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Full Name: Jamie Saintclair
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Art Recovery Expert

Creator: James Douglas
Time Span: 2011 - 2014


Jamie Saintclair is an art recovery expert.

He is not a spy and definitely doesn't want to be a spy. He has a small business specializing in the recovery of lost or stolen artwork. It is enough to pay the bills and stay afloat and it does provide him with something to intrigue and interest him. Sometimes, as he will find out in the recorded adventures we have of him, trying to find some of the items he is asked to locate will pit him up against powerful people with their own agendas. And once in a while, those investigations will put him into the kind of danger that would make him wish he had the training a good operative would have.

Saintclair, which is officially his last name but only because his mother had changed hers from Sinclair in the hopes of presenting a better 'image' for him growing up, is in his early 30s when we first meet.

He had graduated with a First in fine arts and modern languages (equivalent of an undergraduate degree with Honors in the US, I believe). After university, Saintclair had worked for eight years for Sotheby, stuck away in an office that was "little more than an extended cupboard with a posh address". Then came a request to help a wealthy Jewish businessman who as a child had survived the death camps of the Germans. The job was to help locate a family painting stolen from them, a Rembrandt.

Dogged determination and an ever improving intuition would land him a successful recovery but would also cause embarrassment in the art world over a "creative" provenance so while his reputation for success was impressive, he was not always a welcome site at the major galleries and museums around the world.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2014

1 The Doomsday Testament The Doomsday Testament
Written by James Douglas
Copyright: 2011

Mourning the loss of his grandfather, the gentle man who helped raise him, was difficult for Jamie Saintclair. So was learning that the man had been a dedicated war hero in the SAS during WWII. So was finding hidden in the binding of his journal a strange piece of Nazi lore that points him to an excursion into Tibet by a team sent by Hitler, a mission that will still present grave danger to Saintclair in the present.
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2 The Isis Covenant The Isis Covenant
Written by James Douglas
Copyright: 2012

Two strange events separated by nearly two thousand years. In 64 AD, a Roman centurion led a search for a mythical treasure said to have belonged to a queen of Carthage. In 1945, two Nazis vanish in war torn Berlin along with a very precious object. Now in 2009 Jamie Saintclair is asked to look into the latter only to learn about the former and to end up in a mystery that will lead to danger and even death as he snoops in places he is very much not wanted.
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3 The Excalibur Codex The Excalibur Codex
Written by James Douglas
Copyright: 2013

The fabled sword of King Arthur has lay hidden for centuries but rumors say that in 1937 it was found and then hidden again. Four years later twelve SS generals try to make use of the weapon in a fight with Russia. In 2010, Jamie Saintclair will learn about that meeting of Nazi officers and what they were trying to do and where might exist the lost sword. Unfortunately for him, a team of assassins have been sent to make sure his investigation does not succeed.
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4 The Samurai Inheritance The Samurai Inheritance
Written by James Douglas
Copyright: 2014

"Art recovery expert Jamie Saintclair celebrates the return of a Vermeer painting to its rightful owner, and the day turns even better when he's offered a lucrative commission. Not much can surprise Jamie, but he blinks when mining tycoon Keith Devlin reveals the object he wants him to find. How did the preserved head of a Solomon Island warrior end up in a German museum? And how is he supposed to discover what happened to it in 1945?"
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This is one of those on-the-cusp of belonging in a compendium for spy series. It is more of a relic hunter series, although the treasured items here are art pieces rather than antiquities. However, since I felt enough spy-ish people were out to stop the main character from doing what he was hired to do, I would admit him.

That and the books are a lot of exciting stories which I got a hoot out of reading. Since artwork is a long established trope for bad guys to use to harbor or transfer wealth, having someone like Saintclair trying to find the rightful owners can lead to a lot of fun (for us to him, not him to survive).


My Grade: B+


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