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Full Name: David Diegert
Nationality: American
Organization: Crepusculous
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bill Brewer
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


David Diegert is an agent with Crepusculous.

More accurately, he is an assassin. He kills people at their direction and he is very, very good at it. And they are always, it seems, coming up with names of people they deem worthy of being killed.

Crepusculous is an unofficial organization. It does not exist per se and it would be difficult to legally prove since there is no real headquarters for it and no masthead on any paperwork. But it does exist and it is extremely powerful and terribly dangerous.

The name is defined as "of, resembling, or related to the twilight", as in "a crepuscular animal is one that is active primarily during the twilight period". In the first recorded adventure of Diegert, we are told that "this elite organization, comprised of four men, represented the smallest percent of the world's wealthiest people. Their combined wealth encompassed 75 percent of the world's resources. Their ability to influence governments, markets, and the global economy made them the most powerful people on earth. All four of the men were practically unknown in the media, largely because they owned most of the media outlets in the world and made sure that tawdry gossip and investigative news stories were focused on the few competitors they had. Crepusculous meant 'in the shadows', and from their clandestine positions, these men controlled the world."

In the pages of the adventures we have of Diegert, a 6'2" muscular man with a high school education and no real training in anything other than fighting and killing, we are shown how he goes from a young man just laid off from his dead-end job, out of money, living at home with his extremely abusive father to becoming one of the most deadly killers in the world.

We learn how he comes to work for Crepusculous. And then against. And then back to for. And then ... you get the picture.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Dawn of the Assassin Dawn of the Assassin
Written by Bill Brewer
Copyright: 2020

Kill or be killed is the fatal choice of David Diegert. That is how it seems to Diegert. This volume tells how Diegert went from a young man with no job living with his abusive father to a trained assassin working for the mysterious group Crepusculous.
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2 Blood of the Assassin Blood of the Assassin
Written by Bill Brewer
Copyright: 2020

David Diegert is very unhappy working for Crepusculous but he is about to find his life can get much worse. After that group of men betray him, he becomes a fugitive who is being chased by both sides of the law when he is fingered for the murder of a very important person.
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3 Code of the Assassin Code of the Assassin
Written by Bill Brewer
Copyright: 2020

With no real choice but to return to the services of Crepusculous, David Diegert is being pressured into dedicating his life to that group but a way out is offered by a man named Klaus Panzer.
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4 Face of the Assassin Face of the Assassin
Written by Bill Brewer
Copyright: 2020

"Revenge beats hot in the heart of David Diegert. Using the ultimate disguise, Diegert exacts vengeance on the treacherous Wei family. Following his mission, the assassin finds the most unexpected thing; love. With charm and beauty, Julie Kellerman steals the heart of David Diegert. But can love be real if you're hiding your identity as the world’s most deadly assassin? Diegert flirted with love when he and Carolyn Fuller were together in England, but for Julie, his heart pounds with excitement and desire. Will Diegert keep his deadly past a secret, or is love something in which a man who kills, is doomed to fail?"
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4.5 Boxset of the Assassin Boxset of the Assassin
Written by Bill Brewer
Copyright: 2021

Collection of the first four adventures.
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Quite a few of the adventure series dealing with assassins working for a secret organization (public or private) have men and women who secretly (or openly) despise the sort of work that they do - i.e., kill people.

Not so much with David Diegert. In the very first book we are told "His willingness to cross the line, to become the killer, grabbed his thoughts and expanded his sense of self with an unexpected realization. He enjoyed the kill."

Kinda really sets the scene for the sort of man that Diegert becomes. The organization that he will join is a different matter and eerily makes the books interesting.


My Grade: B


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