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Full Name: Joe Tiplady
Nationality: Irish
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Teacher

Creator: John Sweeney
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


First Look:
       Joe Tiplady is a former terrorist and now a special education teacher.
       Zeke Chandler is a deputy director with the CIA.
       Tiplady is the 'star' of the series but Chandler could also claim that spot based on his actions in the two adventures.
       At least from what I have read that seems to be the case. I have read a quarter of the first book and am too confused to continue. I will leave it for a while (probably a long while) before giving it another try.
       Hopefully someone will write me or will add his/her comment to let me know more.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 Cold Cold
Written by John Sweeney
Copyright: 2016

"Around the world, a chain of events is in motion that will make Joe a priceless target. A retired Soviet general hunts for his missing daughter after a series of brutal murders. A ruthless assassin loses something so precious he will do anything to get it back. And in the mountains of Utah, a brilliant ex-CIA chief wrestles with his religion. In the shadow of them all lies Zoba, strongman ruler of Russia and puppet-master of the world’s darkest operatives. Can Joe save himself from this dangerous web of power and revenge? Where can he run when there’s nowhere left to hide?"
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2 Road Road
Written by John Sweeney
Copyright: 2017

"When a child is kidnapped by his unstable mother, the father turns to Joe Tiplady - offering him a lot of money to find the boy and bring him back. It soon becomes clear that Joe will have to earn every cent: mother and son are in war-torn Syria, and they’ve willingly joined the ranks of ISIS.
Meanwhile Zeke Chandler, CIA deputy director, is in Albania, where four electrocuted bodies have been found on a mountainside near a secret black-ops facility. Two seemingly unrelated incidents, but Joe will find himself crossing paths with Zeke again."
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