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Full Name: Adelaide Becket
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Tracy Cooper-Posey
Time Span: 2021 - 2021


     Adelaide Becket is an agent with British Intelligence.

     More formally and accurately, Becket is addressed as Lady Adelaide Azalea Margaret de Morville. Now that she has married she can also be referred to as Mrs. Hugh Becket even though he is deceased. She prefers the shortened 'Adele'.

     The year we first meet Becket is 1906. Edward VII is the reigning King of England, about halfway through his ten-year rule.

     We are told immediately in a foreword to the first recorded adventure that Adele Becket was "lately of the Cape Colony" and "was born the daughter of an Earl, but is now the widow of a commoner". We also learn that "she straddles two worlds, speaks fluent German, and can ride, hunt, and shoot".

     We are following her actions because "her talents [drew] the eye of spymaster William Melville, who recruits her to help him fight a shadow war against German agents both at home and abroad".

     Melville's explanation for why he chose to approach Becket to work for him as an operative made considerable sense, though the last part was not likely to endear him to her when he stated, "You speak fluent German with an upper-class accent, thanks to your three years in Cape Town. You are a peer and a member of society. And you are...well, forgive me for saying so, Lady Adelaide, but you are a woman and are therefore easily discounted in the minds of men - if they notice you at all". 

     Melville's job was, he said, simple. It fell to him to "root out German spies" to stop them from interfering with British interests and trying to harm or even bring down the British government. When he learns of a plot to go after the man sitting on the throne of England, he knew he needed the help of someone who could watch from 'inside'.

     That someone, obviously, he chose to be Becket. She had only just returned from Capetown a few days before. After the death of her husband and small son in a house fire, she had nothing left for her in the Colony where they had lived for the past eight years, so she had returned to England. With little else to occupy her time and considering her former status in high society, she would fit well the requirements of Melville for an inside 'man'.

     There is, she finds out the hard way, no real training for her job; operatives were simply told to do something and were expected to do their best and hopefully not get killed. Doing her best is something she is good at. Not getting killed is still up in the air.


Number of Stories:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Requisite Courage The Requisite Courage
Written by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Copyright: 2021

The first case given to Lady Adelaide Becket is to attend a weekend part at Balmoral Castle where an assassination attempted is expected on King Edward. Her job is to find out who the killer is.
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2 The Rosewater Debutante The Rosewater Debutante
Written by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Copyright: 2021

When Adelaide Becket declines the next assignment, that of traveling with King Edward to Germany on disarmament talks, she is given a different mission - playing nursemaid to a young, sweet debutante named Lady Winnifred. This simple task will nevertheless put her into the paths of German agents who have some very nasty plans afoot.
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3 The Unaccompanied Widow The Unaccompanied Widow
Written by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Copyright: 2021

Adelaide Becket is accompanying King Edward and Queen Alexandra on a trip to Dublin to attend the Irish International Exhibition but trouble starts from the beginning. The Irish Crown Jewels are stolen and King Edward take particular exception. Add to that the murder of the Irish MP, a friend of the King and trouble brewing with the Irish Nationals. 
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4 The Lavender Semaphore The Lavender Semaphore
Written by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Copyright: 2021

Lady Adelaide is having trouble keeping her work for spymaster William Melville secret, especially when close friends start asking about her absences. Then there is the note, written in German code, that is passed to Adelaide by a street urchin that poses another mystery.
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     I was looking for something a bit different and happily came upon this series which is, as of this writing, comprised of two novelettes which so far has been a darn good size for the two adventures we have. They speed through quickly which leaves no time for getting bogged down and they are long enough to get a good feel for the character and the circumstances she finds herself in.

     We are told by the blurbs that there are expected to be more and, having read the two so far, I hope we do see more of her. I also hope that she continues to be presented in novelette format. This is a size of story that is not used enough. Thanks to the author for choosing it.


My Grade: B+


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