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Full Name: Dr. Goldfoot
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Evil Genius

Creator: James H. Nicholson
Time Span: 1965 - 1966


Dr. Goldfoot is an evil genius.

"Some people have that Dr. Goldfoot is a evil genius with a penchant for performing villainous deeds." That is the opening statement made in one of the recordings we have of this, well, evil genius. In it he admits that he does have the reputation with some for being what I just claimed he was.

He then goes on to correct the record, though, when he states, "My aim is diabolically simple. I am going to control the world." He explains that he "has invented the ultimate in ultimate weapons, the one weapon that can positively destroy man - woman!"

To call Goldfoot a genius is to indulge in understatement. The man has created an amazing variety of devices that can astound the average mind.

He has a lipstick that looks a beautiful shade of red but which, when twisted just right, can shoot out destructive rays that can disintegrate a human being.

He has a teleport device which can make him, or whoever he chooses, to pop in and out of his office. The transfer is instantaneous and apparently without any ill effects. He uses it a lot which makes for impressive comings and goings.

He has a series of computer banks with which he can transfer tremendous knowledge about a particular subject, like art or chemistry or such, to the person who dons a metal skullcap attached to the bank.

And most importantly and impressively, he has a manufacturing device which can be programmed to generate life-sized, anatomically accurate (extremely so) humanoid "robots" (he calls them that but in truth they are actually androids). While it is not known if the device can fashion robots of both sexes, it most certainly can produce the female variety. For reasons known only to the bad doctor, these female robots are consistently clad only in gold-colored bikinis. The robots are able to walk and talk and dance and sing and even kiss and these machines obey the every instruction of Goldfoot, albeit sometimes a bit haphazardly.

Goldfoot is, when we first meet him, in his mid-60s when we first encounter him. He has a devilish smile but with devious eyes which, coupled with his thin mustache, gives him a dangerous countenance. He has a sharp tongue on him, able to deliver stinging barbs on his underlings or his opposition. Beyond that, as to his backstory, we know nothing.

Opposing the world-dominance objectives of Dr. Goldfoot is the governmental agency Secret Intelligence Command which has the unfortunate acronym of S.I.C.. This group has, apparently, its headquarters in the Pentagon. Exactly how large or important this organization is remains a mystery. What can be surmised from the meager evidence available, however, is that the actions of Goldfoot must not be its highest priorities because each of the two adventures we have of Goldfoot were being countered by a single agent and in both cases, that person was either quite new or quite incompetent or both.


Number of Movies:2
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1966

1 Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
Director: Norman Taurog
Writers: Elwood Ullman, Robert Kaufman, James H. Nicholson
Actors: Vincent Price as Dr. Goldfoot, Frankie Avalon as Craig Gamble, Dwayne Hickman as Todd Armstrong, Susan Hart as Diane, Jack Mullaney as Igot, Fred Clark as D.J. Pevney
Released: 1965

Evil genius Dr. Goldfoot has created an army of beautiful and sexy bikini-clad female robots (androids, really). He is using these true-to-life machines to seduce wealthy men into signing away all their assets to Goldfoot. Would-be SIC agent Craig Gamble runs into one of these 'women' and discovers her true nature when her right hand comes off. When he reads that she then got millionaire playboy Todd Armstrong enthralled, he tries to get his uncle, the head of SIC to authorize an investigation.

2 Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs
Director: Mario Bava
Writers: Louis M. Heyward, Robert Kaufman, Franco Catellano, Giuseppe Moccia, James H. Nicholson
Actors: Vincent Price as Dr. Goldfoot, Fabian as Bill Dexter, Franco Franchi as Franco, Ciccio Ingrassia as Ciccio, Laura Antonelli as Rosanna
Released: 1966

Evil genius Dr. Goldfoot has a new use for his beautiful and sexy bikini clad female robots (androids). They are trying to get close to high-ranking NATO generals to blow them up in order to spark a war between the US and USSR. Out to stop him is SIC agent Bill Dexter who is not exactly the premiere operative with the organization so he must seek civilian help.


Number of Episodes:1
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1965


1 The Wild Weird World of Dr. Goldfoot
Episode 1-1, first aired 1965
Director: Mel Ferber
Writer: Stanley Ross
Guest Stars: Vincent Price as Dr. Goldfoot, Tommy Kirk as Malcolm Andrews, Susan Hart as Diane, Harvey Lembeck as Hugo, Aron Kincaid as Agent 00 1/2

To promote both the recently released movie and the soundtrack from the film this 30-minute one-shot show was broadcast on ABC in primetime.. It replaced the normally scheduled popular teen music program Shindig.

The songs, not all of which made it on the actual movie, included a single of the title song by The Supremes, although it was sung by someone else on the television program.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Hero-A-Go-Go! Hero-A-Go-Go!
Written by Michael Eury
Copyright: 2017

This book is subtitled "Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters & Culture Of The Swinging Sixties." It mentions and gives details on a number of Spy Series within! Welcome to the Camp Age when spies liked their wars cold and their women warm and good guys beat bad guys with a pun and a punch. Celebrate the Camp Craze of the Swinging Sixties when just about everyone was a secret agent.


When I was much, much younger, I loved camp. Well, I tolerated it. I watched Adam West's Batman on television but even at my very young age I knew most of it was silly (at least up until Yvonne Craig showed up as Batgirl). Still, I would watch anything that was related to crime-fighting superheroes or spy related or sci-fi. That would not have included Dr. Goldfoot, however, not because I would not have wanted to but because my small hometown with its two theaters would likely never have carried it.

My first introduction to it was many years later on the late late show, I believe. And then I promptly forgot it. It wasn't until a member of one of the Facebook groups I belong to mentioned it that I remembered. That recall brought with it a smile when I realized that Goldfoot definitely belonged on this site. Evil genius wanting world dominance and opposed by a government agency with an alphabet name.

Is it worth watching? No and yes. No because the plot is stupid and inane and the acting is either ham-ish, amateurish, or melodrama-ish. Yes because it is so campy it needs to be tolerated for a while. Plus there are those bikini-clad robots (androids!).


My Grade: C


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