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Full Name: Kyle Shatter
Nationality: American
Organization: SINTAC
Occupation Agent

Creator: Julia Payne
Time Span: 2020 - 2020


Kyle Shatter is an agent with SINTAC.

"Special Intel and Tactics" is the full name of this organization. That agency, according to Special Agent Preston Harvey, a man would become the Director, "is invisible. Unknown by even the lawmakers on the Hill. No one knows we exist. We report directly to the President. Not his assistant. Not his Chief of Staff, and not even the Vice President."

No one applied for a job with SINTAC. Potential candidates, men and women who had no idea the agency existed or that they were being considered for the job, were hired by the Council on International Relations, a prominent think tank. It was while there they would be analyzed and tested and if found to be worthy, told about and offered a job.

Such is the way that Kyle Shatter was introduced to Harvey and SINTAC two and a half decades before the first recorded adventure. [Note of clarification here: that story jumps back and forth in the telling, switching between the life Shatter had before he was employed with the group and the 'present' time.]

SINTAC is the kind of 'deep state' organization that conspiracy theorists warn everyone about and that sane people pooh-poohed as being impossible to pull off. SINTAC has been in existence for well over 100 years working tirelessly to preserve the Constitution by consistently breaking it. It maintains its anonymity by making sure that anyone who threatens it is eliminated, including would-be agents who fail to make the grade or current agents who disobey orders. Or even its titular head, the President, if that leader decides SINTAC is more danger than good, as one did back in 1963.

Shatter is an exceptional agent for SINTAC and has been for, as stated, 25 years, which makes him in his late 40s in those parts of the stories taking place in the current time. He is extremely sharp and quite dedicated to the mission of SINTAC to preserve the country by strenuously removing its enemies.

He is also someone with a unique attribute that has both saved his life on many, many occasions and made him noticed and looked on a bit strangely for all those years he has had it.

Most people are said to have an inner voice that, if they are smart enough to heed it, warns them of danger and points out the true path to take in a dilemma. Since an incident that took place as Shatter was nearing graduation from college and Shatter experience horrible pain in his head and passed out from it, Shatter actually hears, not senses, that special voice.

He talks to it and it talks back. He has learned to do the communicating in private whenever possible or in a whisper if stuck around people, but otherwise the talking is much like he would do with other people. Except there is no arguing or debate. That voice, which Shatter believes is really him putting his subconscious thoughts and analysis into words that only he can hear inside his skull, is extremely sharp and observant and quite quick with its analysis and has saved his life on more occasions than is worth counting.


Number of Stories:5
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Shattered Intel Shattered Intel
Written by Julia Payne
Copyright: 2020

This story recounts two sequences of events, one when Shatter first learned of SINTAC and one in the present as Shatter sees things happening to the organization he has devoted a quarter century to serving start to change.
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2 Shattered Lives Shattered Lives
Written by Julia Payne
Copyright: 2020

The White House is on lockdown as a member of the Administration is murdered just outside the Oval Office. Meanwhile, Kyle Shatter, veteran of SINTAC and one of its best and most trusted agents, is now being hunted by his own people, all for something he has no idea he supposed to have done.
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3 Shattered Patriot Shattered Patriot
Written by Julia Payne
Copyright: 2020

Organized Crime organizations are seen to be joining forces across the country, many of them headquartered in foreign lands like the Russian Bratva and Central American MS13. To stop them the government is having to make use of technology in ways that disturb seasoned members of SINTAC like Kyle Shatter. Is a New World Order in the making?
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4 Shattered Mind Shattered Mind
Written by Julia Payne
Copyright: 2020

Someone is systematically dismantling everything in the government that Kyle Shatter has devoted his life to serve and he knows that if he cannot trace the trouble to its source and stop it, the country he loves will cease to exist.
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5 Shattered Paradox Shattered Paradox
Written by Julia Payne
Copyright: 2020

The unthinkable has happened and very bad men have made it to the top of the government, even the Oval Office, people determined to bring down the country for good at the behest of a foreign enemy. Kyle Shatter, now leading SINTAC, knows it will fall to him to end the chaos even if it means ending SINTAC and himself.
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     Reading about a character who talks 'with', not 'to', himself might make the series seems strange but that is really the least of this series' idiosyncrasies.

     This five-part novella series is designed, I believe, to scare the heck out of the reader. At least it did me. That and make me looking over my shoulder for people following me and thinking I should turn off all electrical devices inside my home.

     And I believe that is what the author intended so kudos to her on nailing it.

     Not so many kudos, though, on the way the stories tend to jump back and forth in time telling different aspects of the story. Would a simple "Back Then" and "Present Time" at the beginning of a chapter been that difficult to put in? Or did the author decide that if it was hard to write, it should be hard to read?


My Grade: B-


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