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Full Name: Tom Wilde
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Professor

Creator: Rory Clements
Time Span: 2016 - 2023


Tom Wilde is a university professor.

When we first meet him in 1936, he is teaching history at one of the many colleges in Cambridge, England. Things will change a bit over time.

Professor Wilde is described as "tall and angular, with high cheekbones and hair that was a little too long for some of the stuffier fellows of this most ancient and venerable of Cambridge colleges. He had spent much of his life in England, but he was American by birth and nationality and even in winter his skin had a summery hue. He had an outdoor face, uncommonly healthy among the morbid pallor of his academic colleagues. His voice was a hybrid that seemed to have washed up from the broad Atlantic; not quite American, not quite English."

Wilde is very much an academician at heart. He truly loves and enjoys the college environs, especially the hallowed halls he is able to trod at Cambridge. He is also very much an historian and has written several books on various subjects in the past which have received favorable notice.

He is, however, considered by many as a bit of a maverick for at times he does venture away from the ivy-covered lecture halls. It will be this occasional whim, along with a very inquisitive mind and a determination to not accept something simply because he was told it, that will cause him to poke his head into areas most of his colleagues would never approach.

As a result, he will find himself sometimes very much in the 'real world' and dealing with things far outside his comfort zone; things like death and murder, dark street meetings with foreign agents, concentration camps, secret laboratories, and more. There will even be a trip to the White House and a conversation with Roosevelt that will have a major effect on him.

Wilde is an American professor teaching in Britain. As a result, he will find himself involved with both American and British Intelligence operatives. He is not an agent himself, of course, but he will be as good as considering the number of people who will try to stop him.

Good line:
- Said by his valet when recommending a split bet on a horse race, "Horses are only human, professor. Things can always go wrong."


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2023

1 Corpus Corpus
Written by Rory Clements
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1936. In Cambridge, a prominent couple of the gentry are murdered in a horrible manner. History professor Tom Wilde finds himself pulled into the world of espionage when he chooses to look into the killings, wondering if their deaths were related to that of a young woman. She had been found dead in her bedroom holding a silver syringe, not too long after she made an enemy of the Gestapo by delivering some documents to a Jewish scientist.

2 Nucleus Nucleus
Written by Rory Clements
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1939. It is June and all of England prepares for war. At Cambridge in the same laboratory where the atom was split in 1932, British scientists work on creation of a new bomb. The Germans are also working on the same thing and need to know the progress of their enemy. The murder of a British scientist pulls Tom Wilde back into the shadowy world of intrigue as he investigates the death.
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3 Nemesis Nemesis
Written by Rory Clements
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1939. It is the Fall of that year and Germany has just invaded Poland. Tom Wilde is on vacation in France when he learns a previous student who vanished two years before while heading to fight in Spain is now in a concentration camp in the Pyrenees. Wilde's helping the man get released will be the push to get him involved yet again in intrigue which will be connected to a young English woman getting very close to a major figure in England all for the purpose of murder.

4 Hitler's Secret Hitler's Secret
Written by Rory Clements
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1941. The war is not going well for the Allies. In Cambridge, Tom Wilde is approached by an American intelligence operative who claims to know of a powerful new weapon that could change the course of the war. What is needed is for Wilde to smuggle out of Germany a very special package. It is only when he is behind enemy lines that Wilde learns how determined the enemy is to stop him.
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5 A Prince and a Spy A Prince and a Spy
Written by Rory Clements
Copyright: 2021

The year is 1942. Two old friends and cousins meet in Sweden; one is Prince George, the Duke of Kent, brother to the King of England. The other is a German Prince and close friend of Hitler. Days later, the English Prince is killed in a plane crash in Scotland, ruled an accident but thought otherwise. Tom Wilde is asked to head north to discover the truth.
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6 The Man In The Bunker The Man In The Bunker
Written by Rory Clements
Copyright: 2022

"Germany, late summer 1945
Adolf Hitler is said to have killed himself in his Berlin bunker. But no body was found - and many people believe he is alive. Newspapers are full of stories reporting sightings and theories. Even Stalin, whose own troops captured the bunker, has told President Truman he believes the former F├╝hrer is not dead.
Enter Tom Wilde - the Cambridge professor and spy sent in to find out the truth...
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7 The English Fuhrer The English Fuhrer
Written by Rory Clements
Copyright: 2023

"Autumn 1945
Off the east coast of England, a Japanese sub surfaces, unloads its mysterious cargo, then blows itself to pieces. Former spy Professor Tom Wilde is enjoying peacetime in Cambridge, settling back into teaching and family life. Until a call from senior MI5 boss Lord Templeman brings him out of retirement. A nearby village has been locked down by the military, its residents blighted by a deadly illness. No one is allowed in or out. There are rumours the Nazi machine is still operational, with links to Unit 731, a notorious Japanese biological warfare research laboratory. But how could they possibly be plotting on British soil - and why?


As a newspaper editor for a very long time, the author, Rory Clements, knows the proper way to arrange words to tell a story - to recount an event so that the reader can truly grasp what is happening without using so many words that his attention will wane or wander.

Reading this man's works is a pleasure.

When you then throw in the fact that his main character, Tom Wilde, is a really interesting fellow and his adventures are terrific tales to follow, you have several stories which are a delight to take part in.


My Grade: A


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