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Full Name: Sam Raven
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Brian Drake
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Sam Raven is a hostage rescue expert.

He had been a CIA operative for a good number of years prior to switching to this new role, hence his membership in this compendium, and he has found in his current occupation that some of the people he goes up against are of the ilk as those he fought while with the Agency.

He is a freelance operative in that he does not work for any particular organization nor in any particular area of the world. His reputation allows his name to be passed by word of mouth as someone who usually got the job done right. In the years he has been doing this line of work, he has had some failures as would be expected but he has racked up far more wins.

Rescuing captive people has become an obsession with him. "Raven renewed his vow to make sure he helped as many victims survive as possible. If they didn't, he'd avenge them." The devotion to his work that he possesses comes because "he lived a dichotomy. He could save others, but he hadn't been able to save those closest to him. His crusade against predators in all forms was his way at atonement. The massive debt was too large to ever repay. He'd be fighting till the end."

That self-imposed debt dates from a few years back when he was a member of a 5-person team of CIA operatives working in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. One mission went horribly wrong and the team found itself captured and imprisoned in a cave in the mountains, barely surviving while "he and Vic and Billy and Carlos had been tortured, and Mara raped".

The Mara Cole in this instance was a fellow agent that Raven was especially close to. At least until the capture and the horrific abuse she endured. The trauma caused the team to disband after their escape and go their separate ways, none of them remaining with the Agency. The loss of that relationship with her played extra hard on his mind.

So now Raven fights his demons of guilt from that failed mission and what happened to him and his team by trying to keep such horrible things happening to other people. He no longer works for the CIA per se, though he has done a few jobs for them on a straight one-time contract basis. Still he does know who to call back at Langley if the need arises, if he can remember the right passcode.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2022

1 Terminal Memory Terminal Memory
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2021

Three years before, five members of a CIA special operations team in Afghanistan had been captured and put through hell but they had survived and escaped and returned to the 'real world'. Now three of them have been individually hunted down and murdered. Sam Raven and his former love, Mara Cole, are the only ones left and Raven is certain they are targeted next. Reuniting, they know to make it out alive they have to take the fight to the enemy, whoever that really is.
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2 Wicked City Wicked City
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2021

Sam Raven is in San Francisco where he is able to stop a mob hit on an SFPD Inspector named Kayla Blaine. Having organized crime after her was bad enough but it looked like some of her own people wanted in on the action. The only way to survive was to take the fight to the enemy.
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3 Lady Death Lady Death
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2021

An Islamic Union operative named Tanya Jafari wants the protection of the CIA and she has intel to make it work their while. She tells Sam Raven that she can give the location of the Union's leader, the White Widow, and when someone tries to kill her, Raven thinks she might be telling the truth.
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4 The War Business The War Business
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2021

A fellow warrior from the Iraq War, Aaron Osborne, desperately needs the help of Sam Raven. To pay a huge debt to some very dangerous people, Osborne has decided to get the needed money by ripping off some French drug dealers and he asks Raven to lend a hand. Reluctantly, Raven agrees. Unfortunately, Osborne has lied to his old friend and the money is not to pay off a debt but to finance a war in Europe. That makes Raven quite upset.
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5 The Kill Fever The Kill Fever
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2022

"Sam Raven, a man with a mysterious past, finds himself in harm's way when he saves the life of a woman running from a trio of killers. She's a thief named Megan, and her latest score has drawn the attention of every cut-throat looking for a fast buck, and an intelligence community out to protect a secret at any cost -- including murder. They don't trust each other, but Megan knows Raven is her only chance to survive."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2023
Last Appearance:2023

1 Dead Again Dead Again
Written by Brian Drake
Copyright: 2023

"Simon Lassiter is a notorious cyber terrorist who has been wreaking havoc on governments and corporations alike.
Simon Lassiter is supposed to be dead.
Somehow, he survived an assassination attempt carried out by CIA officer Sam Raven, when Raven was a fresh recruit. Now, Raven is no longer official. He's on his own and fights the battles he chooses. When Lassiter returns with plans to sabotage the global financial system, Raven springs into action. This time, he's going to make sure Simon Lassiter is dead forever."
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I knew from the moment I learned the author, Brian Drake, had a new series out, I would enjoy it. That was not a guess, of course, because the man had already penned two series in the compendium, both of which I like a whole lot and eagerly awaited more adventures about.

It turns out I had to wait a while because he was coming up with Sam Raven. It was worth the wait.

Raven is, like a lot of us, a flawed person. His flaw comes from his deep belief he is ultimately guilty of getting his teammates kill or tortured. I don't see it that way but he does.

That flaw with its resultant demand to keep helping people held hostage drives the stories so I am kind of torn - do I want him to get over it or not? Luckily that is up to Brian Drake, not me.


My Grade: A-


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