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Full Name: Wednesday Mallory
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Industrial Spy

Creator: Ruud Morgan
Time Span: 1969 - 1969


Wednesday Mallory is an industrial counter-spy.

Hold off on that last word - spy. She does not care for it. She deals in "industrial intelligence" also known as "counter-espionage". You can call it "troubleshooting" if you prefer. Just do not use the "spy" word - "that sounds so sinister".

Mallory is a young woman with gorgeous blonde hair, a beautiful face, and a body to die for, which is something more than one person has learned the hard way. I do not know exactly how she got into the business she is in but she absolutely loves it and would not think of giving it up.

This is shown by the fact that she only takes a short break from the perils of her first recorded adventure before heading to her second and while she knows she is going to miss the man she met on that first assignment, she is excited about the possibilities of the next one.

Regardless of her dislike of the word, the blurb on her second adventure says "spying is her game, sex is her thing". This is important to know because the blurb for the first one tells us that "Wednesday is a degreed engineer, an accomplished administrative secretary, and a sex-pot summa cum laude". Apparently she is very good at her job as the latter blurb goes on to say "what man can hide his company's secrets from a girl who is willing to trade the secrets and pleasures of her magnificent ...", well, you get the idea.

We have no indication whether Mallory works for an organization or is self-employed. Since I found no mention of a boss or supervisor or handler, I would lean towards the latter, especially since her client in the first mission we have of hers is the one who recommends her to the client in the second and at the end of that case, she is being referred to someone else across country. Word-of-mouth advertising, apparently.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1969
Last Appearance:1969

1 Wednesday Mallory's Golden Box Wednesday Mallory's Golden Box
Written by Ruud Morgan
Copyright: 1969

Wednesday Mallory is willing to give her all on this new career she has chosen - finding out who is stealing secrets from her client and bringing him to justice.
[Note: I do not have the book itself so no better synopsis is available.]

2 Wednesday Mallory's Mouse Trap Wednesday Mallory's Mouse Trap
Written by Theodore Dana
Copyright: 1969

New Coast Electronics has a computer datalink system that is being used by NASA but someone is sabotaging production. Suspecting an inside job, the CEO hires Wednesday Mallory to track down who is doing it. She is determined to give her all, several times over, to catch the person.


I had the information on this series for nearly a year before I decided I wasn't going to wait any longer to post it. I delayed because, well, that meant I had to read it first and a whole lot of my grimaced at the idea.

This two-book series is part of the publisher's Series 70 line of hard-core action porn. There is nothing left to the imagination in this series and what is told is "quick and dirty" and "down and dirty".

Mind you, there is an attempt to actually have a plot with characters and dialogue and all that normal stuff but neither of the two listed authors (who might be the same guy for all I know) let any of that stuff go on too long before Wednesday Mallory finds another reason to shed her apparel and have some fun.

I would recommend this series to no one. Not even me.


My Grade: D+


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