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Full Name: Pat Walsh
Series Name: The Arabic Adventure Series
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Lawrence
Time Span: 2017 - 2021


Pat Walsh is a contractor with the CIA.

In our initial introduction to him, he is a colonel in the U.S. Army, recently attached to "the Army Special Operations Cell within the Army's G3 shop" at the Pentagon. That sounds impressive but he would be the first to admit that it amounted to being "placed in a small windowless office with the other 'slide monkeys'", a not so impressive term used for those just toiling away for the Army Chief of Staff. Prior to that recent transfer, Walsh had been stationed in Iraq.

Walsh's experience in the military is extensive and is reflected in the medals he wears, most notably the "Purple Heart with three oak leaf clusters, Bronze Star with V device and four oak leaf clusters, Silver Star with oak leaf cluster and Distinguished Service Cross". These show clearly that his time in combat was not spent behind a desk so being put behind one as we find him will chafe a bit.

Unfortunately for him, he will be forced to make a change he was not expecting. As we are told in a blurb for the first recorded tale, "he screws up and picks the wrong side of a political battle. When an old Army buddy recruits Pat to work as an asset for the CIA, he reluctantly agrees, and the adventure begins."

Between the bureaucratic fiasco that causes Walsh to have to leave the military and his decision to help out the Agency, Walsh, who is married with four children, tried his hand at the home construction business and was starting to do quite well when the sub-prime scandal hit the financial world and his bank played very dirty with him. His personal finances in turmoil and two of his older children in college, a huge drain in his income, Walsh decides to take a temporary job over in Afghanistan.

It will be there that he is approached to help out the Agency while still working his paying job there. Walsh is not an agent, per se, working, at least at first, as a contractor but that just seems to mean that when things go bad, he and those working with him, are really on their own.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2021

1 Arabic Deception Arabic Deception
aka Lost in Arabia
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2017

This book "is a fully rewritten version of James Lawrence's first book, Lost in Arabia.
Posing as an arms dealer in Abu Dhabi, Pat Walsh knows that he is reaching his objective when someone tries to have him killed. Now he just has to figure out who is behind it and stop them before they succeed.
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2 Arabic Vengeance Arabic Vengeance
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2017

"The CIA, NYC Mafia, ISIS and a billionaire industrialist all want Pat Walsh dead."
An explosion set by a jihadi in Brussels gets blamed on Pat Walsh. When he learns that the Agency wants his head, he knows that it is up to him to find the person or persons behind the attack to prove it wasn't him. Staying alive long enough will be tricky.
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3 Arabic Fury Arabic Fury
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2018

Pat Walsh is back in the Middle East leading a team of CIA-backed mercenaries. A proxy fight between Saudi Arabia and Iran is going on in the country of Oman where the aging Sultan is on his deathbed and the struggle for the future of that nation is a tough one. Walsh and team are in the area to stop a rumored attack that could have global implications.
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4 Arabic Collusion Arabic Collusion
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2018

Archaeologists have uncovered a holy relic that calls into question the faith of several billion people. It is stolen by a cabal of powerful rich men who want to use it as a weapon to inflame radicals. Pat Walsh and his team are ordered to stop it.
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5 Rising Sea Rising Sea
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2019

As the relations between the U.S. and China near the breaking point when China uses its navy to make several stabs at America forces overseas, Pat Walsh and his team are sent into the region. Their mission is to lay a series of underwater explosives to take out airfields on the reef islands that China has erected. They did not plan on uncovering a sunken pirate treasure worth millions.
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6 The Somali Affair The Somali Affair
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2019

"When fifteen-year-old Becky Anderson makes a new friend on social media, she has no idea that a single, innocent click of her finger will have deadly, global ramifications.
Across the seas in a tropical paradise, Pat Walsh splits his time between surfing isolated reef breaks, tending to his yacht, and taking the occasional weekend off to hunt drug lords, terrorists and despots. He’s not a hero. But when it comes to ending bad guys, he’s one of the CIA’s deadliest weapons. Walsh’s escapist lifestyle comes to a grinding halt when he discovers a grainy video clip that leaves him reeling."
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7 The Q Dilemma The Q Dilemma
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2020

"Pat and his team travel the seas aboard the Wayward Nomad, hot on the trail of a sinister mastermind who’s plotting to overthrow the American government. With their trademark elan and daring ingenuity, Pat and his band of black operators wreak havoc on their mysterious quarry. The covert military campaign detours when Pat learns of the existence of a shadowy group of NSA analysts calling themselves QAnon."
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8 Roko's Revenge Roko's Revenge
Written by James Lawrence
Copyright: 2021

"Armed with the latest tech, the swashbuckling team from Trident unravel a sixty-year-old mystery and stumbles into the jaws of a sinister force bent on reshaping the world. Pat’s ongoing struggle with his nemesis The Deacon culminates in this whirlwind nautical adventure that takes the reader across the globe with ports in Indonesia, Thailand, Cyprus, Hawaii and Portugal."
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I really enjoyed these tales of Pat Walsh for a couple of reasons (probably more than just two but I limit myself to that).

One, these are very well written stories which move swiftly and effortlessly and pleasantly. The flow is so smooth.

Two, the character of Pat Walsh is wonderfully down to earth. He is very capable at his work with the government and enjoys it but he also has a day job back home that he has to worry about. And a wife he wants desperately to please. And children to raise and fund. He is human with human problems. He will fail with some of that, which is also human.


My Grade: A-


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