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Full Name: Michael Finnigan and Katalin Dahar
Nationality: American, Spanish
Organization: None
Occupation Private Investigator

Creator: Dana Haynes
Time Span: 2019 - 2023


St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking is a bounty hunting organization.

Yea, I know what you are thinking, looking at the opening statement. Salvage and Wrecking does not bring to mind bounty hunting in any shape or form. You're dead on there.

Add to the confusion with the fact that the partners who comprise this group are named Michael Finnigan and Katalin Fiero Dahar with nary a Saint nor a Nick in their names.

You might have guessed that the Salvage and Wrecking was a dodge, something to make people looking at the company think it was something totally different and you would be right. Finnigan and Fiero (she goes that name most often) do not do any advertising except by word of mouth and they would prefer that would-be mistaken clients look elsewhere for someone to help them bring up a sunken anything since that is nothing like what they really do. As for the <i>St. Nicholas</i> part, well, it would be more fun for you to read the adventures and learn the story behind it yourself.

Three years before the events of the first recorded adventure these two principals had totally different jobs than the ones they do when we meet them.

Michael Finnigan had been a New York City detective for several years. Being a cop ran in the family with his grandfather and his father and his uncles and eventually even younger sister wearing blue. Then he learned his old man was often more crooked than a lot of the people he arrested and Finnigan got a bad taste in his mouth and quit. He joined the U.S. Marshal service but his "proper, by-the-gook, American-style arrest, leading to an indictment, leading to a trial, leading to prison time" attitude stayed with him.

Katalin Fiero Dahar was a member of the Spanish Intelligence community in a very much untalked-about capacity. She was an assassin. She was very good at being an assassin. She had been one for several years. This extremely beautiful and graceful and athletic daughter of two very prominent individuals had chosen a different path for herself than the public service her parents were in and while she kept the truth from them and everyone else, she had no regrets.

Their lives would change when they were put on an ad-hoc task force. Events in that capacity would be the catalysts for their again changing careers and going into the bounty hunting profession.

Except they weren't ordinary bounty hunters. They worked primarily for a very powerful ranking member of the International Criminal Court, Helene Betancourt, though they had actually never met her. What they do is to find people wanted by court (well, more accurately by the Judge) who have successfully escaped capture and drop them off outside the courthouse doors. No questions asked and no explanation given. Certainly no fanfare or any sort. Just a matter of the wanted being unceremoniously snatched and dragged to finally be tried for their crimes.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2023

1 St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking
Written by Dana Haynes
Copyright: 2019

As a shocking number of refugee children fleeing wars in the Middle East suddenly disappear, being sold into prostitution all over the world. Finnigan and Dahar are contracted to see who is behind it all and stop it. They learn that the main power is a Serbian gangster who has some powerful backer high up in the United Nations.
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2 Sirocco Sirocco
Written by Dana Haynes
Copyright: 2021

A serial bomber is causing tremendous trouble all over Europe. Michael Finnigan and Katalin Fiero, the owners of the St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking partnership, as hired to find who is the killer. Doing so, though, puts them up against some powerful people in several intelligence communities.
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3 The Saint Of Thieves The Saint Of Thieves
Written by Dana Haynes
Copyright: 2023

"When Michael gets a panicked call that Sally Blue is in trouble, he and Katalin head to Rome to help. Sally’s a friend, and her outfit of thieves, the Black Harts, had proved themselves invaluable to St. Nicholas on numerous ops in the past.
During a daring rescue in a shadowy Roman plaza, Michael recognizes Bobby McCool, a stone-cold killer, aider and abettor of a notorious drug lord. McCool was also once the partner of Michael’s disgraced father, police detective Patrick Finnegan, now under house arrest in New York. Nabbing McCool would not only make the world a safer place, it might help Patrick Finnegan’s legal woes.
Saving Sally gets more complicated by the minute, for she’s set her larcenous sights on astronomically valuable goods. The stakes are high, but the crew from St. Nicholas aims higher: seeking justice for these murderous criminals and their genocidal leader."
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Oh, how I loved this series. There are just two books in it now and I so very much wanted more but the two that I have were both so fantastically entertaining that I devoured every sentence, sometimes more than once. It was like watching a great movie and rewinding to play cool scenes over again. There are a lot of cool scenes in these adventures.

I adored Finnigan's normal by-the-book approach to things as well as Fiero's by-the-gut attitude. I loved it when they both get forced to step outside their comfort zones and use, temporarily, the methods of the other. I savored the banter that these two people routinely engage in.

And I so very much appreciated the writing skill of the author. I liked his previous series a lot as well but this one ... this one is special.


My Grade: A


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