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Full Name: Hiroshi Suzuki
Codename: H
Nationality: Japanese
Organization: Japanese Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: R. Pearl, G. Bamford
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


Hiroshi "H" Suzuki is an agent with the Japanese CIRO.

That acronym stands for the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office, also known as the Japanese Secret Service. His direct boss there is Colonel Kimura, the head of the department. It is obvious from the meeting we follow at the beginning of the first adventure that they have known and worked with each other for some time and that Suzuki is a valued and highly experienced operative.

We also learn that Suzuki considers the Colonel to be his "adoptive uncle and mentor". The relationship between Suzuki and Kimura is important. Suzuki's father had never been in the picture and his mother had dies when he was 16. It was the Colonel who took charge of him and from that day on his career path in the CIRO was a sure thing. The fact that Suzuki clearly enjoyed that line of work was just a good coincidence.

The "H" is his nickname and the one used most often by his friends.

Suzuki has had a wide education with first his normal schooling in Japan followed by earning a degree at Oxford. "At the same time H continued his training in the arts of weapons, battle, diplomacy, secrecy and subterfuge. Over the years he'd developed into an outstandingly talented operative. He was a natural, who'd excelled at every challenge and he'd never considered any other profession."

Suzuki must have a considerable amount of money because in addition to sporting an expensive Rolex Submariner watch, he drives a luxury car with his dream Bentley W12 engine (apparently that is rather unusual), a vehicle that is also fitted with "serious electronic 'gizmos' and state of the art extra features". Both the watch and the car are but two indications that Suzuki knows how to appreciate the finer things and apparently has the financial means to do so.

When he isn't out stopping would-be world conquerors.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 A Strange Way To Die A Strange Way To Die
Written by R. Pearl, G. Bamford
Copyright: 2015

A very powerful and quite mad person has the ability to create tsunamis and is planning on using it to kill millions unless Hiroshi Suzuki, aka H, can stop him.
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2 Dying For Power Dying For Power
Written by R. Pearl, G. Bamford
Copyright: 2018

The destruction of a Japanese bullet train and the horrendous loss of life with it is the opening act of a plan to cause a war between Japan and China. H, aka Hiroshi Suzuki, is the agent of Japanese Secret Service tasked with finding who is behind it.
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There have not been a lot of Japanese secret agents playing major roles in series that I have come across and to have one be the protagonist is extremely rare.

Which is one reason why having one as well written as this series is a pleasure. Hiroshi Suzuki is an interesting character to follow and his boss as well. And that really cool car of his.

I do not know why we only have two adventures for this fellow so far and it might be that there will never by any more. That would be a shame because following 'H' is a whole lot of fun (but at a distance because it is not safe to stand too close to him).


My Grade: B+


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