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Full Name: Anne Damiano
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Other - Bioterrorism Expert

Creator: Gloria Casale
Time Span: 2016 - 2020


Anne Damiano is an expert of bioterrorism.

As she tells us, and a group she was giving a speech to at the beginning of the first recorded adventure, she has "been active in bioterrorism preparation for the past fourteen years. Currently [she is] a member of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee as well as a member of the Secretary of Health's Vaccine Advisory Committee".

Prior to these impressive positions, Damiano paid her dues in other arenas, including for considerable time working with the CIA, providing her expertise in the field of global threat assessment while increasing her own knowledge about the terrible potentials of using biological weapons for mass killings.

Damiano, when we first meet her, is already a mature woman, likely in her late 50's or more. This comes from the description of her having "a few distinguished silver strands in her curly dark hair" as well as her statement that "thanks to the Company, [she'd had] forty years to learn about disguise and covert operations".

We do learn that growing up she had wanted to take care of sick people so she attended Rutgers College of Nursing and worked as a nurse for 17 years. She then accepted the challenge of a doctor to head to medical school where she got her license and then went on to get a degree in Psychiatry, leading to her residency in that field. From there it would be working with the CIA for a time, leading to her current expertise in bioweaponry and terrorism.

Damiano is well known enough in her field to have her opinion valued at some very high levels. The American President knows her well enough to address her in a warm manner by her first name and she is comfortable with him as well. Hers is not the only opinion, though, so she has to work hard to prove her point and sometimes that means putting her life on the line out in the field.

Costarring in these adventures and playing a major role in both is Connor Quinlan, an old friend from childhood who became even closer over time. Quinlan was the reason Damiano was invited to work for a time with the Agency and horrific problems arise years later, it is the two of them that will reunite to combat it. In the first adventure, we learn that Quinlan, who calls himself a "poor country lawyer" has risen past his attorney days and his years in the CIA to become what Damiano calls the National Security Advisor.

In an amusing anecdote, we learn that Quinlan's pet name for Damiano is 'Wiggles', a reference to the time when she was 17 and on a dare tried to disguise herself so that Quinlan would not recognize her at a party. While her wig and cosmetics did the job well enough, her manner of walk gave her away.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2020

1 Bioterror: The Essential Threat Bioterror: The Essential Threat
Written by Gloria Casale
Copyright: 2016

A famous Russian genetics engineer, Dr. Yuri Bushinikov, has disappeared along with two vials of smallpox from the facility at which he worked. He sells the vials to the director of a Syrian science institute who plans to use them to bring down the Great Satan. To stop them, the CIA Director picks Anne Damiano to work with old love, agent Connor Quinlan.
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2 Shadow Road Shadow Road
Written by Gloria Casale
Copyright: 2020

In this prequel taking place many years before the earlier adventure, Dr. Anne Damiano is a relatively new psychiatrist who is handed a patient suffering from mental anguish after a vicious rape. The young woman is the daughter of a right Panamanian plantation owner who demands his daughter's return. That is when old friend, Connor, appears and asks for her help on a mission to Panama, one that will pit her against Noriega's strong arm police.
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Most of us know right off if we are going to like someone we just meet. Yeah, there are exceptions but usually first impressions are lasting. In the case of Anne Damiano, that initial impression was that she was the kind of person I would enjoy having a friend, assuming she did not drag me into trouble she gets involved in. She is way sharp, kinda funny, and interesting. Plus she is a lot closer to my age than most of the characters in this compendium.

When you throw in her friend and fellow agent, Quinlan, you have a good team that is a lot of fun to read about.

I have no idea if the author will give us more about her but it would be nice.


My Grade: B+


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