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Full Name: Dick Frame
Nationality: British
Organization: MI5
Occupation Agent

Creator: Anthony Bryan
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


First Look
       Dick Frame is an agent with MI5.
       That is my guess. I know in the second recorded adventure he is identified as being with that organization but whether it is also true in the first, I couldn't tell you. Frame could have, of course, but instead of actually stating his employer's identity, he referred to such matters as "Russian House" and "Crazy House" and "the Firm" and since the action takes place in the early 1970's, I am at a loss.
       Still, MI5 is my first, best guess. Whatever it was, though, he had been with it for around six months when we first meet him and, according to his wife, Jeannie, was still only part way through his promised training period when he gets a call to his first mission. She indicated that he was not likely ready and her assessment holds up considering the very nasty things that happen to him on it.
       That first mission is where he will meet Charley Panarti, a fellow field agent and someone he took an immediate dislike to at their first introduction but who would quickly turn into Frame's best friend and partner and someone Frame could rely on to have his back just as Frame would have Panarti's.
       Regardless of who Frame works for, the actions of Frame and Panarti have so far proven quite entertaining so except for no good handle on the employment, I like them.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 Getting Out Getting Out
Written by Anthony Bryan
Copyright: 2018

Dick Frame did not know how way over his head his new job with the British Secret Service would be but when he decided getting out was the thing to do, he found it not as easy as he had thought. He is pushed into an assignment that involves drugs, arms, and dirty politics both at home and as far away as Saudi Arabia.
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2 South Of The River South Of The River
Written by Anthony Bryan
Copyright: 2019

Both Dick Frame and his partner Charley are assigned to the Counter Subversion department run by the strange Fiona Renwick. Their first and biggest question was why she specifically asked for them since she so clearly thought them both total screw-ups.
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