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Full Name: Jack Storm
Series Name: The Extractor
Nationality: Canadian
Organization: CIS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ethan Jones
Time Span: 2021 - 2024


Jack Storm is an agent with the CIS.

That, of course, is the Canadian Intelligence Service, a clandestine government department responsible for carrying out the actions needed or desired by the powers-that-be which are best not told about to the general public.

As the series name for the adventures we have of Storm so far states, he is 'the Extractor' which in special operations lingo means that it falls to him to go into hostile territory and find a way to bring an asset or a fellow operative or even once in a while an adversary out of that area and back to wherever his bosses tell him. Storm has been doing this kind of work for some time and he has proven to be exceptionally good at it.

When we first meet Storm, it is in a flashback taking place three months before the main action and Storm is in a horrible situation. It falls to him to find a way to extract his wife, Agnes, and four-year-old daughter, Victoria, out of Denmark where they had been on vacation before, as she put it, "they came for us, even though this wasn't [his] mission". The 'they' in this instance were Islamic terrorists more than a little upset with Storm, his wife, and other members of his CIS team. He is successful but then tragedy struck soon after and the Cessna carrying his family to safety disappears.

Which explains much of what Storm does in the adventures which follow. He is 'celebrating' having gone the last month sober. He has improved his already very good physical condition because exercise is a way to get his mind off his sorrow. Such things as haircuts and shaving are not as important, however. Eating is also almost an after-thought. His bank account is nearly empty and his home already sold, all to finance the search he has done over the North Sea in the certainty that his loved ones were not dead, only lost.

This is the Jack Storm that the CIS will be forced by circumstances to pull back into action because of the near impossible nature of the missions. It is a Jack Storm that is not quite sure whether living to make it out of the assignment is even that important anymore.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2024

1 The Extractor The Extractor
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2021

Jack Storm had not recovered from the tremendous blow of his wife and daughter disappearing in a very suspicious plane crash. He was rightfully thought a wreck and yet the CIS is forced by an impossible mission to pull in their best extractor. The near-suicide assignment was to help a vital asset in Tehran escape capture. As if the situation was not dire enough, Storm is teamed with a know-it-all rookie agent. Add to that the fact that with death so readily near, it is worrisome when the key agent is not sure if he cares whether he lives or dies.
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2 Mossad Extraction Mossad Extraction
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2021

Jack Storm's newest mission is to find a way of extracting a Mossad agent with vital intelligence out of Lebanon. The problem is complicated immensely by the fact that the target's whereabouts are a major unknown!
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3 Extracted Asset Extracted Asset
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2021

"Elite extractor Jack Storm is pulled into a sinister new operation in hopes that it will lead him to key information as to what happened to his missing family…
Information he would do anything for…
Jack’s operation is to find and retrieve a missing Saudi princess whose secret escape has greatly embarrassed her royal family.
A secret they will do anything to hide…"
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4 Unextracted Unextracted
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2021

"When a burned deep-cover CIS agent needs extraction from Southern Europe before classified intelligence is exposed, Jack Storm is sent in.
Soon, supposedly friendly MI6 begins to subvert the retrieval operation. Jack suspects he has become a pawn in a dirty political power play when he discovers the agent holds more than just CIS secrets."
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5 Perfect Extraction Perfect Extraction
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2022

"After an agonizing, unsuccessful search for his missing family, Jack Storm finally makes a breakthrough. But how much can he trust the one offering him this supposed sliver of hope? His source has already betrayed him before; could she be doing it again?
Before getting the intel, Jack is tasked with executing the most daring extraction of his entire career, right under his agency's nose. A former Saudi spy chief is seeking political asylum in Canada, but the Saudi royal family has branded him a traitor and wants him dead."
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6 Terms Of Extraction Terms Of Extraction
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2023

"How would you decide the terms of an extraction? Jack Storm is facing conflicts on all fronts. While trying to bring his family back together, he must deal with a suspicious extraction where the terms are constantly being manipulated. Not knowing who is pulling the strings, Jack has had enough and determines it's time to do this on his own terms..."
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7 Rogue Extraction Rogue Extraction
Written by Ethan Jones
Copyright: 2024

"Jack Storm’s loyal partner Riley is captured while helping Jack escape. He is determined to do whatever it takes to get his ever-faithful friend back. But the cost will be extremely high since Riley went rogue and the agency refuses to help. Jack now has to negotiate with evil minds whose only motives are their selfish ends and who will not hesitate to betray him."
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Having enjoyed the heck out of several terrific series by this author, I was pretty sure I would like these but I was curious how he was going to make this new fellow different enough from a couple of his others to make it interesting.

I should have known Mr. Jones would come up with something fun and having him be an 'extractor' definitely fits the bill. Storm has to get into tough places, find the target in question, and then find a way to get him/her/them out safely as well as not dying himself.

Of course, just to make things even more interesting, let's tack on the added issue of missing family members.

That last part seems just plain mean to the unfortunate fictional hero.

Very enjoyable series!


My Grade: B+


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