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Full Name: Faith Evans
Series Name: Perception and Deception
Nationality: American
Organization: RLIP
Occupation Agent

Creator: Andrea Hintz
Time Span: 2016 - 2020


Faith Evans is an agent with RLIP.

On occasion I am forced to immediately contradict an opening statement and this is one of those times, twice.

The first contradiction is the name of the person in question. Faith is her real name but when we meet her and for almost the entire first adventure, she is known as Felix Jaynes. We get the idea pretty quick that Felix is not her real name, and not just because 'Felix' is an odd name for a woman, but we will not learn her real name of Evans until near the end of the mission.

The second is that in the first meeting she is an agent but is thinking very seriously in quitting. Then she will. Then she will be brought back. Considering the things that will happen to her, some because of RLIP, it is not hard to understand the switching.

Which brings us to RLIP, or Real Life Immersion Program. This organization is part law enforcement and part espionage. The group is, according to what Evans/Jaynes tells us early on, "a smaller division of the FBI that most people did not know about". She modifies that a tad by adding "we were more of our own entity that the FBI called upon when they needed extra inside on a case, particularly when their own agents were stumped".

Evans at the time of this first recorded mission is only 21 years old and yet she is already a seasoned veteran. She explains this by telling us that she "was recruited at ... a young age. It was my mom and dad who started the program years before I was born". She tells us that they had been FBI agents who started RLIP "to recruit incredibly bright agents who wanted a little more of a challenge".

Once in, though, and you are in for a decade. And once in, your life is really not the list bit your own. While on a mission, each movement is monitored, each conversation recorded, each relationship frowned upon. The RLIP has some pretty nifty toys to play with but when they play, they play rough as Evans and her colleagues will learn the hard way.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2020

1 Perception and Deception Perception and Deception
Written by Andrea Hintz
Copyright: 2016

From the moment that Ashton Mathis saw the lovely Felix Jaynes walk into his grocery store he was certain she was the one for him. Convincing her was a different matter but he was trying and succeeding - up to the moment she disappeared. Then came the attack by unknown assailants in the alleyway and the surprise rescue by Jaynes and suddenly the two were deeply involved in a hunt for missing blueprints of WMDs and a plan for horrific destruction.
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2 Perception and Deception II Perception and Deception II
Written by Andrea Hintz
Copyright: 2019

Now calling herself Faith Evans, the former Felix Jaynes is happily spending time with her boyfriend Aston Mathis and enjoying no longer being with the RLIP. For Mathis, life could hardly get any better. Then the feeling of unease strikes both of them and the sense they are being watched and then Faith/Felix disappears.
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3 Perception and Deception III Perception and Deception III
Written by Andrea Hintz
Copyright: 2019

Felix Jaynes, known now as Faith Evans, was ready to turn down the request to handle another mission for RLIP, having already quit the organization. Then she learned that the case dealt with the kidnapping of her former partner's grandson and she knew she had to agree. This will throw her into a situation involving a deadly cybercrime operation and forcer her to go undercover as a high school student. If that was not strange enough, she learns that the RLIP looked to trying to recruit her new husband, Ashton Mathis, into their ranks.
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4 Perception and Deception IV Perception and Deception IV
Written by Andrea Hintz
Copyright: 2020

Faith and Ashton were not expecting visitors that day, certainly not the young boy showing up needing help. Learning his identity meant they learnt about his father being a RLIP agent who had gone missing. And learning that the people who snatched the father now want very much to kidnap the boy as well.
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I knew from the beginning that this series was going to be a romance-centric one and I was in the mood for it. I got to liking Faith Evans/Felix Jaynes right away from the get go and really hoped for the best for her. And at first I was liking where the storyline was heading.

Then the things got a tad off-balance, IMHO, and I had trouble following who were the good guys and who weren't. That got resolved eventually but it was tough going for a while. And longer than it needed to be.

The next book went better and the third better still. Each, though, should be shorter but then again, my attention span is not what it used to be.

Still all that negativity, I want to end by saying I still like Faith Evans. Quite a bit.


My Grade: B


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