Full Name: Robert Virgin
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ted Willis
Time Span: 1968 - 1968


Robert Virgin is an agent with the British Secret Service.

The time period in question for the activities of this swashbuckling, daring representative of the British Empire, on which the sun has not yet begone to set is the early 1900s. The Crown's influence all over the world remain strong but in constant need of resourceful men, and women, to maintain the status quo and keep full not only the coffers of the Royal Exchequer but also the millions of tea pots.

Virgin is a Captain in the military which at the time controlled the nascent intelligence agency Virgin works with, making him a gentleman officer engaged in what is sometimes a most ungentlemanly career but Virgin is determined to not only get the job done, whatever that job might be, but also to do it in a way that maintains the honor and dignity of his unit, represented by his always starched and pressed red coat uniform.

Aiding in that latter is his trusty and proven batman, Sergeant Doublett, a man who is able to not only keep the Captain's apparel and his armaments in superb condition but also is quite equipped to lend a hand in the actual missions. Virgin will find on more than one occasion that having a practiced and talented escapologist (not a common skillset for most batmen) is very fortunate.

Also seemingly everywhere that his orders takes this handsome, tall, blond-haired man roughly 35 years of age is the very lovely, very resourceful and very daring Mrs. Virginia Cortez, a photographer, adventurer, and part-time operative working alongside Virgin. Besides having fighting skills most useful at times and deductive abilities vital at all times, she also has an amazing amount of contacts in some of the highest places around, impressive for a woman not quite in her 30s.

Proving a constant challenge to the stability of British rule is the spymaster and arch-nemesis of Virgin, the dastardly and ever-scheming Karl von Brauner. Though von Brauner is German by nationality and prone to favoring that side of any conflict, he is truly a freelance agent and will help any side willing and able to pay his fee. In virtually every part of the world where trouble rises, there is an excellent chance that von Brauner will either be starting it or finding a way of keeping it going. Stopping him will prove to be Virgin's lot in life.


Number of Episodes:13
First Appearance:1968
Last Appearance:1968

Clinton GreynRobert Virgin [ 1 ]
Veronica StrongMrs. Virginia Cortez [ 1 ]
Alexander DoreKarl Von Brauner [ 1 ]
John CaterSergeant Fred Doublett [ 1 ]

1 Dark Deeds on the Northwest Frontier
Episode 1-1, first aired 03/28/1968
Director: Paul Bernard
Writer: Nicholas Palmer

Captain Virgin and his batman, Doublett, head to the Northwest Frontier of India by balloon to stop the evil Karl Von Brauner and his plan to steal that region from British control.

2 Russian Roundabout
Episode 1-2, first aired 04/04/1968
Director: John Sichel
Writer: Basil Dawson

Captain Virgin is this time in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he finds a Prince who has decided to become the new Emperor of India and has von Brauner's help to do so.

3 Entente Cordiale
Episode 1-3, first aired 04/11/1968
Director: Paul Bernard
Writer: Betty Lambda

When he learns of a plot to assassinate the Duke of Albany by von Brauner at an opera, Captain Virgin and Mrs. Cortez disguise themselves as the Duke and his wife to foil the plan. They then find themselves victims of Chinese white slavers!

4 The Great Ring of Akba
Episode 1-4, first aired 04/18/1968
Director: Paul Bernard
Writer: Ted Willis

Captain Virgin heads alone to the Arabian Peninsula to stop yet another plot by von Brauner and ends up a captive of this man, forced to undergo an 'ordeal by animal'.

5 The Amazons
Episode 1-5, first aired 04/25/1968
Director: Robert D. Cardona
Writer: Basil Dawson

In the jungles of Amazon, a British scientist and his daughters are in great peril from von Brauner who is rousing the local tribesman to rebellion. This will bring Captain Virgin and Mrs. Cortez to help.

6 The Rajah and the Suffragette
Episode 1-6, first aired 05/02/1968
Director: John Sichel
Writers: Anthony Steven, Vincent Tilsley

Back in India, Captain Virgin must go up against a prince with a good sized army but not so good a military mind. Unfortunately for Virgin, the prince is recently in league with von Brauner to tear that region from British control.

7 Persuasion of a Million Drops
Episode 1-7, first aired 05/09/1968
Director: Robert D. Cardona
Writer: Ted Willis

When Captain Virgin and Mrs. Cortez learn that a Swiss scientist has had his chemical formula for causing temporary paralysis stolen by von Brauner, they know they have to get it away from that evil man.

8 Pride of Assassins
Episode 1-8, first aired 05/16/1968
Director: Paul Bernard
Writer: Anthony Steven

Von Brauner has a new scheme, this one involving the assassination of a Serbian nobleman while making it look like someone else did the killing. 

9 Across the Silver Pass of Gusri Song
Episode 1-9, first aired 05/23/1968
Director: Josephine Douglas
Writer: Ted Willis

In a remote part of Asia, the ruler of a small region must, by ancient legend, marry a white warrior. Von Brauner wants to use this custom to his advantage but the arrival of Captain Virgin really messes things up.

10 The Pyramid Plot
Episode 1-10, first aired 05/30/1968
Director: Robert D. Cardona
Writer: Basil Dawson

An Egyptian woman who dreams of becoming a new form of Pharaoh has plans to seize control of the Suez Canal. She has the aid of a conniving von Brauner but Captain Virgin is out to stop them both.

11 A Fate Worse Than Death
Episode 1-11, first aired 06/06/1968
Director: Heinrich Hirsch
Writer: Stuart Douglas

Von Brauner has arrived in England along with a handful of anarchists all determined to kill the reigning King of England as well as the visiting German Kaiser; not to mention making off with the Crown Jewels.

12 The Professor Goes West
Episode 1-12, first aired 06/13/1968
Director: Robert D. Cardona
Writer: Nicholas Palmer

Von Brauner is in Texas trying to force a scientist of use his skills to locate new sources of oil on the land of a 'trigger-happy' rancher named Big Jack. Meanwhile, Captain Virgin and Mrs. Cortez are in the area looking for their missing Colonel.

13 Wings Over Glencraig
Episode 1-13, first aired 06/20/1968
Director: Robert D. Cardona
Writer: John Roberts

A UFO has been spotted several times in and around an old Scottish castle. Von Brauner heads to that area to steal the strange craft. Captain Virgin and Mrs. Cortez are sent there to protect a new invention of the castle's scientifically minded owner.


     I have tried very hard to remember where and how I say one - only one - of 13 episodes of this fun, very much tongue-in-cheek series. It had to have been long ago and it is possible I only saw a scene or two.

     However it was, I remember being amused by Virgin and enchanted by Mrs. Cortez and wanting to see more.

     Unfortunately, I am not willing to fork over $50+ to watch it so until someone decides to stream it, and I am not holding any breaths for that to happen, I will have to go with my scant memory and what little I found written about this series.


My Grade: B-


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