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Full Name: Devlin Stone
Series Name: The Annihilator
Nationality: American
Organization: Z Section
Occupation Agent

Creator: Keller O'Brien
Time Span: 2018 - 2018


Devlin Stone is an agent with Z Section.

That is a division of a bigger company called Eagle Alliance, "a San Diego-based paramilitary company that had exclusive contracts with the U.S. government". Z Section is a "secret department of the Alliance that had a different kind of relationship with the U.S. government as well as other Western powers in that it handled the covert operations that those governments did not want to handle."

We get an introductory look at a 16-year-old Stone, happening 20 years before, when the building in which he and his family were living was engulfed in flames and everyone but he perished. As he watched in shock at the destruction, a man "dressed head-to-toe in black" and wearing a silver ring "with an eagle's head carved into the flat top" told him that Stone had to go with the man because others would come looking for survivors, people who would see to it that there were none.

Those coming were members of a drug cartel and they had a particularly heavy axe to grind with Stone's father but nothing like the vengeance that Stone would be seeking years later, after he had spent most of his adult life becoming an especially sharp and lethal fighting weapon.

The man doing the rescuing was Brad Preston and he would be the man who not only saw that Stone survived that horrible night but also found his way many years later to become part of Eagle Alliance. In the present it is Preston who gives the orders that send Stone to various parts of the world, constantly putting his life in danger.

Two short comments in the first adventure say a lot about Stone. The first was that he "didn't look like a killer". The second is that he "had a talent for killing bad guys". He would use the former to get close enough to targets to do the latter.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Cartel Queen Cartel Queen
Written by Keller O'Brien
Copyright: 2018

The leader of the biggest drug cartel in Mexico was a woman named Jacqueline Guardado. She has had enough of the violence and wants to switch sides, willing to help the DEA in its fight against the drug traffic. This makes her a major target for her former associates and it falls to Devlin Stone to find a way to get her to the States.

1 Zero Hour Zero Hour
Written by Keller O'Brien
Copyright: 2018

A cyber-terrorist named Lassiter has one huge goal in mind; destroying the U.S. economy. He has the technical skills to pull it off unless Devlin Stone can stop him from releasing into the Internet a computer virus designed to strike at the financial world.


This very fast reading series consists of just two novellas but each of those is packed full of action and excitement, especially if you like things getting blown up. That happens a lot in Devlin Stone's world. So far, obviously, it hasn't happened to him but it seems just a matter of time ...

I have re-become a huge fan of short stories and novellas for adventures of action heroes. Full length tales tend to drag in usually a couple of places. Shorter fiction is good for bypassing such slow-downs and that is the case with these two tales.

Since three years have passed from the introduction of these stories on Amazon and the fact that they do not seem available anymore as of this typing, I do not expect any more to come along but I could be wrong. If I am, I hope the author sticks with the shorter form. It suits Stone.


My Grade: B


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