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Full Name: Luke Bridge
Series Name: The Extractor
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Hostage Rescue

Creator: Mike Ryan
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


       Luke Bridge is an expert in hostage rescue.
       His background and his current situation is explained quite nicely in the opening of his first recorded adventure which reads:
       "Luke Bridge was a gun-for-hire. He only worked for good causes though. Those who had something nefarious or illegal in mind need not apply for his services. A former CIA agent, he was well-versed in all forms of combat, and had been stationed all over the world. If there was a situation that couldn't, or wouldn't, be handled by the authorities, Bridge was the man for the job. Even current members of the CIA, FBI, and other government agencies would recommend him to people if the situation warranted his involvement. He wasn't cheap, though he never let the ability to pay determine whether he would take a case. His salary was usually just a means to discover how serious people were in hiring him. There were certain times when he didn't even take a dime from his clients if they really couldn't afford him.
       "Bridge was called The Extractor, a moniker he didn't like at first, but really had come to love and grown accustomed to. His main focus really was on helping people he believed needed it. People who would fall through the cracks if they didn't get that help. He wasn't an ex-agent who was still gung-ho on violence or still relived bad memories. Guns weren't something he was especially fond of and preferred not to use them if he didn't have to. They were just a tool for him. Luckily, they were a tool he was proficient at if the need arose. Like now.
       Bridge has a partner in his operation. Her name is Nicole (last name unknown to me) and she may not be quite on Bridge's level of experience and capability but the difference is not really worth mentioning. She is tough, highly competent, and utterly fearless in a fire-fight, which is good because the two of them find themselves in such situations quite often. She is also very much in love with Bridge and would gladly see their partnership turn intimate but he has a rule about a) messing up a good working relationship, and b) having any resembling a personal relationship.
       Bridge lives for the action and the danger and he gets his fill on a regular basis.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Extractor The Extractor
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2020

Fresh off a rescue mission in Central America where it turned out the lady being rescued didn't want rescuing, Luke Bridge is less than thrilled to be told their next case was finding a rich American who took a helicopter tour and never came back. Bridge's annoyance stems from Mexico being one of his less pleasant places based on bad experiences there.
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2 Past Dead Past Dead
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2020

Luke Bridge and Nicole head to Los Angeles on a case of find a pricey amount of diamonds which have gone missing. L.A. will not be their final destination, however, as the search will take them south to Brazil and then to the Caribbean and Puerto Rico where the man suspected of stealing the gems has an impressive drug operation going.
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3 Pressure Point Pressure Point
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2020

Luke Bridge and Nicole are hired by a missing woman's sister to find her and bring her home. The disappearance, though, turns out to be but one of many in a trafficking case that will take the pair to Europe and a group of very dangerous men operating a very lucrative operation.
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4 Deep Cover Deep Cover
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2021

"Bridge and Nicole take on a cold case, which quickly spirals into something more than they bargained for. A PI previously hired to look into the case mysteriously disappears. As Bridge and Nicole investigate, the clues lead them to the government agency they used to work for. The job takes them on several twists and turns, with Bridge and Nicole running into rogue agents, ex-spies, and a trip to Greece, where they will finally learn the truth about what is really going on."
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5 Ripple Effect Ripple Effect
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2021

"Bridge and Nicole are hired by a wealthy businessman to find his daughter, who’s been kidnapped. Ava Dermott has been taken by someone named Gemini, and Bridge follows the clues, with the case taking him back to an old place he’d rather not go. But there’s something more to this case than meets the eye. It’s not a simple kidnapping. There’s something else at play. But will Bridge and Nicole find out what it is before it’s too late? Someone will get double-crossed. The question is… who?"
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