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Full Name: Harry Flynn
Nationality: British
Organization: Department 7
Occupation Agent

Creator: Frank Marker
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Harry Flynn is an agent of Department Seven.

The activities of Flynn and this branch of British Intelligence take place during the Second World War.

According to a very informative blurb with the first recorded adventure:

"Department Seven had been raised the previous year after the British Prime Minister - Winston Churchill - ordered the establishment of an ultra secret branch of the existing intelligence apparatus to take the fight to the enemy with such ferocity it would shake them to their very core.

"Department Seven's brief was simple - to assemble a team of men who were capable of carrying out extreme acts of violence under the most challenging of circumstances. In Churchill's own words 'Dangerous operations are best undertaken by dangerous men so I want cut-throats and brigands of the most bloodthirsty kind who will strike at the black heart of the beast, butchering the Nazis and their allies wherever they rear their ugly heads with no thought for compassion or quarter.'

"Operating far beyond the normal remit of secret operations, Department Seven soon established its reputation as an instrument of death - with assassination and sabotage as its watchwords - to be called upon when only the most extreme of measures were required."

Department Seven considered Harry Flynn to be their very best agent. That same blurb let us know a good deal about Flynn:

"Harry Flynn is an ex Foreign Legionnaire, British Army Commando, safe cracker, cat burglar, renowned knife and fist fighter, one time French organised crime syndicate member, adventurer, serial womaniser and all round scoundrel. Ruthless and determined in equal measure this most unlikely of recruits to the clandestine war against the Nazis soon proved himself to be the most lethal weapon in the armoury of the wartime British secret services.

"Flynn's hard won reputation means that he is always given the toughest assignments..."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

[Note 1: Goodreads mentions a third book, Clear For Action, but the author informs me is was never published; he may at some time release it as a novella.

[Note 2: The author contacted me in November, 2023, to let me know he has re-released the first two books under his real name of Frank Marker instead of the pseudonym of Adam Chance. This new release includes a major re-write of the first book. I have updated the entry here.]

1 An Ungentlemanly Act An Ungentlemanly Act
Written by Frank Marker
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1942. The British had a pipeline going in Spain helping downed pilots out of France and Germany and back to England. The Germans then started attacking that system. The only way to stop the interdiction was to call upon Department Seven, who chose Harry Flynn to handle matters.
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2 Execution of Duty Execution of Duty
Written by Frank Marker
Copyright: 2017

It has been just a couple of weeks since Harry Flynn has returned from his mission in Spain. Even though he is still suffering from the torture he endured, he is picked to head to New York to help find who has been betraying the times and paths of convoys to England, allowing the German Uboats from causing havoc to resupplies.
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No matter how you end the phrase "no rest for the ...", be it wicked or weary, it seems to be especially aimed at poor Harry Flynn.

Not that he is particularly wicked, though he is very much lethal when he has to be. The weary part, though, is decidedly applicable. In a horrid war where everyone is asked to do more than their share, he is asked for even more.

I'm pretty sure his reaction would not be a good one to what seems to be a repeated "look, I know you're tired but ..." statement from his boss whenever he walks in the office after another lousy mission.

As a reader, though, can't say I'm that awfully upset!


My Grade: B+


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