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Full Name: Joe Tiplady
Nationality: Irish
Organization: CIA
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: John Sweeney
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Joe Tiplady is a part-time agent for the CIA.

It would be accurate to say as well that he is, after a time, a private investigator in Los Angeles.

And that he recently was a special educations teacher specializing in Autistic children, some of them out of control due to their condition.

And before that he was a member of the IRA fighting their war against the English and the RUC and sometimes their own people.

And one other thing that Tiplady can claim to be is a hunted man. Very hunted and very much wanted dead.

Starting at the beginning, Tiplady had joined the IRA and had trained to be a demolition expert. He was as dedicated to the cause as most of his mates, up until several of them were sent to North Korea to extend their training. That would be the turning point to his terrorist days. "Our time in North Korea made me realise that however bad the British are, however heavy the RUC, however much our people are discriminated against, it's nothing like as bad as how the regime there treats ordinary people." Returning to Ireland, it would be not long before ousted from that organization for no longer having the killing urge. Unfortunately, while one leader allowed Tiplady to leave alive, he knew that others would be after him.

How Tiplady would go from being on the run from the IRA to teaching Autistic children to working for a man named Zeke Chandler and the CIA - well, that is a very confusing sequence best read for yourself.

Tiplady is described as a big man whose "movements were surprisingly agile". "He was six foot three in his stockinged feet, heavy-boned but so light on his pins he could have made it in the ring." "His hair was thick, curly and black, like his beard, his eyes a clouded green, his complexion pale with a hint of sallowness, like a Spaniard kept out of the sun. There was tension in him, too, a sense that if you made him angry, things might not go well for you."

A note, though, on Chandler. He is a deputy director with the Agency, a Mormon with an impressive skill at languages and a predilection for not staying in his office like he has promised his much-put-upon wife many times. His action in the field is so extensive, the series could easily have been said to be his.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 Cold Cold
Written by John Sweeney
Copyright: 2016

"Around the world, a chain of events is in motion that will make Joe a priceless target. A retired Soviet general hunts for his missing daughter after a series of brutal murders. A ruthless assassin loses something so precious he will do anything to get it back. And in the mountains of Utah, a brilliant ex-CIA chief wrestles with his religion. In the shadow of them all lies Zoba, strongman ruler of Russia and puppet-master of the world’s darkest operatives. Can Joe save himself from this dangerous web of power and revenge? Where can he run when there’s nowhere left to hide?"
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2 Road Road
Written by John Sweeney
Copyright: 2017

"When a child is kidnapped by his unstable mother, the father turns to Joe Tiplady - offering him a lot of money to find the boy and bring him back. It soon becomes clear that Joe will have to earn every cent: mother and son are in war-torn Syria, and they’ve willingly joined the ranks of ISIS.
Meanwhile Zeke Chandler, CIA deputy director, is in Albania, where four electrocuted bodies have been found on a mountainside near a secret black-ops facility. Two seemingly unrelated incidents, but Joe will find himself crossing paths with Zeke again."
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I had mixed feelings about this series. The first time I tackled it, I got so confused with the jumping around that I gave up, made a "First Look" entry on it and asked for anyone else's opinion.

A year later I came back to it and found that while it was still very confusing, the writing was darn good - at least up until the next leap from one character's situation to another's. I think I would have really liked the main character, Tiplady, if I could have gotten a decent handle on him and kept it.

Of course, the fault could easily have been all mine. It's happened before.


My Grade: B


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