Full Name: Lee Stetson and Amanda King
Nationality: American
Organization: Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming
Time Span: 1983 - 1987


Lee 'Scarecrow' Stetson is an agent with 'The Agency'.

Amanda King is an unemployed divorced mother of two. She is not an agent. Not yet, anyways.

The Agency is a member of the American intelligence community and based on evidence shown frequently throughout all the adventures of Stetson and King, it is a very large and powerful and well known establishment. Whether it is actually the CIA, which has been referred to as The Agency all of its existence, is not known and really does not matter. If it is, fine. If it isn't, it is certainly right up with in scope.

Stetson, the 'Scarecrow' in the title of this series, is a very handsome and dashing looking man in his early 30s. He has been an operative for several years, long enough to be considered by his supervisor in the Operations portion of the Agency to be one of his top agents, if not the very best. That does not mean, though, that he is a super-spy, always successful and always debonaire as he does it. He is truly quite capable but he does find himself on the wrong side of a beat-down on occassion and he is very much human in that he does make a mistake or two. Which will explain how he comes to be connected with Mrs. King.

King, the Mrs. King in the title, is, as mentioned above, unemployed. She is a very good looking woman also in her early 30s. She has been divorced from her ex-husband for a bit over a year and has just recently re-entered the dating game and has sort of new boyfriend but while she obviously likes him because she is seeing him, she is also not at all anxious to get serious again any time soon. While she wants and definitely could use a job, she is busy with her two sons, ages roughly 9-12, Philip and Jamie. Helping out at home is her live-in mother, Dotty, herself a bit of a force to be reckoned with.

In the first recorded adventure, we are able to see how experienced agent Stetson and unemployed mom King became a partnership. Stetson would not call it that, at least not at first, and does bristle at having to work with anyone because he prefers to work alone and not risk losing another partner. King on the other hand seems like someone who is more than a bit interested in something exciting in her life and having found it in that mission with King would not mind a bit more thrills.

The two will slowly become a team and deal with foreign spies, smugglers, arms dealers, assassins, Little League, the PTA, and other usually stressful and sometimes deadly activities.


Number of Episodes:99
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:1987

Kate JacksonAmanda King [ 1-4 ]
Bruce BoxleitnerLee Stetson [ 1-4 ]
Beverly GarlandDotty West [ 1-4 ]
Paul StoutPhilip King [ 1-4 ]
Greg MortonJamie King [ 1-4 ]

Note: the plot synopses shown below are taken from the excellent entry for the series on Wikipedia.
1 The First Time
Episode 1-1, first aired 10/03/1983
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner

Single mom Amanda King has given a ride to the train station for her current boyfriend when operative Lee 'Scarecrow' Stetson, being chased by armed foreign agents, thrusts a small package into her hands with the demand to get on the train and hand the package to the man with the red hat. When she does and finds several dozen men wearing fez hats, she finds herself deeply in the mission.

2 There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode 1-2, first aired 10/10/1983
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner

To best investigate an international smuggling ring, Lee Stetson is forced to go undercover with Amanda King as a married couple.

3 If Thoughts Could Kill
Episode 1-3, first aired 10/17/1983
Director: James Frawley
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner

In a hospital for a routine physical, Lee is slowly brainwashed by a former Agency physician.

4 Magic Bus
Episode 1-4, first aired 10/24/1983
Director: Mike Vejar
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner

After a specially designed RV is stolen, Lee and Amanda try to infiltrate the survivalist group responsible for the theft.

5 The ACM Kid
Episode 1-5, first aired 10/31/1983
Director: John Llewellyn Moxey
Writer: Gregory S. Dinallo

The Agency must protect a 12-year-old computer whiz from Soviet agents.

6 Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Episode 1-6, first aired 11/07/1983
Director: Corey Allen
Writer: Peter Lefcourt

When a visiting royal couple from the Middle East is targeted by assassins, Lee has to guard the husband and Amanda is asked to befriend the wife.

7 Service Above and Beyond
Episode 1-7, first aired 11/14/1983
Director: James Frawley
Writer: Peter Lefcourt

Amanda poses as a wealthy jet-setter to attract the attention of a fast food chain owner who may be selling military secrets to the Soviets.

8 Saved by the Bells
Episode 1-8, first aired 11/28/1983
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writers: Joel Steiger, Stu Kreisman

Enemy agents targeting Lee accidentally kidnap Amanda in his place, demanding the release of their agent in return for Amanda.

9 Sudden Death
Episode 1-9, first aired 12/05/1983
Director: Nicholas Sgarro
Writers: Tom Sawyer, Del Reisman

Lee and Amanda pose as a football player and a sports writer to prevent a football team owner from assassinating a foreign leader.

10 The Long Christmas Eve
Episode 1-10, first aired 12/19/1983
Director: James Frawley
Writer: Peter Lefcourt

On Christmas Eve, Amanda is asked to pretend to be the long lost daughter of a turncoat to try and convince him to stay with the US. But the man in question is sought by two trained KGB thugs and they get trapped in the turncoat's cabin.

11 Remembrance of Things Past
Episode 1-11, first aired 01/09/1984
Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner

After several agents are murdered and Lee is marked as the next victim, he fakes his death to track down the killer- and only Amanda and Billy know the truth.

12 Lost and Found
Episode 1-12, first aired 01/16/1984
Director: James Frawley
Writers: Eugenie Ross-Leming, Brad Buckner

Helping a defecting ESP expert brings Lee in contact with the expert's wife, Lee's former love interest.

13 I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been... a Spy
Episode 1-13, first aired 01/30/1984
Director: Nicholas Sgarro
Writer: Peter Lefcourt

A case of amnesia causes Amanda to forget vital information about terrorists.

14 Dead Ringer
Episode 1-14, first aired 02/06/1984
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Juanita Bartlett

Amanda agrees to help the Agency with a defecting Hungarian, who looks exactly like Francine.

15 The Mole
Episode 1-15, first aired 02/13/1984
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Cliff Gould

After failing repeatedly to catch a Bulgarian spy, Lee and Amanda are enlisted by "Blue Leader" to rule out a possible mole inside the Agency.

16 Savior
Episode 1-16, first aired 02/27/1984
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Marshall Goldberg

Lee appears to have left the Agency to work for an arms smuggler, who is trying to steal the latest top-secret US missile.

17 The Artful Dodger
Episode 1-17, first aired 03/05/1984
Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Pamela Chais

An international jewel thief is breaking into military bases and stealing plans for the missile defense system, and Amanda is his unwitting accomplice.

18 Filming Raul
Episode 1-18, first aired 03/19/1984
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Rudolph Borchert

A parking lot attendant films an attempted kidnapping on an Agency courier, which puts him in the targets of enemy agents.

19 Fearless Dotty
Episode 1-19, first aired 03/26/1984
Director: Christian I. Nyby, II
Writer: Timothy Burns

When at a used bookstore Dotty accidentally receives a book containing military secrets which turns her into the target of agents trying to get it back.

20 Weekend
Episode 1-20, first aired 04/23/1984
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Rudolph Borchert

Lee and Amanda pose as newlyweds at a posh resort to prevent a kidnapping.

21 Waiting for Godorsky
Episode 1-21, first aired 05/07/1984
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Rudolph Borchert

Amanda befriends a kind, elderly lady - who turns out to be a very important Russian Princess targeted by assassins before she can testify in front of a Congressional panel.

22 To Catch a Mongoose
Episode 2-1, first aired 10/01/1984
Director: Rod Holcomb
Writers: Rudolph Borchert, Mark Lisson, Bill Froehlich, Stephen Hattman

Amanda is brought to London to identify an old high school classmate the Agency believes is The Mongoose, a Carlos-type killer.

23 The Times They Are a Changin
Episode 2-2, first aired 10/08/1984
Director: William Wiard
Writers: Mark Lisson, Bill Froehlich

Lee and Amanda must procure the safe return of a sixties radical, now hooked up with terrorists in Munich, and stop the assassination of an unidentified top American.

24 Double Agent
Episode 2-3, first aired 10/15/1984
Director: John Patterson
Writer: Robert Bielak

An disgruntled ex-spy turned writer threatens to expose U.S. agents, including Amanda, in a tell-all book.

25 The Legend of Das Geisterschloss
Episode 2-4, first aired 10/22/1984
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: Stephen Hattman

In Austria, Lee and Amanda must save the life of an important English agent and break up a top secret eavesdropping post which has been stealing secrets from Western allies.

26 Charity Begins at Home
Episode 2-5, first aired 10/29/1984
Director: Cliff Bole
Writers: Rudolph Borchert, Marshall Goldberg

Lee and Amanda uncover a scheme to sell a secret formula that would control the price and supply of crops, enabling the owner of the formula to reap vast profits on speculation.

27 Brunettes Are In
Episode 2-6, first aired 11/12/1984
Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writers: Bill Froelich, Mark Lisson

Amanda is kidnapped by a white-slavery operation while she's on a courier assignment for Lee and the agency.

28 Our Man in Tegernsee
Episode 2-7, first aired 11/19/1984
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Juanita Bartlett

When Amanda is arrested in Germany for passing bogus currency, Lee pursues the counterfeiters with the help of a disgruntled local agent.

29 Affair at Bromfield Hall
Episode 2-8, first aired 11/26/1984
Director: William Wiard
Writer: Juanita Bartlett

When Lee and Amanda go to London to investigate a major security leak Amanda is drawn into a sex scandal designed to lure Lee to his death.

30 A Class Act
Episode 2-9, first aired 12/03/1984
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Shel Willens

Lee poses as a new recruit while Amanda gets some official Agency training at a week-long Station One session, which unmasks an Eastern bloc assassin who is out to kill her.

31 Playing Possum
Episode 2-10, first aired 12/10/1984
Director: Paul Krasny
Writer: Rudolph Borchert

When a breach of security shuts down the Agency, Lee and Amanda pair up with a top Soviet agent to thwart a crazed Russian's attempt to set off a nuclear bomb in Washington, D.C.

32 The Three Faces of Emily
Episode 2-11, first aired 12/31/1984
Director: Ivan Dixon
Writer: Stephen Hattman

British agent Lady Emily Farnsworth helps Lee nab a man responsible for selling stolen secret plans for a futuristic fighter plane developed by the two countries.

33 Ship of Spies
Episode 2-12, first aired 01/07/1985
Director: Michael Hiatt
Writer: Robert Bielak

When Lee and Amanda go on a cruise and pose as an engaged couple to investigate the disappearance of an informant, they discover a plot to smuggle gold and fund a revolution.

34 Spiderweb
Episode 2-13, first aired 01/14/1985
Director: Harry Harris
Writers: March Kessler, Juanita Bartlett, Stephen Hattman

An ultra-secret operation to deliver and debrief three important Communist defectors is jeopardized by a security leak within the Agency that points squarely toward Amanda.

35 A Little Sex, a Little Scandal
Episode 2-14, first aired 02/04/1985
Director: Vince McEveety
Writers: Mark Lisson, Bill Froehlich

Amanda's candidacy for Arlington Mother of the Year is complicated when she witnesses the murder of a congressional aide involved in a call girl/blackmail ring.

36 A Relative Situation
Episode 2-15, first aired 02/11/1985
Director: Bob Sweeney
Writers: Joan Brooker, Nancy Eddo

Amanda and Lee help the uncle who raised him by uncovering an Air Force officer conspiring to sell top-secret military equipment to an enemy power.

37 Life of the Party
Episode 2-16, first aired 02/18/1985
Director: Will Mackenzie
Writer: Stephen Hattman

Amanda and Francine pose as maids to help Lee in the daring capture of a crime syndicate kingpin and some shakedown artists.

38 Odds on a Dead Pigeon
Episode 2-17, first aired 02/25/1985
Director: Bob Sweeney
Writer: Juanita Bartlett

In order to kill Lee, a ruthless killer becomes Amanda's look-alike.

39 Car Wars
Episode 2-18, first aired 03/11/1985
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writers: Stephen Hattman, Steve Feke

While her car is in the shop, Amanda borrows one from the Agency impound lot and inadvertently becomes the target of a deadly international syndicate.

40 DOA: Delirious on Arrival
Episode 2-19, first aired 03/18/1985
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writers: Nelson Costello, Robert Bielak

Amanda ingests a mysterious drug intended for Lee and undergoes a startling transformation in which her personality becomes the opposite of her normal self.

41 You Only Die Twice
Episode 2-20, first aired 04/01/1985
Director: Bruce Bilson
Writers: Gina Goldman, Stephen Hattman, Mark Lisson, Bill Froehlich

An agent in Washington mistakenly uses Amanda's identity during a sensitive investigation. When she is killed Amanda is declared dead, and proving she's alive could be fatal.

42 Burn Out
Episode 2-21, first aired 04/08/1985
Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.
Writer: Lisa Seidman

Stress and overwork seem to have taken their toll on Lee, whose burnout removes him from field duty for a desk job -- and gets him involved with subversives who give him a deadly assignment: kill Amanda King.

43 Murder Between Friends
Episode 2-22, first aired 05/06/1985
Director: Bob Sweeney
Writers: Mark Lisson, Bill Froehlich

Lee and Amanda save an East African leader from a hit squad.

44 Vigilante Mothers
Episode 2-23, first aired 05/13/1985
Director: John Patterson
Writer: Rudolph Borchert

A newly formed environmental group from Amanda’s neighborhood inadvertently crosses paths with a suave criminal who plans to steal a deadly bio-weapon from the chemical lab where one of Amanda’s neighbors works.

45 A Lovely Little Affair
Episode 3-1, first aired 09/23/1985
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Kathleen A. Shelley

Amanda enjoys her assignment to follow a charming and distinguished art restorer, who is in Washington, DC, on special assignment

46 We're Off to See the Wizard
Episode 3-2, first aired 09/30/1985
Director: James Fargo
Writer: Whitney Wherrett Roberson

A series of murders seem to point to Lee, who worked with -- or dated -- all of the victims

47 Over the Limit
Episode 3-3, first aired 10/07/1985
Director: Alan Cooke
Writer: Tom Ropelewski

Amanda attempts to exonerate the female head of a political action group fighting for the rights of independent fishermen

48 Tail of the Dancing Weasel
Episode 3-4, first aired 10/14/1985
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: George Geiger

After a valuable letter from President Eisenhower is stolen from State Department files Amanda is asked to spy on Lee by a retired triple agent

49 Welcome to America, Mr. Brand
Episode 3-5, first aired 10/21/1985
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Robert W. Gilmer

Amanda babysits a vacationing British accountant, a clumsy James Bond wannabe who claims he has stumbled onto evidence that reveals the identity of a Soviet spy

50 Sour Grapes
Episode 3-6, first aired 10/28/1985
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: Lee Maddux

Amanda and Lee investigate after three top-ranking government officials are found dead from heroin-laced wine

51 Utopia Now
Episode 3-7, first aired 11/04/1985
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writer: Robert Bielak

Amanda and Lee take to the backwoods of Virginia to spy on an outspoken tax protester who may have more than political reform on his agenda

52 Reach for the Sky
Episode 3-8, first aired 11/11/1985
Director: James Frawley
Writers: Ron Landry, Tom Biener

When an old banker friend of Billy's is killed he leaves to investigate something called 'Cyclops', Lee and Amanda investigate, and Francine gets stressed doing Billy's job

53 J. Edgar's Ghost
Episode 3-9, first aired 11/18/1985
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Writer: David Brown

A former agent who preys on lonely women to get access to classified government documents seems to have stumbled upon the famed secret files of the late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover

54 Flight to Freedom
Episode 3-10, first aired 11/25/1985
Director: James Fargo
Writer: Barry Gold

Lee and Amanda must find and save a war correspondent who has evidence that can topple a Latin American dictator and ruin the career of an American ambassador

55 The Wrong Way Home
Episode 3-11, first aired 12/02/1985
Directors: Winrich Kolbe, Harvey Laidman
Writer: George Geiger

When Amanda's ex-husband comes back to DC he is accused of murdering the Estocian Prime Minister and Lee has to investigate

56 Fast Food for Thought
Episode 3-12, first aired 12/16/1985
Director: Ron Satlof
Writer: Robert W. Gilmer

Posing as brother and sister, Amanda and Lee go undercover at a fast food chain to foil a poisoning plot

57 One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn't
Episode 3-13, first aired 01/06/1986
Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
Writer: Whitney Wherrett Roberson

Dotty falls for a Russian scientist the Agency is hiding in Amanda's neighborhood

58 Playing for Keeps
Episode 3-14, first aired 01/13/1986
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Lee Maddux

Lee and Francine protect a spoiled tennis player whose VIP father is being threatened by Soviet agents

59 The Pharaoh's Engineer
Episode 3-15, first aired 01/20/1986
Director: Kate Jackson
Writer: Jaison Starkes

Lee and Amanda deal with several disappearances at an Agency retirement home that may be linked to an old, highly classified mission

60 The Triumvirate
Episode 3-16, first aired 02/10/1986
Director: James Fargo
Writer: Robert Bielak

Amanda accidentally receives the wrong Agency pay check -- this one is for a hired assassin

61 The Eyes Have It
Episode 3-17, first aired 02/17/1986
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Lynne Kelsey

After a car accident, a hospitalized Lee won't relax until his missing contact lens, which contains a valuable microdot, is found

62 Wrong Number
Episode 3-18, first aired 03/03/1986
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writer: David Brown

Francine is kidnapped in Kabul to force a trade for an American mathematician with a KGB doppelganger

63 The Boy Who Could Be King
Episode 3-19, first aired 03/10/1986
Director: Sidney Hayers
Writers: Lee Maddux, David Brown

Lee and Amanda prevent two thugs from killing a trumpet-playing monarch whose kingdom includes a rare strategic metal

64 Dead Men Leave No Trails
Episode 3-20, first aired 03/31/1986
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Whitney Wherrett Roberson

When Amanda is involved in a fender bender she accidentally reveals a supposedly dead terrorist as living and preparing to strike at an Embassy gathering

65 Three Little Spies
Episode 3-21, first aired 04/07/1986
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Tom Chehak

Lee and Amanda work with rival Russian and Chinese agents to retrieve nine stolen nuclear detonators headed for Pakistan

66 All the World's a Stage
Episode 3-22, first aired 05/12/1986
Director: Sidney Hayers
Writer: Richard Raskind

Lee and Amanda investigate a playwright who, in order to get his play "Parisian Intrigue" produced at a local theater, is being forced by the KGB to obtain classified information from his scientist girlfriend about an strategic US arms program

67 Stemwinder: Part 1
Episode 4-1, first aired 09/19/1986
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writers: Robert W. Gilmer, George Geiger

During highly tense war-games a vengeful Soviet spy brands Lee and Amanda as traitors, forcing them to become fugitives.

68 Stemwinder: Part 2
Episode 4-2, first aired 09/26/1986
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writers: Robert W. Gilmer, George Geiger

Lee and Amanda are in hiding, looking for Alexi and Sonja, while the Agency looks for them.

69 Unfinished Business
Episode 4-3, first aired 10/03/1986
Director: Kate Jackson
Writer: Lynne Kelsey

Lee tries to learn the truth about his parents' mysterious past, and in the process uncovers a plot to assassinate a presidential candidate from a small country.

70 No Thanks for the Memory
Episode 4-4, first aired 10/10/1986
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Lee Maddux

A reluctant KGB agent with a gifted memory desperately wants to defect to the United States.

71 It's in the Water
Episode 4-5, first aired 10/17/1986
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Tom Chehak

Lee and Amanda must stop a hired assassin from poisoning the Washington, D.C. water supply.

72 Night Crawler
Episode 4-6, first aired 10/31/1986
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: George Geiger

While captives of a vicious Middle Eastern terrorist--their death imminent--Lee proposes marriage to Amanda. But will she have time to answer him?

73 Billy's Lost Weekend
Episode 4-7, first aired 11/07/1986
Director: Christopher Hibler
Writer: Tom Chehak

When Billy forgets an entire weekend early retirement seems like a very real possibility and insanity his only explanation.

74 Photo Finish
Episode 4-8, first aired 11/14/1986
Director: Cliff Bole
Writer: David Brown

When an old photograph links her to a student protest, threatening her status at the Agency, Amanda and Lee set out to prove her innocence.

75 The Man Who Died Twice
Episode 4-9, first aired 11/21/1986
Director: Sidney Hayers
Writer: Cynthia Benjamin

Lee and Amanda must solve a mystery if they are to save the lives of a Chinese trade envoy. On the personal side, they wonder if a life together would expose them to additional danger.

76 Need to Know
Episode 4-10, first aired 12/05/1986
Director: Dennis C. Duckwall
Writers: Nancy Eddo, Joan Brooker

Amanda and Lee must stop a maniacal newspaper magnate who is using his considerable power as a ploy to destroy the nation's security.

77 Santa's Got a Brand New Bag
Episode 4-11, first aired 12/19/1986
Director: Sidney Hayers
Writer: Lloyd Pye

A calm Christmas Eve turns deadly when a disgruntled toy maker, who believes much more than children's toys are being made at the company where he once worked, enlists Lee and Amanda's help.

78 Any Number Can Play
Episode 4-12, first aired 01/02/1987
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Lynne Kelsey

When Dotty becomes enamored of a mysteriously debonair man, a bizarre interplay of murder and international intrigue ensues.

79 Promises to Keep
Episode 4-13, first aired 01/09/1987
Director: Sidney Hayers
Writers: David Brown, Lynne Kelsey, Lee Maddux

Lee and Amanda's friend TP, the enigmatic smart guy, is accused of aiding drug lords, but the truth is much more complicated- and far more personal.

80 Rumors of My Death
Episode 4-14, first aired 01/23/1987
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writer: Tom Chehak

A skeleton identified as Lee Stetson is discovered in a demolished building, exposing a phoney passport ring.

81 Bad Timing
Episode 4-15, first aired 02/06/1987
Director: Harry Mastrogeorge
Writer: Robert W. Gilmer

When the Russians inject Lee with a lethal drug that leaves him with just hours to live, he and Amanda must find the antidote before time runs out.

82 Do You Take This Spy?
Episode 4-16, first aired 02/13/1987
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writers: Robert W. Gilmer, Tom Chehak, George Geiger

A million dollar art heist and a murder get in the way of Amanda and Lee's wedding.

83 Mission of Gold
Episode 4-17, first aired 02/20/1987
Director: Dennis C. Duckwall
Writer: Lynne Kelsey

Their honeymoon turns tragic when Amanda is critically shot in a battle over gold doubloons.

84 One Flew East
Episode 4-18, first aired 02/27/1987
Director: Sigmund Neufeld
Writer: David Brown

The Agency is blamed for the kidnapping of a famous poet and vocal critic of the United States. Lee and Amanda are charged to find him and exonerate the Agency.

85 All That Glitters
Episode 4-19, first aired 05/07/1987
Director: Sascha Schneider
Writer: D. C. Black

Lee investigates when priceless jewels, stolen along with a top-secret spy list during the invasion of Grenada, are among the birthday gifts given to his former girlfriend.

86 Suitable for Framing
Episode 4-20, first aired 05/14/1987
Director: Harvey Laidman
Writer: Whitney Wherrett Roberson

Francine and Lee fall victim to a KGB plan to humiliate the Agency.

87 A Matter of Choice
Episode 4-21, first aired 05/21/1987
Director: Burt Brinckerhoff
Writers: David Brown, Lynne Kelsey, Lee Maddux

When a prison escapee who murdered two Agency contacts resurfaces at the same time as Francine's former lover--who wants to rekindle their romance--Lee suspects duplicity and works to prove a link.

88 The Khrushchev List
Episode 4-22, first aired 05/28/1987
Director: Oz Scott
Writer: Lee Maddux

[plot unknown]


     Being a nut for spy shows even back in the early 80s when I was in my early 30s, I was certain that I would like this new show when I read about it. Okay, what absolutely sealed the deal for me was that fact that it starred Kate Jackson. While most likely remembered her from Charlie's Angels, I remembered her from the late 60s' Dark Shadows and then a couple years later, The Rookies.

     Bruce Boxleitner I knew a bit from How The West Was Won but it was Ms. Jackson that attracted me to the show.

     I stayed because I really, really enjoyed the show and the chemistry between the two stars. The plots were light fare that did not require too much concentration, allowing me to spend my time appreciating the dialogue which really had a lot of good repartee.

     Reviewing numerous of the episodes to refresh my memory for this entry, I was pleased that the show still held up. Yes, it was 40 years old but good banter is good banter and this show had it.


My Grade: B+


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