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Full Name: Acer Sansom
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Other - Soldier

Creator: Oliver Tidy
Time Span: 2013 - 2016


Acer Sansom is a British soldier and part-time agent of British Intelligence.

When we first meet him, it is in a hospital in England where the answer to the question whether Sansom was dead was, "Yes ... and no ... and then again, probably". In explanation for this ambiguity, the police detective tells a visiting military officer that the "Public Records Office says he is [dead]" but the still barely-breathing form in the bed clearly indicated he was still among the living, though the attending doctor did not hold much hope for he staying that way.

At the time that Sansom was declared dead six months before his reappearance. The cause of that declaration was the belief that he had died along with his wife and baby daughter, as well as the other passengers and crew of The Rendezvous when that cruise liner disappeared without trace in the Pacific. He had, however, survived but was marooned on an island for a year. Returning to England, Sansom's only desire was to learn who had been behind the massacre on that vessel. That investigation was what led to his being on the hospital bed ready to die a second time, this one being for real. Of course the doctors had no way of estimating the determination for revenge and justice that filled Sansom.

Sansom is described as being "exceptionally tanned, which was accentuated by his shoulder-length, sun-bleached-blond hair. His face and torso showed him to be lean, bordering on gaunt, although his arms and chest indicated strength. A good-sized tattoo covered much of his right bicep. He looked as though he would be very fit..."

As mentioned above, Sansom is a soldier and he was happy being one. His secondary role with British Intelligence comes from his search for justice for his family and having to go up against some very powerful people, some of whom were also being watched by the government.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2016

1 Dirty Business Dirty Business
Written by Oliver Tidy
Copyright: 2013

When Acer Sansom returns from the 'dead', it is to appear in home of a man himself just killed. The deceased is still warm, so recent is the assault. Sansom himself has a shot in the stomach. Still to be understood is why he was shot, why the dead man was dead, and where has Sansom been since being reported killed a year before.
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2 Loose Ends Loose Ends
Written by Oliver Tidy
Copyright: 2013

Acer Sansom has managed to finally get a bit of revenge but now he is looking for justice. He has returned to Britain from Turkey after receiving assurances of safety. Too bad those behind his troubles do not subscribe to those feelings and are determined to see him finally dead.
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3 Smoke and Mirrors Smoke and Mirrors
Written by Oliver Tidy
Copyright: 2014

With considerable reluctance, Acer Sansom agrees to undertake a mission for Crouch of British Intelligence. This assignment will take him into Iran looking to see if several British scientists reported dead are in fact still alive and working there, likely under duress, in that country's nuclear facilities.
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4 Deep State Deep State
Written by Oliver Tidy
Copyright: 2016

Acer Sansom had been made to believe his daughter was long dead. Now he learns that she is still alive but to get her back from the Turkish crime boss who is providing her protection, he has to do a job for the man.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Better Part Of Valour The Better Part Of Valour
short story
Written by Oliver Tidy
Copyright: 2016

The 2nd of 3 stories contained in this volume.
Taking place after the events in the 4th adventure, Acer Sansom is living with his daughter in the home of his lover Elif on an island near Istanbul. While he has the makings of a stable life, a chance to settle an old score comes around and he cannot let it pass.
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I would like to believe I would have the gumption and fortitude to fight as hard for my two daughters as Sansom does for his one. For me, the will might be there but the body not so much while in the case of Sansom, both are ready and able.

But before he learns to has to fight so hard to save her, he first is out to get some very deserved vengeance and boy does that drive come through in the pages of these books. 

I would not want to be on the receiving end of that anger. That is how well the author conveyed that emotion.


My Grade: B+


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