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Full Name: Jake Wolfe
Codename: Trouble Shooter
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Other - Lawyer

Creator: Mark Nolan
Time Span: 2016 - 2023


Jake Wolfe is an agent with the CIA.

Was an agent, a bit of time before we first meet in. Will be an agent again as time passes and his unique and impressive skillset is called for.

When we meet him, he is living in the San Francisco Bay area working as a photojournalist for a local paper and living with, or more accurately planning of ending his living with, a woman named Gwen who comes across as a nutcase but may prove to be even worse. He is also getting over the loss some time previous of his war dog. He is close friends with a SFPD police lieutenant named Terrell and may put emphasis on his picture taking to crime scenes.

We discover that he and Terrell have been best friends since they served together in the Marine Corps over in the Middle East years before. After their tours ended, Terrell return to SF and joined the police. Wolfe got invited to go work for the CIA which he did for several years.

The connection with the Agency ended when his handler decided for whatever reason to leave Wolfe up to his neck in trouble in the desert, certain that there was no hope of getting Wolfe out alive. Wolfe chose to not be so obliging as to die on cue and now his attitude towards the CIA is not so favorable and towards that handles is bordering on homicide.

We learn a lot about Wolfe's former career from a Secret Service agent named Greene who was reviewing Wolfe's file. "The file also revealed he'd been trained by the CIA to kill a person with a fist, a ballpoint pen, a belt, a credit card, a toothbrush, an electrical cord, a chair leg, a car key, a beer bottle, and all kinds of other items. She knew that not long ago Jake had been one of the top animals in the jungle food chain. He had killed the killers and terrorized the terrorists, and he'd saved a lot of innocent lives by doing it. He'd also been promised by the government that his dangerous work was all supposed to be behind him now. Yet here he was today. So much for promises from bureaucrats."

Wolfe will, in the course of that first recorded adventure, take great pity on another Marine war-dog named Cody whose master was a good friend of Wolfe who had succumbed to drugs. At the funeral for his friend, Wolfe decided for the sake of the dog who was suffering from PTSD that he would adopt him and for the remainder of the adventures the two will remain extremely close and make up one impressive team.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2023

1 Dead Lawyers Don't Lie Dead Lawyers Don't Lie
Written by Mark Nolan
Copyright: 2016

The serial killer was quite successful at his art despite having a very specific target for his hostilities; he went after only wealthy lawyers and he had already taken out several in the Bay Area. He switches his attention, though, when Jake Wolfe accidentally takes his picture during a killing. Now he wants Wolfe to be his next prey.
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2 Vigilante Assassin Vigilante Assassin
Written by Mark Nolan
Copyright: 2017

Lauren Stephens woke up to find her husband, Gene, had left. Where she had no idea for it was as he had just vanished. She calls upon Jake Wolfe and his dog Cody to help search for clues and what he found was so disturbing he refused to let her see it, saying "there is no unseeing it." Wolfe has a bad habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and this case will prove it.
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3 Killer Lawyer Killer Lawyer
Written by Mark Nolan
Copyright: 2018

Preferring to live a quiet life, Jake Wolfe finds that impossible when the city in which he resides has a serial killer on the loose and Wolfe has been framed for the murder of a friend.

4 San Diego Dead San Diego Dead
Written by Mark Nolan
Copyright: 2019

Jake Wolfe and his dog, Cody, are enjoying a vacation at Cabo San Lucas when he runs afoul of a drug cartel who wants a deadly package which Wolfe learns is a huge threat to innocent people so would prefer the cartel not get it.

5 Deadly Weapon Deadly Weapon
Written by Mark Nolan
Copyright: 2020

"When a master plan emerges that has the potential not only to threaten Jake's city, but to kill off targeted populations around the world, Jake embarks on a desperate search-and-destroy mission in order to protect the lives of everyone he knows and cares for. His target? A group of rogue operatives planning mass murder. "

6 Key West Dead Key West Dead
Written by Mark Nolan
Copyright: 2021

"When Jake Wolfe attends a wedding in Key West, a mysterious bomb-maker plots to kill the newlywed couple with an improvised explosive device hidden on board their sailboat. The criminal's manifesto reveals he will continue relentlessly targeting sailboats and motor yachts throughout the Florida Keys, while demanding 30 million dollars in ransom from the Monroe County government."

7 Mission Target Mission Target
Written by Mark Nolan
Copyright: 2023

"A mysterious criminal syndicate is importing massive quantities of a strange new drug that causes many users to drop dead, and there’s no antidote. Jake Wolfe discovers that the powerful drug is being used as a weapon, deployed by a hostile foreign entity fighting a secret war against US citizens. It’s a race against time to hunt down and stop the conspirators threatening mass murder, but if anyone can possibly search and destroy the mission target, it has to be Jake and his highly intelligent K-9, Cody."
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     One of my many, many idiosyncrasies is that if you put a dog in a series as one of the main characters, you have moved your series up several rungs with that alone. Mind you, the canine should not become super-intelligent; it should be and act like a dog, which luckily and thankfully is the case here. Cody, the war-dog, is sharp as a tack and impressively smart but he is still a dog. Kudos to the author for this.

     Now on to his master, the on-again off-again operative named Wolfe. This fellow is a whole lot of fun to follow but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he and I would never, ever be friends. This fellow suffers fools not a whit and he would absolutely figure me to be a fool. This is based on the fact that he seems to think a whole lot of people he has to deal with are fools.

     Wolfe and his dog get around a lot and come up on trouble wherever they go. This makes following their lives a consistently exciting past-time.


My Grade: B+


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