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Full Name: Silence Jones
Nationality: American
Organization: The Watchers
Occupation Agent

Creator: Erik Carter
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Silence Jones is an agent with the Watchers.

That organization is described by the man who recruits Jones to be a member of the team as being "an underground operation to right wrongs, to dole out justice to people who have escaped it. A secret group hidden in plain sight, watching it all, monitoring the government's actions - local, state, and federal, even foreign affairs, things like CIA operations. When someone eludes the justice they so sorely deserve, we go in and administer that justice. Usually as a death sentence".

Jones is shown that the hierarchy of the Watchers consists of Captains, defined as the 'big guns', of which there are only a few of them and they all work in government positions. Beneath them are the Prefects, also members of government. It is the job of this group to monitor the next lower group called the Specialists as well as the group referred to as the Assets.

Assets are the one who get their hands dirty. "All of the fact-finding and resource-management of the Specialists; all of the leadership of the Prefects; all of the decision-making from the Captains ... eventually it all boils down to field work carried out by assassins. We call you Assets because, I'll be frank, you don't have a high survival rate. You folks are tools used to get the job done. If you live, super!, but statistically speaking, the odds aren't great".

Determining eligibility for someone to become an Asset is quite interesting and is further explained in the first recorded adventure which describes why the man who would become Jones is offered his position.

I say 'would become' because before he was became an Asset, Jones was Jake Rowe, a policemen in Pensacola, Florida. He had been so for just over a year before a chance came to go undercover to infiltrate one of that city's most powerful crime families. His job was obviously to work his way deeper into the crime family to better be able to bring it down. Unfortunately he got deep enough to meet and fall in love with the daughter of the crime boss, a young woman named Cecelia. And he got deep enough to make an enemy out of a higher-up in the organization.

It is when a revolt inside the group results in considerable mayhem and immense personal misery to Rowe/Jones that his life will change drastically. He should have died, a victim of that trouble, but instead survived a particularly horrendous beating that left his face terribly disfigured and his throat all but destroyed.

Surgery would restore his face, making him actually better looking than he had been, but the damage to his throat was too much to repair. Now every word spoken is a terribly painful one to him and invariably unsettling to those hearing it. Since his old life was gone and a new identity needed, he chose the strange but oddly appropriate new first name of Silence.

He now works solely as an Asset for the Watchers, codename Suppressor, meting out the punishment determined by the Watchers on whomever they feel deserve it. And that punishment is usually death.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Suppressor The Suppressor
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2021

The man that Silence Jones had once been should have died when his police undercover assignment went so very wrong. He almost did. Now he has a new mission in life - the first one given him by his new bosses, the Watchers, but he was going to do it anyways. His assignment was to bring down the man who had stolen his love and his voice, and he had to do it before that man's plan which would have hurt this country so much could be completed.
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2 Hush Hush Hush Hush
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2021

The Watchers have given Silence Jones a new mission - to head to an alligator-infested swamp to look for a newly-wed woman who disappeared there some time back. While Jones is not told why he was doing the job, he never was told the whys of a mission, he knows that someone is going to be eliminated by him eventually. He just does not know yet that that someone is part of a shadowy group the missing woman had been investigating, and that everyone in the county she lived in would seem determined that Jones fail.
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3 Tight-Lipped Tight-Lipped
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2021

"Vigilante assassin Silence Jones is accustomed to hunting people who escaped justice. But nothing can prepare him for the depths of deceit he’s about to face. People are being murdered across the United States, and law enforcement is powerless to stop it. The victims’ only connection: they’re all survivors of a military training disaster years earlier. As Silence feverishly chases the killer around the country, he uncovers a sinister coverup and the dark forces willing to do anything to maintain the secret. If Silence is going to stop the slaughter, he’ll have to tear down a web of lies that powerful people have held in place for years."
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4 Before The Storm Before The Storm
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2022

"Seven people die at an eccentric media mogul’s lavish party, and Silence suspects the man has used his celebrity connections to get away with murder. The more Silence investigates, the more deadly secrets he unearths."
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5 Dead Air Dead Air
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2022

"Vigilante assassin Silence Jones receives an encrypted SOS from a world-renowned security firm. A vindictive former employee is holding the firm at ransom, claiming the company killed his father. The man exacts his vengeance through a series of ruthless kidnappings and bombings.
Though the bomber is undeniably deranged, Silence soon uncovers threads of truth in the man’s claims against his former employers. To stop a bloodbath, Silence will have to tear through a veil of lies and determine who the true villain is—the madman or his victims?"
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6 Speechless Speechless
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2022

"Silence Jones sometimes finds himself in a battle with another assassin, but never before has he confronted one who has lost touch with reality.
As Carla Olmeda slaughters more and more members of Miami’s criminal underworld, the city reaches full hysteria. The longer Silence tracks the deadly assassin, the more he learns about her schizophrenic delusions. He has a decision to make: is Carla aware of her crimes, or is she truly insane?
Silence must figure it out fast. Even more assassins are creeping into Miami, and a bloodbath is ready to erupt."
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7 Quiet As The Grave Quiet As The Grave
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2023

"In a gambling town, desperation gets drowned out by the ringing of slot machines, but not even a tough city like Reno is prepared for two simultaneous misfortunes: a serial killer prowling the streets and a surge of mysterious drug overdoses.
Vigilante assassin Silence Jones roots out the conspiracy that links the two crime waves, discovering that mysterious factions have merged to prey on the city’s desperate lost souls. As Silence digs deeper, he uncovers a sophisticated code system blocking his path.
To root out the darkness lurking beneath the neon-soaked streets of Reno, Silence will need help from an expert codebreaker—someone from a memory Silence would rather forget. Can Silence reconcile a dark history in time to stop a present evil poised to overtake a city on the brink?"
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8 Don't Speak Don't Speak
Written by Erik Carter
Copyright: 2023

"Returning from a mission, vigilante assassin Silence Jones stumbles upon a small community in despair—and he's more than willing to lend his deadly skills to their fight. What begins as random encounter soon plunges Silence into a web of lies that has been threatening generations of innocent people. To eradicate the source of the suffering, Silence will have to rely on time-honed skills and new allies. The only question is: can he put the clues together before it's too late?"
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     I chose to include Silence Jones in this compendium because I felt that a secret organization made up of government employees using, obviously, their training and likely their positions to further their group's agenda, well, interesting. I cannot say I like the two upper echelon people we meet in the group but then again I do not think the author meant for me to.

     I did like Silence Jones. I also liked his trainer. I will be happy to read more adventures about this character should the author decide to keep his stories going.


My Grade: B+


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