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Full Name: James Reece
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Carr
Time Span: 2018 - 2023


James Reece is an agent with the CIA.

Well, almost. He will eventually start to work for/with them though he would not likely ever think of himself, let alone announce himself, as such. He will be proven to them, not willingly by him, to be an asset that is just too tempting to not use.

Reece kills people. From a distance, sometimes a very long distance. As a sniper, he is considered one of the best and there are a considerable number of people who are no longer walking above ground that could testify to that, had they still been breathing. That is the talent that the Agency will find so appealing and, unfortunately for Reece, so much in demand.

When we first meet him, in the initial recorded adventure, he is on a very serious mission but not for the Agency nor the government for which he served in the military for some time, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Navy SEALS. This mission is one of his choosing and one that he takes even more seriously than all those the Service called on him to do, actions that "happen when an apex predator, a warrior at the top of his game, is thrown into a situation from which there is no return'. This mission is one of personal vengeance and it will take a large toll on him and his friends.

Oh, one other small thing causing trouble for Reece is a brain tumor. That would be enough to get to most people but considering the other troubles Reece has to deal with, well, it just needs to stand in line.

After his mission of justice is completed, he is approached by the Agency with a job offer and while he really had no great love of the idea, he knew he needed to do something. Finding meaningful work which made use of his finely honed skillset was not likely otherwise, unless he went the mercenary route, so he accepts, reluctantly.

Of course, considering the life that Reece had before we meet him and especially considering what he had after we meet, the relationship with the Agency is going to be a very bumpy one.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Terminal List The Terminal List
Written by James Carr
Copyright: 2018

James Reece had little time to recover from the tragedy of losing his entire SEAL team in an ambush before he is dealt an even deeper, more personal blow when those closest to him are killed back home. Now Reece is determined to use all the skills he has learned over his many years of black-ops to track down the traitors in his own government responsible.
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2 True Believer True Believer
Written by James Carr
Copyright: 2019

When the CIA tracks James Reece down in Mozambique where he has been lieing low, they offer him a Presidential pardon in exchange for working with them on a vital mission. A former Iraqi commando has been staging terrorist attacks around Europe during the holidays and several governments are feeling the hurt from them. The Agency wants Reece to find and eliminate the man but that will involve finding the mole inside the CIA.
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3 Savage Son Savage Son
Written by James Carr
Copyright: 2020

James Reece is in Montana recovering from brain surgery. He should be resting, not taking on Russian mafiya hoodlums who come to kill him. Unfortunately, that organization has a mad anger with him and want him dead.
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4 The Devil's Hand The Devil's Hand
Written by James Carr
Copyright: 2021

Iran is plagued with internal problems of dissent as well as hurt by the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and her allies. Its Supreme Leader wants a way to strike back at the States and that will come from a PhD student in America who has gotten access to a bioweapon at a military lab. James Reece will be asked to help save his country yet again.
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5 In The Blood In The Blood
Written by James Carr
Copyright: 2022

"A woman boards a plane in the African country of Burkina Faso having just completed a targeted assassination for the state of Israel. Two minutes later, her plane is blown out of the sky.
Over 6,000 miles away, former Navy SEAL James Reece watches the names and pictures of the victims on cable news. One face triggers a distant memory of a Mossad operative attached to the CIA years earlier in Iraq—a woman with ties to the intelligence services of two nations…a woman Reece thought he would never see again."
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6 Only The Dead Only The Dead
Written by James Carr
Copyright: 2023

"In 1980, a freshman congressman was gunned down in Rhode Island, sending shockwaves through Washington that are still reverberating over four decades later.
Now, with the world on the brink of war and a weakened United States facing rampant inflation, political division, and shocking assassinations, a secret cabal of global elites is ready to assume control. And with the world’s most dangerous man locked in solitary confinement, the conspirators believe the final obstacle to complete domination has been eliminated. They’re wrong."
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The terrible things that happen to Reece, and those he loves or cares about, in the first adventure, along with his response, reminded me of the same feelings I had when I read the David Morrell Testament in the early 80s about a man who had also lost everything. I was physically moved by both books and as someone who has read a lot of books, that is no easy feat.

Unfortunately for Reece, and odd to say good for we readers, the hits just keep on coming. This man does not get to catch a break!

Of course, if he did, would we be as interested as we are?


My Grade: A-

Your Average Grade:   A


dbuhler A 2021-05-21

Am I grading the author or the character when I grade the series? This is a case where they are quite different. Reese is an excellent version of Rapp, Harvath, Wells, and Quinn. He is an assassin with a conscience. The action sequences are excellent. But there is far too much tedious filler, page after page of information that grinds the speed of the novel to a near halt. If the purpose was for character development, that would be understandable. The books are worth the read, just practice your speed reading through 1/3 of the book.

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