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Full Name: Matt Drake
Nationality: American
Organization: DIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Don Bentley
Time Span: 2020 - 2022


Matt Drake is an agent with the DIA.

When we first meet this highly experienced operative, it is at the airport in his hometown of Austin, Texas. He is looking at a beautiful little girl named Abir and trying not to see her. Abir and her parents had died three months earlier and Drake knows it was his fault. He had broken a promise and they paid the ultimate price. He had very good reasons and he did not act maliciously but they died nevertheless and now he is suffering from PTSD and survivor's guilt.

He will have to deal with both as his country will call on him again to go into action.

This despite the fact that when we meet him, he was no longer in the employ of the DIA. He had been, obviously, for over half a decade but since the trouble in Syria that left his friends dead and he with the tremors in his hands at times, he was no longer working for them, or more specifically, for Branch Chief James Glass. Glass, however, was not one to take no for an answer and when he needs Drake to come back into the fold, he is determined to get him.

Hence Drake's need to lose the shakes and the seeing of ghosts and the guilt. There were still very bad men out in the real world that Drake would be asked to eliminate.

One very interesting and enjoyable (well, to a point) aspect to these stories is Drake's on-again-off-again relationship with Laila, his wife. I say to a point because this is a relationship that needs considerable work to make it function and Drake's PTSD coupled with his boss's determination to pull him away from his home in Texas and into trouble-spots around the world do not make that likely.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2022

1 Without Sanction Without Sanction
Written by Don Bentley
Copyright: 2020

On a mission in Syria, Matt Drake broke a promise and several people died and his best friend was gravely injured. Now, three months after the action, he is paralyzed with guilt. Unfortunately for him, he is pulled back into action to stop a Pakistani scientist who has developed a horrific weapon and is giving it to ISIS.
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2 The Outside Man The Outside Man
Written by Don Bentley
Copyright: 2021

In broad daylight on the streets of Austin, operative Matt Drake is attacked by a team of trained assassins. He barely survives but is determined to learn who they are and why they came after him. The quest will take him back to the Middle East and up against an old enemy called the Devil.
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3 Hostile Intent Hostile Intent
Written by Don Bentley
Copyright: 2022

A visit to the US embassy in Vienna by a man claiming to have vital Russian intel caused a stir. When he asked for Matt Drake personally, that made the DIA get serious and gets Drake on the next plane to Austria. Before he can talk to the man, though, the visitor is kidnapped by a team of Russian operatives. Now Drake is determined to find and get the man back.
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Without a doubt the author of this mega-action spy series has the credentials for knowing a thing or two about excitement and intrigue, looking at his bio. He certainly showed it in his first Matt Drake adventure because he was chosen to work on two (so far) tales in the highly successful Jack Ryan, jr. series. They will not let just anyone in that club.

Which puts readers like myself who enjoy lots of action and interesting characters, such as we find in spades in these books, in a pickle. Should we want him concentrating on more Jack Ryan, jr. books or more Matt Drake books?

Luckily it is not up to me to choose.


My Grade: B+

Your Average Grade:   A


dbuhler A 2021-03-19

Ok, I will break the ice and ante up an A, willing to raise as needed. Just finished two books in the series. Entertaining, plenty of bad guys with commendable co-stars. Drake is tough with a touch of sarcasm, and rather unique among the spys of this fictional world.

morris00 A 2021-03-20

Great first book. Waiting on #2. & he''s writing the next Tom Clancy book.

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