus, however, the fact that each has secrets in their past they would like to keep buries.

In addition to each other and the never-really-friendly relationship they establish with their new handler, Shaw, they will be joined on occasion with fellow operative Leo Nash, a friend of Steven from their training days and a former partner and lover of Samantha.

And they will enjoy the useful but rather erratic help of Bill Hoyt, a computer geek who is in awe of the exploits of Steven and somewhat dismissive of Samantha (he respects her but seems a tad intimidated by her and besides, as good as he has heard she was, she is in his eyes no Mr. Bloom).


Number of Episodes:13
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2012

Boris KodjoeSteven Bloom [ 1 ]
Gugu Mbatha-RawSamantha Bloom [ 1 ]
Ben SchwartzBill Hoyt [ 1 ]
Gerald McRaneyCarlton Shaw [ 1 ]

1 Pilot
Episode 1-1, first aired 09/22/2010
Director: J. J. Abrams
Writers: J. J. Abrams, Josh Reims

Steven and Samantha Bloom agree somewhat reluctantly to come out of a five-year retirement when they learn an old friend of theirs has disappeared.

2 Instructions
Episode 1-2, first aired 09/29/2010
Director: Stephen Williams
Writers: J. J. Abrams, Josh Reims

The Blooms are given the mission to find and rescue a kidnapped doctor named Nasir.

3 Devices
Episode 1-3, first aired 10/06/2010
Director: Tucker Gates
Writers: J. J. Abrams, Josh Reims

The Blooms head to Berlin to track down and get back a stolen code-breaking device.

4 Jailbreak
Episode 1-4, first aired 10/13/2010
Director: Anthony Hemingway
Writer: Phil Klemmer

The Blooms head to Ireland and England in search of a missing CIA hard drive with critical intel on it.

5 Not Without My Daughter
Episode 1-5, first aired 10/20/2010
Director: Dan Attias
Writer: Elwood Reid

The Blooms have the difficult task of convincing a North Korean physicist to defect.

6 Xerxes
Episode 1-6, first aired 10/27/2010
Director: Stephen Williams
Writer: Michael Foley

Looking to capture an old 'friend' codenamed Xerxes who has a painting which contains the formula for a bioweapon, the Blooms head to Tuscany.

7 Assassin
Episode 1-7, first aired 11/03/2010
Director: Brad Anderson
Writer: Karin Gist

The Blooms and fellow agent Leo Nash are off to Peru to keep its president-elect Alberto Loya safe from a suspected assassination attempt.

8 Crashed
Episode 1-8, first aired 11/10/2010
Director: Rosemary Rodriguez
Writer: Anthony Sparks

A pilot delivering a cargo consisting of a powerful bomb goes missing. It is the job of the Blooms to find him and get back the explosive.

9 A Night to Forget
Episode 1-9, first aired 12/01/2010
Director: Frederick E. O. Toye
Writer: Alex Katsnelson

Leo Nash is very concerned when he wakes up unable to remember the night before in Mexico or why there is a dead woman in his hotel room. He asks the Blooms for help.

10 Funny Money
Episode 1-10, first aired 12/22/2010
Director: Jonas Pate
Writer: Tracy Bellomo

To recover $100 bill engraving plates recently stolen from the Treasury, the Blooms seek the help of Steven's brother.

11 The Key to It All
Episode 1-11, first aired 12/29/2010
Director: Tucker Gates
Writer: Phil Klemmer

The Blooms have been sent on an all-expense paid vacation by their boss, Shaw. It will involve a mission in Tel Aviv, however, where an agent has already died in trying to free a kidnapped person.

12 Dark Cover
Episode 1-12, first aired 01/02/2012
Director: Jeff Thomas
Writer: Elwood Reid

A plan to release a terrible smallpox virus is uncovered and the Blooms have been given the assignment to stop it. This will involve Steven Bloom resurrecting an old cover as a bad guy.

13 The Reason
Episode 1-13, first aired 01/09/2012
Director: Stephen Williams
Writer: Michael Foley

The Blooms finally find out the real reason Shaw brought them out of retirement. It was to act a bait to capture Samantha's old mentor who was long thought to be dead.


     Both my wife and I really enjoyed this series when it first came on. That is, unfortunately it seems for us, often a sentence of doom. It certainly was in this case. The show did not last very long at all and both of us really missed it. I have tracked down the missing episodes so I can enjoy them but have been revisiting pleasantly yet again the series from its beginning.

     I read a comment by show creator J.J. Abrams that the show was intended to be a bit frivolous but may have been too much so. If my brief research is accurate, the show was on a Friday night which considering the audience it should have attracted was a kiss of death. Just IMHO.

     Both stars were and remain excellent actors in both drama and light comedy and irascible Gerald McRaney is always a welcome.

     Too bad the show did not make it.


My Grade: B


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