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Full Name: Neil Aldridge
Series Name: Kestrel
Nationality: British
Organization: Kestrel
Occupation Other - Professor

Creator: Matt Gemmell
Time Span: 2018 - 2018


Neil Aldridge is a Doctor of Physics.

Kestrel is an elite EU special forces team.

Dealing with the second introduction first, we learn about Kestrel some time after the first adventure begins that. We learn about it from a Captain Jessica Greenwood who is kind enough to explain about the organization soon her introduction. First is that Kestrel is a covert group attached to EUFOR, though not part of it.

This begs the question as to what EUFOR is. We are instructed that "EUFOR was the blanket term for the European Union's rapid reaction forces, one of several military forces operated by the EU as part of its Common Security and Defence Policy." We also are informed that it "had a gendarmerie, a maritime force, and even a standing army called Eurocorps, with dedicated battlegroups and specialist teams supplied by various member nations."

Back on the matter of Kestrel, Greenwood explains, "We're an elite surveillance, infiltration and combat force operating under the direct authority of the European Security Council. Our official title is the European Special Tactical Force, Group One, but anyone who knows that name will deny our existence."

All this information is being explained to the man introduced above first, Neil Aldridge. Aldridge is not part of Kestrel, as evidenced by the fact that the explanations mentioned above were directed by Greenwood to him, but we will watch as he plays as big a role in the adventures as Kestrel itself, enough to be given, IMHO, the starring role.

Neil Aldridge is a lecturer in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh. He is "37 years old. His PhD in theoretical subatomic particle physics entitled him to be addressed as Doctor, but he shunned that appellation. It was too damned pompous by half, and made him feel ridiculous".

He will be brought into the danger and excitement that seems to be a constant condition for the people of Kestrel because of his uncle who was also a physicist and who ran afoul of a very nasty and ambitious man and who appealed to Aldridge for help. Luckily for Aldridge, Kestrel was already keeping watch on all the players and stepped in when needed.

Which explains how and why a Physics lecturer became intimately involved with a force like Kestrel.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Changer Changer
Written by Matt Gemmell
Copyright: 2018

The seizing of control of a top-secret research facility by a billionaire industrialist, all for his own secret motives, pulls Neil Aldridge into a fight to stop a disaster that will bring death and destruction to millions of people. Helping Aldridge in this seemingly impossible task are the people from an elite spec-ops team known as Kestrel.
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2 Toll Toll
Written by Matt Gemmell
Copyright: 2018

A wealthy environmentalist is resurrecting a highly secret experimental project shut down seven decades before. The hope is to heal much of the damage humanity has brought to the planet. Unfortunately, the cure is going to be worse than the disease as all of humanity is in danger unless Neil Aldridge, backed by the capable hands of Kestrel. can find a fix for the fix.
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It is a welcome change of pace to grab a series in which the protagonist is not a highly trained and experienced operative with a decade of missions under him/her belt. I love those, of course, but it is fun to have the main character not be so in control.

Mind you, I am not looking here at a fellow who is a horribly out-of-water fish floundering. Aldridge is not a seasoned warrior, yes, but he is a very, very intelligent man who learns quickly and is sharp enough to know when to call for help.

There are only two books in this series so far and it has been a couple of years since the last so I do not know if more are coming. It would be nice if there were.


My Grade: B+


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