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Full Name: Tom Sexton
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: Daniel Judson
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


Tom Sexton is an agent with a private intelligence company.

The title of the first recorded adventure tells us that he is a "temporary agent" and that is very much what he intends - he really had no desire to be even that but a debt he could never hope to repay demands that he agrees to the job.

When we first meet Sexton he is working an unexciting job operating a "prewar-era press brake machine". He is living with and very much in love with Stella, a woman who despite the difference in their age, she being a dozen years older than he with the 45 to his 33, still dominated his attention. Stella was a very vibrant and exciting woman and just the thing that Sexton needed to keep him out of the doldrums.

Sexton has been out of the navy for five years. In that half decade he "had been drifting from place to place for five years but was looking, maybe, for somewhere to stop." Then he met Stella as she waitressed a railcar diner in northern Connecticut and he knew he was right where he wanted to be.

While in the navy for just shy of a decade, Sexton had been a member of the vaunted Construction Battalion, or SeaBees. It is very important to the understanding of Sexton and how he is able to do some of the tasks we will watch him do that we remember this vital section of the Navy has the nickname of 'Fighting Sea-Bees'. It is often the job of these men and women to head into enemy territory to build or repair as quickly as they can the needed structures that the planned incoming troops will need. Since the enemy will most certainly try to stop them, these people have to be trained to defend themselves as they do their duties.

Sexton was especially well trained, considered the best his outfit had, which is why when after he had walked away from all the carnage he had had to deal with, he was pulled back in. Unfortunately, it was not construction that he was needed for - it was the fighting.

Sexton had really hoped that his "temporary" job would be just that. Unfortunately, to save the life of a man who had once saved his, the debt mentioned above, Sexton and Stella will make an enemy who does not forgive so even after the temp assignment is finished, the work is not.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Temporary Agent The Temporary Agent
Written by Daniel Judson
Copyright: 2016

Tom Sexton lives a lonely, depressing life of a wanderer as he remains haunted by events in Afghanistan and a debt he can never repay. It looks like the woman he just met, Stella, might be the source of his recovery. Then his former CO introduces him to a secret NSA group who wants him to take part in a black-op mission to find and bring back the man who saved his life back then.
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2 The Rogue Agent The Rogue Agent
Written by Daniel Judson
Copyright: 2017

Now living a quiet life in Vermont running a diner with his love, Stella, Tom Sexton wants no part of the violence of his past. However, it is not done with him. Sexton is asked to take part in a mission to protect a teenage girl who is being hunted by a very dangerous and bad mercenary leader.
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3 The Shadow Agent The Shadow Agent
Written by Daniel Judson
Copyright: 2019

"Hunted for more than twenty years by a mysterious terrorist known as the Benefactor, former Navy Seabee Tom Sexton is done running. Working with his girlfriend, Stella, for a private-sector spec ops team, Tom has a plan to eliminate the elusive stranger who murdered his family."
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I want to say upfront that I enjoyed this series a lot.

I had some issues with it (don't I usually) because everyone was so duplicitous all the time it got rather tiring. I mean, Person A knows Person B is lying, and B knows A knows, and A knows B knows A knows... you get the point.

But still I could not let go! That is the sign of a good writer.

I am not sure I believe in Tom Sexton and what he is able to do. Not sure I believe in Stella, either.

I am sure I do not really care whether I believe. These books were filled with excitement, action, and a whole lot of affection between the two and when the third book was done, I could not decide if I wanted the couple to be able to ride away into the sunset and be happy or stick around for one more adventure.

Guess I am lucky that is up to the author.


My Grade: A-


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