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Full Name: Matt Thorn
Codename: The Specialist
Nationality: American
Organization: S.O.G.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Zeke Mitchell
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Matt Thorn is an agent with S.O.G.

By that I mean he is a black-ops specialist attached to the Special Operations Group, described as an ultra-secret program meant to combat devastating criminal and terrorist threats, both inside and outside North America. There is historically been a S.O.G. as part of the CIA and this may well be the same but I have no evidence of it.

A good amount of information on his backstory is available.

"A child of the streets, after escaping from an abusive foster home, Thorn had witnessed unspeakable evil and suffering by the time he was twelve years old. He had grown up wild and mean - incorrigible, they called it - with his father in prison and his mother dead at twenty-two from cancer. He had learned to survive on his wits and by honing his fighting skills in back-alley brawls and junk-yard knife fights. He had fallen into the bloody world of gang violence, sinking deeper and deeper, making all the wrong choices - until the day he had found the courage to walk away from thug life and enlist in the U.S. Army, after 9/11.

"His decision had been fueled by patriotism, absolutely. But it was also based on a clear insight. His life was constant struggle, constant warfare - so he would make warfare his profession. He was fated to be a warrior, to spill the blood of those who sought to brutalize the innocent.

"From there, he had braved and withstood the extreme rigors of Special Forces training, graduated with honors. But no amount of training could have prepared him completely for actual combat. He had nearly frozen in a savage battle against Taliban insurgents - red-hot tracers hurtling past his skull, shrapnel flying, comrades screaming and dying around him...his scrotum shrinking, urine staining his pants.

"Now more than a decade later, he was a disciplined professional, a soldier - a Delta Force specialist, focused on defeating the enemy. Defeating evil. His resolve had been sharpened by his time on the streets, by the horror of battle...and by devastating personal tragedy."

We also learn that three years before the start of the recorded adventures, he has lost his wife when she was attacked, raped, and killed. Learning her killers were "gang thugs high on crystal-meth", he went on a rampage and found and "slaughtered them all". At that point he turned himself into to his Delta commander and expected extremely harsh punishment. Instead, he was introduced to S.O.G. and immediately accepted what they were offering.

"So the deal was made. His old identity was erased. Officially, he had been killed in a parachute training accident. His new identity had been carefully designed and his new name was Matt Thorn. He would specialize in solo operations, where a typical Delta Force team might comprise five men. The concept was to maximize stealth and combat flexibility. It was a grim and lonely way to fight...but Thorn had long ince adjusted to it. In some primal way, he thrived on it. He was at his core a lone-wolf hunter and he understood that in certain situations - against certain enemies - one man had a better chance than five. Or ten. Or fifty."

That is what we find him doing - taking the fight to whatever enemy he is aimed at.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

1 Kill Zone Kill Zone
Written by Zeke Mitchell
Copyright: 2015

Matt Thorn's mission is to eliminate a Mafia drug lord and destroy his massive heroin pipeline. He is underway when he discovers there is a traitor in his group feeding the enemy information on him and that has led to an army of hitmen on his trail.
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2 Lethal Strike Lethal Strike
Written by Zeke Mitchell
Copyright: 2017

The new mission for Matt Thorn is to locate and eliminate an ISIS warlord who has acquired a horrific weapon he plans to use against both Europe and the U.S.
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3 Extreme Assault Extreme Assault
Written by Zeke Mitchell
Copyright: 2017

Back in the States, Matt Thorn is given the mission of tracking down and destroying a major druglord named Sylvester 'Macho' Camacho. That is just a beginning of the trouble as Camacho has a lot of friends.
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It is kinda hard to get to like Matt Thorn because deep down, I do not think he wants to be liked. "I am a demon who hunts other demons. I come from darkness, move in darkness, kill in darkness. I am darkness." Not to mention: "Only a razor-thin line separated Thorn from pure evil." That sort of thing.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a "kill them all and let God sort them out" kind of action spy series to consume, these three adventures will be great entrees to be enjoyed one after another. 


My Grade: B-


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