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Full Name: Nikita Mears
Nationality: American
Organization: Division
Occupation Agent

Creator: Craig Silverstein, Joel Surnow, Luc Besson
Time Span: 1992 - 2013


Nikita Mears is an agent with Division.

Is. Was. Is again.

As she tells us briefly, "My name is Nikita. Six years ago I was taken out of prison by a covert unit of the government and forced to be an assassin. They told me I'd be serving my country; probably telling some other girl the same thing right now. Three years ago I escaped and have been hunted ever since. I'm the first recruit to get out. I'm going to make certain I'm not the last."

'Division' is the name of that governmental unit, an ultra-secret black-ops organization itself controlled by another hush-hush committee known as Oversight. The purpose of Division was to carry out highly classified wet-works projects that could never stand the light of day but which a majority vote by Oversight would green-light.

Since the nature of all the missions undertaken were so secret, it made since to Oversight and Division's founder and still director, Percy Rose, that the assassination jobs should be carried out by people who were not only good enough to carry out the mission but who also were extremely expedible so that if something went wrong, no one would miss the operative involved. That meant they needed people with an aptitude for or inclination to killing; people that were non-existent.

They found the 'recruits' in prisons where Division would fake the candidate's death and then offer that newly deceased person a choice. If the answer was no, well, the person was officially dead already so the solution was easy. If the answer was yes, as it was with Nikita, training would commence.

Nikita (her last name is never used) is 27 when we first meet her. As a child she had been an orphan who lived in one foster home or another. The last one she was in was particularly bad because the man who ran it, who liked to be called 'daddy', had an affinity to young girls. We know this because shortly after first meeting Nikita, we watch her return to that home to tell 'daddy' a story.

"I'm going to tell you what happend to me after I ran away. It starts off like you'd expect and then it gets a little weird. After I ran away I got in with a pretty bad crowd. Did a lot of drugs. Anything that let me forget about you.... They told me I killed a cop. I don't remember. I've tried to. I'd just turned eighteen so they were able to charge me with murder one. I was sentenced to die by lethal injection. ... My execution was faked by a secret unit of the government, called Division. They told me they were giving me a second chance. They told me I'd be serving my country. They didn't tell me that they were training me to be an assassin."

After a full year of intense training, as she put it, a military charm school; everything to make her the best killer she could be.

Then she broke one of their rules. She fell in love with a civilian named Daniel. After three months together, Division killed him, making it look like an accident. Sometime soon thereafter, she learned the truth. Also knowing the truth about Division, she decided to get out. Her departure, totally against the rules, made her one of their biggest targets.

The problem was Division's leader, Percy, had discovered a huge untapped source of added income; using the trained assassins under his command for more than just the missions that Oversight allowed.

Since Nikita has discovered that and then rebelled, she was a danger to Percy and thus to Division. But after being in hiding for the past three years, Nikita is back and taking aim at Division so while they hunt her, she hunts them. And this time she has an ally.


Number of Movies:2
First Appearance:1992
Last Appearance:1993

In 1991, a terrific almost noir film came out of France introducing us to the character of Nikita. It has since rightly acquired a cult following and deserves to be enjoyed several times in ones life.

Two years later, an American version was released. It got a bad rap, IMHO, because since I had not yet seen the original, I thoroughly enjoyed this rendition.

The first would be the inspiration for the two television series, one of which is described here.

1 La Femme Nikita La Femme Nikita
aka Nikita
Director: Luc Besson
Writer: Luc Besson
Actors: Anne Parillaud as Nikita, Marc Duret as Rico
Released: 1992

"Convicted felon Nikita, instead of going to jail, is given a new identity and trained, stylishly, as a top secret spy/assassin."

2 Point of No Return Point of No Return
Director: John Badham
Writers: Robert Getchelle, Alexandra Seros
Actors: Bridget Fonda as Maggie Hayward, Gabriel Byrne as Bob, Dermot Mulroney as J.P., Miguel Ferrer as Kaufman
Released: 1993

"A government fakes the death of a criminal to turn this young woman into a killer on its service."


Number of Episodes:73
First Appearance:2010
Last Appearance:2013

Maggie QNikita [ 1-4 ]
Shane WestMichael Bishop [ 1-4 ]
Lyndsy FonsecaAlex Udinov [ 1-4 ]
Aaron StanfordSeymour Birkhoff [ 1-4 ]
Xander BerkeleyPercy Rose [ 1-2 ]

The success of the French movie La Femme Nikita, created by Luc Besson, as well as the American remake Point of No Return starring Bridget Fonda two years later, prompted producer Joel Surnow to bring it to the small screen for the American audience. That series, which lasted 5 seasons, was named just like the original movie.

About a decade after the show went off the air, the relatively new television network, the CW, was on the lookout for a new series that would feature a dynamic female lead character. Executive Producer Craig Silverstein opted to revise the still fondly remembered show, make it a bit closer to the original as far as the character was concerned, and thus we have the second iteration.

Note: the plot synopses shown below in quotes come from the excellent IMDB.

1 Pilot
Episode 1-01, first aired 09/09/2010
Director: Danny Cannon
Writer: Craig Silverstein

When she was a deeply troubled teenager, Nikita was rescued from death row by a secret U.S. agency known only as Division, who trained her as a spy and assassin. Nikita was eventually betrayed by the only people she thought she could trust. Now, after three years in hiding, Nikita is seeking retribution and making it clear to her former boss, Percy and her former friends Michael and Birkhoff that she will stop at nothing to expose and destroy their covert operation. Division continues to recruit and train other young people, among them Jaden and Thom, erasing all ...

2 2.0
Episode 1-02, first aired 09/16/2010
Director: Danny Cannon
Writers: David Levinson, Craig Silverstein

Percy and Michael take their latest assignment, a Slavic leader wanted for war crimes, into protective custody. Nikita learns of their hideout and attempts to thwart their plan, but a mysterious group of mercenaries in search of nuclear material beats her to the task. Alex is activated earlier than expected for a special assignment that throws her into the crossfire of bullets. A flashback reveals a pivotal moment in Nikita's life.

3 Kill Jill
Episode 1-03, first aired 09/23/2010
Director: David Solomon
Writer: Amanda Segel

Nikita rescues Jill, a journalist who is trying to expose a conspiracy involving Division and a major plane crash. Michael and Percy suspect Birkhoff of being Nikita's inside mole and send Amanda in to interrogate him. Michael enlists the help of the recruits, Alex, Jaden and Thom, to help them locate their latest target.

4 Rough Trade
Episode 1-04, first aired 09/30/2010
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Carlos Coto

Nikita delves into her past when she posed as a nanny for an influential government official and 12ides to right the wrong of his death. During the mission, Michael comes to Nikita's rescue and begins to doubt Percy's motives. Back at Division, while undergoing basic training, Alex suffers from a panic attack which prompts Amanda to break her of claustrophobia.

5 The Guardian
Episode 1-05, first aired 10/07/2010
Director: David Solomon
Writer: Albert Kim

Division's secrets are at risk of being revealed when an operative becomes a fugitive.

6 Resistance
Episode 1-06, first aired 10/21/2010
Director: Guy Ferland
Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Nikita convinces Owen to trust her leading him to tell her how her fiancé died. The recruits transport vehicle is attacked and Alex and Thom are kidnapped (a division test). They are tortured and pushed to their limits until Alex breaks free and turns to Nikita for help.

7 The Recruit
Episode 1-07, first aired 10/28/2010
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Amanda Segel

Alex alerts Nikita that a fellow recruit has been activated for a suicide mission.

8 Phoenix
Episode 1-08, first aired 11/04/2010
Director: David M. Barrett
Writer: Jim Barnes

Division sends Thom to eliminate Anna, a woman who was having a secret affair with a U.S. Senator. Division agrees to cover up any trace of the affair as long as the Senator agrees to help pass a bill that will continue to fund the agency. Nikita, with Alex's help, attempts to reach out to Anna's parents, but the conversation doesn't go as she expected.

9 One Way
Episode 1-09, first aired 11/11/2010
Director: Ken Fink
Writer: Albert Kim

Nikita and Michael temporarily team-up to kill a terrorist who murdered Michael's family many years ago. When Percy learns this information, he sends Division agents to kill Nikita, who ultimately compromises the mission, leading to Michael's capture by the terrorist group. Alex is caught going through medical files inside Division so she creates a lie that involves Jaden and almost blows her cover.

10 Dark Matter
Episode 1-10, first aired 12/02/2010
Director: Danny Cannon
Writer: Carlos Coto

Owen leaks secret information from Division's black boxes to the media, revealing that the U.S. Government was responsible for an assassination in Chile. As a result, Percy frames a C.I.A. agent, Ryan for the crime. Nikita and Owen go to Chile to rescue Ryan from mercenaries and in doing so end up getting captured. Nikita reveals the secrets of Division to Ryan in an effort to save all of their lives. Back inside Division, Alex spies on Percy and Birkhoff and witnesses a side to Percy she has never seen before.

11 All the Way
Episode 1-11, first aired 12/09/2010
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Writer: Craig Silverstein

Alex informs Nikita that Division is sending her on her first mission to kill the leader of a crime syndicate. Alex is uneasy about taking someone's life but is reassured by Nikita who insists on helping her with the kill order. Birkhoff informs Percy and Michael when he discovers the shell program that a Division mole has been using to connect to Nikita in the outside world. When the mission doesn't go as planned, Nikita makes a quick 12ision in an effort to clear Alex's name. Inside Division, Jayden attempts to reveal Alex as the mole but Thom steps in and a ...

12 Free
Episode 1-12, first aired 01/27/2011
Director: Jonathan Glassner
Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Now an agent, Alex gets a new apartment and is given a cover job. She meets her new neighbor Nathan who invites her to a party at his house. Nikita warns Alex about getting too involved with people but Alex struggles between her duties at Division and living a normal life. Nikita realizes Division has implanted a kill chip in Alex's head and sets out to gain control of the chip. While interrogating Birkhoff, Nikita stuns Ryan by revealing a secret.

13 Coup de Grace
Episode 1-13, first aired 02/03/2011
Director: Nathan Hope
Writer: Albert Kim

Alex's first assignment is a group mission to kill the Prince of Georgia at a museum gala. After Alex tells Nikita about the order, the two devise a plan to foil the assassination. However, Nikita trusts the wrong person and their plans are foiled, resulting in a stand-off and alerting Division that Nikita is in the building. Percy sends Michael in to kill Nikita.

14 The Next Seduction
Episode 1-14, first aired 02/10/2011
Director: David Solomon
Writer: Carlos Coto

Ryan intercepts a message about a dangerous cutting edge weapon coming into the U.S. so he asks Nikita to help him stop the delivery. Nikita discovers the man bringing the weapon into the country is Voss, a man she was forced to have a relationship with while undercover at Division. She reluctantly resumes her alter ego to retrieve the missile. Meanwhile, Michael interferes in Alex's new life with Nathan

15 Alexandra
Episode 1-15, first aired 02/17/2011
Director: Ken Fink
Writer: Andrew Colville

While out on a mission for Division, Alex runs into Irina, a woman from her past. Alex tries to help Irina break free from her captor, but her old friend double crosses her and turns Alex over to Vlad, a Russian mobster, with a debt to settle. Nikita realizes Alex is in trouble and sets out to save her but runs into Michael who is searching for his missing agent. Realizing she can't compromise Alex's secret, Nikita must find a way to work with Michael to save Alex without getting her friend killed by Division.

16 Echoes
Episode 1-16, first aired 02/24/2011
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Kristen Reidel

In order to speed up her healing, Amanda sedates Alex after her last mission then takes advantage of Alex's drugged condition to question her about the secrets Amanda believes Alex is keeping. Nikita realizes Alex is in danger and tries to secure her another identity to smuggle her out of the country. However, Nikita's contact double-crosses her and she comes face to face with a surprising opponent. Meanwhile, Michael becomes suspicious of Alex and asks Birkhoff to investigate her.

17 Covenant
Episode 1-17, first aired 04/07/2011
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Jim Barnes

Michael confronts Nikita in her lair and reveals that he knows Alex is the mole. He tells Nikita that she has 24 hours to find Kasim, the man who killed Michael's family, or he will tell Percy about Alex.

18 Into the Dark
Episode 1-18, first aired 04/14/2011
Director: Jeffrey Hunt
Writer: Albert Kim

Owen returns with information on one of Percy's black boxes. Nikita returns to London with him to retrieve it but notices that Owen is acting strangely. Owen tells Nikita that he wants to release the contents of the black box and when Nikita disagrees, he turns on her. Meanwhile, Percy finds out Nikita is in London and dispenses Michael to kill her. Also, Amanda overhears Jaden arguing with Alex about the escape tunnels so she hooks Alex up to a lie detector to get the truth out of her once and for all.

19 Girl's Best Friend
Episode 1-19, first aired 04/21/2011
Director: Robert Lieberman
Writer: Carlos Coto

Nikita believes it's getting too dangerous for Alex at Division and 12ides its time Alex disappeared. Alex agrees but before the plan can be put in motion, she and Jaden are assigned to an overseas mission to stop the son of a foreign president from selling a newly developed nerve toxin. Things go awry and Alex must 12ide between saving the mission or saving herself.

20 Glass Houses
Episode 1-20, first aired 04/28/2011
Director: Ralph Hemecker
Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Frustrated that Nikita continues to intercept his black boxes, Percy sends Michael to check on one of the boxes and the guardian attached to it. Nikita makes it to the small Pennsylvania town first and is shocked to find that the guardian is a normal woman named Dana who has abandoned her post and is attempting to live a normal life with her husband and child. Tensions mount when Michael is forced to report Dana's actions and Division swarms in to clean up any evidence of her existence. Meanwhile, Alex and Jaden get into an argument and Nathan gets caught in the ...

21 Betrayals
Episode 1-21, first aired 05/05/2011
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Andrew Colville

After Michael learns that Percy has ordered Divison to kill anyone who could 12rypt the black boxes, he sends Nikita in to save the last person on the list, a CIA cryptographer named Malcolm. Nikita kidnaps Malcolm and takes him to Ryan for protection. Meanwhile, Percy turns on Alex.

22 Pandora
Episode 1-22, first aired 05/12/2011
Director: Ken Fink
Writer: Craig Silverstein

Percy makes a move to take over the CIA, Alex goes rogue, and Michael gets trapped inside Division making him unable to help Nikita, who may have to pay with her life for helping Alex.

23 Game Change
Episode 2-01, first aired 09/23/2011
Director: Danny Cannon
Writer: Craig Silverstein

Nikita and Michael plot to take down Division and Oversight and are prepared to use the contents of the black box to do so. Amanda is now running Division but Oversight has assigned one of their own, a new agent named Sean, to keep an eye on her. Amanda's first mission is to get back the black box from Nikita, and she enlists Alex's help to do so. Alex refuses until Amanda tells her she will help her find the man who killed Alex's father. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael find help from an unlikely ally.

24 Falling Ash
Episode 2-02, first aired 09/30/2011
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

While investigating an old corrupt Division program, P9, that seems to have resurfaced, Nikita and Michael run into Owen. He tells them he is searching for Dr. Joseph Mars, who is not only the mastermind behind P9, but also invented the Regimen and could help Owen wean himself off the dangerous drug. Michael is hesitant to trust Owen again but Nikita 12ides the three should join forces.

25 Knightfall
Episode 2-03, first aired 10/07/2011
Director: Ken Fink
Writer: Carlos Coto

Birkoff tells Nikita and Michael that a black box file reveals that an international terrorist named Ramon, who has been taking credit for some serious political assassinations, now works for Division. This news upsets Nikita since she was the agent that captured Ramon years ago and turned him over to Percy. Amanda convinces Alex to kill Anton Kochenko, a man who used to work for Alex's father, and plans to let Ramon take the credit for the murder. However, when Nikita disrupts Amanda's plan, Amanda fights back by taking what Nikita loves most.

26 Partners
Episode 2-04, first aired 10/14/2011
Director: Dermott Downs
Writer: Kristen Reidel

Nikita is stunned when she hears that her old Division partner Kelly escaped from a Turkish prison. Nikita thought Kelly died years ago and always felt responsible because it happened on the mission where Nikita escaped from Division. Knowing Amanda will go after Kelly, Nikita tells Michael they have to go to Turkey to help her. Amanda sends Alex and Roan to Europe to stop the former partners from reuniting.

27 Looking Glass
Episode 2-05, first aired 10/21/2011
Director: Ken Girotti
Writer: Albert Kim

Michael discovers Cassandra, a woman he once romanced under Division orders, is in danger. Feeling guilty for how things ended, he wants to help her but Nikita suspects there is more to it than easing his conscience. Amanda manipulates Alex into helping her on a mission but Sean gets caught in Amanda's web of lies and begins to doubt Division's true motives.

28 343 Walnut Lane
Episode 2-06, first aired 10/28/2011
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Andrew Colville

While searching for information on the black box, Birkoff stumbles upon Nikita's birth certificate. Nikita and Michael track down Nikita's father Richard but the reunion is not quite what Nikita expected. Percy tells Alex that the black box that Nikita has contains information that could help her avenge her father's death.

29 Clawback
Episode 2-07, first aired 11/04/2011
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Michael Brandon Guercio

While in prison, Ryan discovers patterns that reveal how Oversight gets its funding. Ryan arranges a meeting with Nikita to fill her in, but Amanda intercepts their coded messages to each other and alerts Oversight, who sends in one of their own to interrogate Ryan. Nikita and Michael scramble to break Ryan out of prison before Oversight gets to him. Meanwhile, Alex is being tailed by Gogol, and comes face to face with someone from her past.

30 London Calling
Episode 2-08, first aired 11/11/2011
Director: Jeffrey Hunt
Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Michael becomes alarmed when he hears Cassandra is in trouble and rushes off to help her. He discovers General Tupelov has accused her of stealing two million dollars and has threatened to kill her unless she returns it. However, when Cassandra's story doesn't add up, Nikita becomes suspicious of what she might be hiding. Meanwhile, Alex receives a very tempting offer from Percy that could give her the resources to eliminate Semak.

31 Fair Trade
Episode 2-09, first aired 11/18/2011
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Carlos Coto

Nikita steals funds from Oversight, forcing them to host an emergency meeting. Nikita and Birkoff figure out how to spy on the meeting so Nikita can identify the other members of Oversight, but things go awry and Sean captures Birkoff. Amanda demands to know where Nikita is hiding but Birkoff refuses to give up his friend so she tortures him. Meanwhile, Alex sets her plan in motion to reclaim her father's empire. With a price on her head, Alex realizes the easiest way to get into Russia undetected is the same way she was smuggled out - through the illegal sex ring.

32 Guardians
Episode 2-10, first aired 12/02/2011
Director: Dwight Little
Writer: Albert Kim

With Michael out of town, Nikita turns to Owen to help her track down and steal another black box from a Guardian. Unfortunately, she discovers that Owen is working for an unlikely employer that could jeopardize Nikita's whole operation. Amanda realizes Alex received privileged information about Semak and that information could only have come from Percy. Furious that Percy undermined her, Amanda strips him of all his amenities. Back home in Russia, Alex finally makes her move on Semak.

33 Pale Fire
Episode 2-11, first aired 01/06/2012
Director: Deran Sarafian
Writer: Kristen Reidel

Alex's mission to take down Gogol comes to a head as she infiltrates her childhood home and faces ghosts from her past. On a completely separate mission, Nikita also ends up at the mansion to steal Semak's black box. Nikita and Alex run into each other and 12ide to join forces, but they run into a major roadblock. Meanwhile, Michael and Owen work together to figure out Percy's secret plan with the Guardians.

34 Sanctuary
Episode 2-12, first aired 01/13/2012
Director: Steven A. Adelson
Writer: Andrew Colville

Sean attacks Nikita and Michael in an effort to protect his mother. Meanwhile, Percy gets the upper hand on Amanda and threatens to level Division unless she releases him.

35 Clean Sweep
Episode 2-13, first aired 02/03/2012
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Amanda and Percy reach an agreement in which she would release him in exchange for the Clean Sweep trigger. While Nikita, Michael and Sean head to the Gates House to save the members of Oversight that are hostages of Percy's Guardians Alex heads to Division to stop Clean Sweep from being activated. But not everything goes as expected.

36 Rogue
Episode 2-14, first aired 02/10/2012
Director: Marc David Alpert
Writer: Carlos Coto

Percy continues his plan to take back Division by threatening to kill Nikita's mentor Carla, the woman who took Nikita off the streets when she was a junkie. Determined to get to Carla before Percy, Nikita uses Madeline to send her a message. Percy intercepts the message and it's a race to see who can get to Carla first. Meanwhile, Amanda tells Alex it's time for her to take back Zetrov and reveal to the world that Alexandra Udi11 is alive.

37 Origins
Episode 2-15, first aired 02/17/2012
Director: Michael Robison
Writer: Albert Kim

Nikita and Michael try to help Carla remember her past, which holds the key to taking down Division. Carla recounts the night Nikita was arrested and Nikita is stunned at what she learns. Meanwhile, Alex shows up at a Zetrov press conference where Semak is speaking and announces that she's Alexandra Udi11. Alex demands a trade - her mother for the empire.

38 Doublecross
Episode 2-16, first aired 03/16/2012
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Kristen Reidel

Division is in an uproar when their agents are being assassinated one by one. Amanda realizes Percy is behind the murders and is trying to undermine her authority with the other Division agents. She reluctantly calls Nikita with an offer that is hard to resist - stop Percy and she'll give Nikita Ryan.

39 Arising
Episode 2-17, first aired 03/23/2012
Director: Karen Gaviola
Writer: Andrew Colville

Michael is furious when he discovers a secret that Cassandra kept from him, so he and Nikita fly to Moscow to confront her. Meanwhile, Alex makes a last ditch effort to find her mother by sending out a coded message through a televised interview.

40 Power
Episode 2-18, first aired 03/30/2012
Director: Chris Peppe
Writer: Carlos Coto

Amanda and Ari set up a board meeting with Zetrov and prepare to take over the company. After a heated face-to-face confrontation between Nikita and Amanda, Nikita recalls what Amanda was like when she was first brought to Division. Meanwhile, Alex surprises Ari by showing up at the board meeting with an old and powerful friend.

41 Wrath
Episode 2-19, first aired 04/20/2012
Director: Jeffrey Hunt
Writer: Albert Kim

Percy breaks a man out of prison because he wants something from him. The man won't give it to him unless Percy gives him the one who placed him in prison, Nikita. So the man, on advice from Percy, tries to lure her out by killing Senator Pierce. So they all stake out the funeral but he manages to get Nikita. So he subjects her to torture but she doesn't break. When Percy asks for what he wants, the man refuses to give it cause she's not breaking. Percy then makes Michael turn himself to the man, he then tortures Michael in front of her.

42 Shadow Walker
Episode 2-20, first aired 04/27/2012
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Kristen Reidel

After losing his life savings to Percy via a plan gone wrong, Birkhoff hacks into an old network which trips a trap set by the FBI.

43 Dead Drop
Episode 2-21, first aired 05/04/2012
Director: Michael Robison
Writer: Kalinda Vazquez

Nikita opposes Ryan's plan to go to the CIA and is surprised when Michael takes Ryan's side. Sean is shot by Percy's men, shaking Alex to the core.

44 Crossbow
Episode 2-22, first aired 05/11/2012
Director: Danny Cannon
Writer: Andrew Colville

Nikita realizes the best way to stop Percy is to go into the belly of the beast - Division itself.

45 Homecoming
Episode 2-23, first aired 05/18/2012
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Carlos Coto

In the explosive season finale, Nikita and Michael invade Division in an attempt to capture Percy, and Alex and Sean get caught in a deadly gunfire battle with the U.S. Marines.

46 3.0
Episode 3-01, first aired 10/19/2012
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Craig Silverstein

Division, now under the leadership of Ryan Fletcher, is tasked by the government to track down 30 rogue agents, nicknamed the "Dirty Thirty", who refused the recall order. One such agent is Martin, who is selling his services to Chinese Intelligence to eliminate undercover CIA operatives. As Michael and Nikita attempt to bring him in, Nikita is faced with saving one of her own or risk an international incident when Michael - who in the middle of trying to propose to Nikita, is arrested for murder.

47 Innocence
Episode 3-02, first aired 10/26/2012
Director: John Badham
Writer: Mary Trahan

Rogue agent Wade, who used to train Division recruits before beating one to death for failing to kill his target, has been revealed to have kidnapped a young girl and trained her as a child-soldier. While he prepares her for battle, Nikita and Alex try to help the girl and reunite her with her family before she kills the Pakistani ambassador.

48 True Believer
Episode 3-03, first aired 11/02/2012
Director: Danny Cannon
Writer: Carlos Coto

Mia, an undercover Division agent investigating the domestic terrorist group, Third Wave, is arrested during an FBI raid. When Nikita and Alex spring her, she turns on them, revealing to having lost faith in Division and having joined Third Wave's cause. But as Division discovers, Third Wave's leader is in league with the head of a security firm, using the group to attack a U.S. Senator to make more money.

49 Consequences
Episode 3-04, first aired 11/09/2012
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Kristen Reidel

A former agent now working for Amanda springs Owen from a Russian prison, who escapes and contacts Nikita for help. After a biohazard is released inside Division, Birkhoff and Sonya suspect a mole working for Amanda on the inside. Sean fears for Alex's safety.

50 The Sword's Edge
Episode 3-05, first aired 11/30/2012
Director: Kenneth Fink
Writer: Albert Kim

Undercover for six years, rogue Division agent Markov has been elected President of Uzbekistan and plans to kill the President of the United States. Ryan informs the team that the President has threatened to dismantle Division if the public finds out about them and their rogue agents, and must figure out how to save the President's life without alerting her of the danger. Meanwhile, Alex uncovers a murder plot against Owen.

51 Sideswipe
Episode 3-06, first aired 12/07/2012
Director: Joshua Butler
Writers: Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett

Nikita and Michael capture Cyrus, an arms dealer, who is purchasing a weapon-jamming device for Ari. Nikita convinces Ryan to let them use Cyrus as bait to capture Amanda but Cyrus manages to escape the trap. However, when Amanda double crosses Cyrus, his only hope for survival is Nikita. Meanwhile, Birkhoff is hot on the trail of Amanda's mole and Alex starts to unravel.

52 Intersection
Episode 3-07, first aired 01/18/2013
Director: Dwight Little
Writer: Michael Brandon Guercio

In order to stop Amanda from killing Sonya, Nikita, Michael and Ryan use Sonya to find Amanda's hiding place and Birkhoff sets a trap for the second mole while he tries to deactivate Sonya's kill chip. Michael confronts Alex about her drug use.

53 Aftermath
Episode 3-08, first aired 01/25/2013
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Carlos Coto

Nikita and Owen face off against a rogue "cleaner" named Liam, while Michael takes a new position at Division. Michael and Nikita's relationship becomes strained as he watches her work with Owen.

54 Survival Instincts
Episode 3-09, first aired 02/01/2013
Director: John Showalter
Writer: Albert Kim

Ryan dispatches the team to rescue a woman kidnapped by a rogue agent. Nikita is confused when Michael sends Owen into the field with her.

55 Brave New World
Episode 3-10, first aired 02/08/2013
Director: Marc David Alpert
Writer: Kristen Reidel

Michael resumes his role inside Division. Michael, Alex and Ryan follow Nikita into Kosovo on a dangerous mission, but the outcome has far-reaching consequences for Division.

56 Black Badge
Episode 3-11, first aired 02/22/2013
Director: David Grossman
Writer: Mary Trahan

After Amanda frames Sean for murder, Nikita comes up with a plan that could either save him or cost him his life.

57 With Fire
Episode 3-12, first aired 03/01/2013
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Carlos Coto

Ari seeks help from Division and Nikita and Michael are stunned when Ryan considers it. Sean is jealous of Alex and Owen's relationship.

58 Reunion
Episode 3-13, first aired 03/08/2013
Director: Jon Cassar
Writers: Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett

When Nikita and Amanda are both captured, the two must work together to escape. Owen is furious with Michael after Michael assigns Alex to be Nikita's backup instead of him.

59 The Life We've Chosen
Episode 3-14, first aired 03/15/2013
Director: Brad Turner
Writer: Albert Kim

Amanda holds Alex hostage and tells Nikita she will release Alex in exchange for Ari. In captivity, Alex befriends a fellow prisoner, Larissa.

60 Inevitability
Episode 3-15, first aired 03/29/2013
Director: Mark C. Baldwin
Writer: Kristen Reidel

Nikita 12ides Division should take on a government mission in Paris. Alex and Birkhoff are shocked when they come across a secret so big it could blow up Division - literally.

61 Tipping Point
Episode 3-16, first aired 04/05/2013
Director: Dwight Little
Writer: Oliver Grigsby

Nikita and Michael learn of a new prosthetic hand that could have Michael back to his old self, but it comes at a steep price. Meanwhile, Alex and Sean are tasked with investigating who inside Division is behind a mutiny that ends in bloodshed.

62 Masks
Episode 3-17, first aired 04/12/2013
Director: Chris Peppe
Writer: Kamran Pasha

Alex confesses to Birkhoff her desire to leave Division. Amanda begins providing Owen with something he was never able to find - memories of his real past.

63 Broken Home
Episode 3-18, first aired 04/19/2013
Director: John Badham
Writers: Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett

Subjected to Amanda's horrific mental conditioning process, Nikita is sent on a terrible trip through memory lane. In the process, she learns Amanda's deepest, most guarded secret.

64 Self-Destruct
Episode 3-19, first aired 04/26/2013
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Kristen Reidel

Dirtied with Division blood and destruction, an emotional Alex reverts to old ways and violently strikes out. Birkhoff struggles with his own personal losses.

65 High-Value Target
Episode 3-20, first aired 05/03/2013
Director: Dan Sackheim
Writer: Michael Brandon Guercio

Nikita, Michael, Alex and arms dealer/reformed rogue agent Cyrus stage a daring operation at the tightly secured G20 economic summit.

66 Invisible Hand
Episode 3-21, first aired 05/10/2013
Director: Dwight Little
Writer: Carlos Coto

Michael questions Nikita's commitment to a life beyond Division's web - and he's not the only one with doubts. Alex considers an intriguing offer from a Nobel Prize winner.

67 Til Death Do Us Part
Episode 3-22, first aired 05/17/2013
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Albert Kim

In the season finale, Amanda puts her final plan in motion and forces Nikita into a life-threatening situation where she has to choose between saving Michael ... or saving herself.

68 Wanted
Episode 4-01, first aired 11/22/2013
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writer: Kristen Reidel

Nikita by the help of other her friends is trying to clear her name and prove her innocence and on the other side Amanda and The shop are after her.

69 Dead or Alive
Episode 4-02, first aired 11/29/2013
Director: John Badham
Writer: Albert Kim

Nikita reunites with Michael, Birkhoff and Ryan aboard the team's aircraft command center. Michael refuses to discuss their relationship but tells Nikita she should stay with the group and let them help her clear her name. Ryan realizes Amanda is making doubles of VIPs with the Shop's help. Nikita discovers that one of the doubles is the director of the FBI, but doesn't know how to kill him without exposing herself. Meanwhile, Alex holds Sam at gunpoint and demands he return what he stole from her, but when a gang of thugs attacks them they are forced to work together...

70 Set-Up
Episode 4-03, first aired 12/06/2013
Director: Marc David Alpert
Writer: Carlos Coto

Tensions continue to escalate between the United States and Pakistan after Amanda plants evidence that Pakistan hired Nikita to kill the President. Ryan becomes suspicious of Birkhoff's increasingly odd behavior and tells Nikita and Michael that he thinks Amanda may have kidnapped Birkhoff and planted a double on the plane. An NSA official, Ronald Peller, gets under Birkhoff's skin. Meanwhile, the CIA captures Alex and questions her about her involvement with Nikita.

71 Pay-Off
Episode 4-04, first aired 12/13/2013
Director: Dwight Little
Writers: Terry Matalas, Travis Fickett

Jones benches Amanda and takes back the reigns of the operation. He calls Nikita and offers her and the entire team complete freedom by wiping away their identities and faking their deaths if they walk away from their mission. The team lands the plane on a secluded Pakistan air strip, but when the local drug czar and his men storm the plane and demand 10 million dollars, Nikita calls Alex for the money. After Alex pulls diamonds out of a safe deposit box to pay the insurgents, Sam sees an opportunity to recoup his losses and contemplates stealing the diamonds. ...

72 Bubble
Episode 4-05, first aired 12/20/2013
Director: Nick Copus
Writer: Oliver Grigsby

Just as Nikita is finally starting to see an end to the long war with the Shop, Ryan confesses a secret that could unravel it all. Meanwhile, Michael tries to get Nikita to accept their new circumstances as he contemplates what comes next for the two of them. Realizing Sam was planning to steal her diamonds, Alex gives him a suitcase of fake diamonds to deliver to her contact in France. Alex is surprised when he upholds his end of the bargain and doesn't take off with the jewels. However, things get messy when Sam is jumped by the loan shark he owes money to and Alex ...

73 Canceled
Episode 4-06, first aired 12/27/2013
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Writers: Albert Kim, Carlos Coto

Frustrated that MDK is still active, Nikita 12ides to end it her way. Leaving Michael and the team behind, Nikita takes Alex on the road to exact revenge. Nikita and Alex capture Jones and force him to reveal the names of the rest of the members of MDK. Armed with the information, Nikita goes down a dark path that may ultimately cost her soul. Michael tracks her down and must get her to surrender before the military opens fire and kills her. However, Nikita isn't one to give up on a fight, leading her to make a shocking 12ision.


From the moment I saw her in Mission Impossible II I was intrigued. It was the next year's Live Free or Die Hard that made me a solid Maggie Q fan. She was so incredibly dangerously appealing as the right-hand woman of the main bad guy, able to kick the beejeebus out of John McClane (up until he dropped a car on her), I wanted to see more. When I heard she was going to star in a remake of La Femme Nikita, I was ready.

I stayed ready, too. All three full seasons and the shortened, wrap-up fourth. [Brief aside: I have followed her ever since, including appropriately for my apparent obsession, Stalker and Designated Survivor, until they (spoiler alert) killed her off, ending my liking of that series.]

As mentioned earlier, this show was a revisit to the earlier incarnations of the character, a bit closer to the movie than the first series. I loved it. I loved the power and danger and determination of Nikita, the chutzpah and drive of Alex, the wonderfully authentic-sounding nerdiness and testiness of Seymour, and the awesomely delicious nastiness of Percy (Xander Berkeley is so good in the role).

I was sorry to see the show end. I liked how it ended, though. And I thank everyone involved for 73 fun hours (less commercials) of viewing pleasure.


My Grade: B+


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