Full Name: Glenn Evans
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Reporter

Creator: Robert Buckner
Time Span: 1960 - 1961


Glenn Evans is a reporter.

He is what is normally referred to as a foreign correspondent. He is and apparently has been for quite some time home-based in the thriving and exciting metropolis of Hong Kong.

The time period of the adventures we have recorded on film for him is the very beginning of the 1960's. British authority still commands this city of several million people, the huge majority of which are of Chinese descent. While it is certainly known that the lease of the property will run out in four decades, that is a very long time away and the change-over is never shown to be of any consideration.

When we first meet him, Evans would be around 30 years old. From that initial meeting and throughout all the time we get to spend with him, smooth and controlled will be two adjectives that come readily to mind. Handsome and charming would also apply, as shown by the ever-present following of beautiful women who obviously enjoy his company as much as he so definitely enjoys theirs. More than a couple of them will retire in the evening enjoying his bachelor apartment's view of the harbor.

Evans, as said, is a correspondent reporting on the activities of not only Hong Kong but many different regions of Southeast Asia. He will, from what we are told, make frequent trips to other countries as he searches for news stories worthy of the columns he regularly writes for the weekly news magazine he is associated with. Since he was once very close with the lady who now owns and runs the publication, he seems reluctant to say he works for her.

One thing that greatly helps him in his work is the deep friendship he enjoys with Chief Inspector Neil Campbell, a man of similar age and interests. It is from Campbell that Evans will get a lot of intelligence and confidential information but it is definitely a two-way street and Campbell will profit from Evans' tips as well.

There has been some suggestion that Evans is using his reporter employment as a cover for being a covert agent for American Intelligence. I found no evidence of this myself but considering the many times he sticks his toe into the waters of international intrigue, it may be a moot point.


Number of Episodes:26
First Appearance:1960
Last Appearance:1961
Network:ABC (US)

Rod TaylorGlenn Evans [ 1 ]
Lloyd BochnerChief Inspector Neil Campbell [ 1 ]

This exciting and, to me very interesting, series might have fared better if ABC had not put it up against the then juggernaut that was NBC's Wagon Train. CBS's entry, The Aquanauts (not related to the spy series of the same name) did not handle it any better and left after one season.

This one-season television spy-fi thriller series consisted of 26 one-hour episodes. There was also made a 30-minute pilot episode which was never aired.

0 Blind Justice
Episode 1-0
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Robert Buckner

This unaired pilot is a 30-minute version of the Blind Bargain episode.
Note: Instead of CI Campbell played by Lloyd Bochner, we have CI Geoffrey Scott played by Alex Davion.

1 Clear for Action
Episode 1-1, first aired 09/28/1960
Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: Robert Buckner

When a friend of Glenn Evans, a sailor visiting him, is mistaken for someone else and taken prisoner into Red China, Evans is determined to get him out.

2 Murder Royal
Episode 1-2, first aired 10/05/1960
Director: Boris Sagal
Writers: Stanley Hough, Art Wallace

The King of a neighboring country comes to Hong Kong for surgery but with him comes considerable intrigue as the visit is supposed to be a secret.

3 Pearl Flower
Episode 1-3, first aired 10/12/1960
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Jan Winters

A young woman comes to Hong Kong to finally meet the child she has been sending aid packages to for some time. Glenn Evans steps in to help with it looks like the little girl never really existed.

4 Freebooter
Episode 1-4, first aired 10/19/1960
Director: Charles Haas
Writer: Louis Pelletier

A rebel leader fighting the Red Chinese has been captured by them and Glenn Evans is asked to find a way to get him back to Hong Kong where the authorities are also interested in talking with him.

5 The Jade Empress
Episode 1-5, first aired 10/26/1960
Director: Don Taylor
Writer: Jonathan Latimer

A small jade statue is stolen and Glen becomes involved when someone passes to him what is assumed to be a copy of the statue. Knowledge of the statue spreads quickly and every criminal in Hong Kong is after Glen for the location of the statue.

6 The Jumping Dragon
Episode 1-6, first aired 11/02/1960
Director: Justus Addiss
Writer: Robert Buckner

The death of a commercial airline pilot opens the door for Glenn Evans to learn of a gold smuggling operation.

7 Blind Bargain
Episode 1-7, first aired 11/09/1960
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Robert Buckner

A beautiful journalist friend of Glenn Evans has bribed her way into Red China for a story. He reluctantly agrees to join her but then both are betrayed and getting home looks impossible.

8 Colonel Cat
Episode 1-8, first aired 11/16/1960
Director: Bud Boetticher
Writer: Robert Buckner

A Japanese war criminal has come to Hong Kong to find the stolen treasure he hid there during the war. He is willing to kill anyone in his way and shows it, several times. Glenn Evans is determined to stop him.

9 The Turncoat
Episode 1-9, first aired 11/23/1960
Director: Ida Lupino
Writer: John T. Kelley

Glenn Evans agrees to help his friend, CI Campbell, in a plan to help a man defect from Red China.

10 To Catch a Star
Episode 1-10, first aired 11/30/1960
Director: John Peyser
Writers: Louis Vittes, Sidney Ellis, Art Wallace

Glenn Evans thinks a perilous landing by the plane carrying a movie film crew to Hong Kong was a fake but then the leading lady gets kidnapped. Another stunt?

11 Nine Lives
Episode 1-11, first aired 12/07/1960
Director: Boris Sagal
Writers: Abram S. Ginnes, Michael Pertwee

Things are very complicated and dangerous on a short cruise in which Glenn Evans deals with a shady gambler and his "niece" as well as a former prison camp survivor looking for the man who betrayed him.

12 The Dragon Cup
Episode 1-12, first aired 12/14/1960
Director: Walter Doniger
Writer: Jonathan Latimer

A fellow journalist and rival of Glenn Evans takes a picture of a man who turns out to be a corrupt judge who vanished a decade. Then his former associate shows up wanting to kill the man once and for all.

13 When Strangers Meet
Episode 1-13, first aired 12/21/1960
Director: Boris Sagal
Writers: Fred Freiberger, Art Wallace

An American diplomat comes to Hong Kong wanting the death of his son in the city to be investigated. Glenn Evans wants to help.

14 Suitable for Framing
Episode 1-14, first aired 01/04/1961
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Writers: Leo Rosten, Art Wallace

Glenn Evans is the intended fall guy when a well-thought-out murder has the evidence of the crime pointing to him.

15 Lesson in Fear
Episode 1-15, first aired 01/11/1961
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Donn Mullally

Glenn Evans stumbles into a strange smuggling operation involving the purser on a cruise ship and the owner of a haberdashery.

16 The Survivor
Episode 1-16, first aired 01/18/1961
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Whitfield Cook

The young boy who is Glenn Evans' godson is orphaned when he parent die in a helicopter crash. Evans is working to get the lad to America to visit an aunt but the boy's grandfather in Red China is planning on snatching him.

17 Night Cry
Episode 1-17, first aired 01/24/1961
Director: Walter Doniger
Writers: Art Wallace, William A. Stuart

Glenn Evans is hardly in the picture as he leaves for Tokyo. CI Campbell has to deal with a bad cop who murders a man and lays the blame on a friend of Campbell.

18 Double Jeopardy
Episode 1-18, first aired 02/01/1961
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Writers: George W. George, Judy George

A beautiful woman kills her partner in crime and hides the loot of their last caper. She then goes to Glenn Evans's apartment to spend the night. When she is murdered the next day and then her twin sister shows up, things get really complicated.
Note: I saw reference to this episode being called Bad Penny.

19 Lady Godiva
Episode 1-19, first aired 02/09/1961
Director: Robert Florey
Writer: William Froug

Helen, owner and publisher of the magazine Glenn Evans provides a column for, has come to Hong Kong to investigate the murder of one of her other reporters. Their former romance mingle with the intrigue of what that dead reporter was looking into.

20 The Hunted
Episode 1-20, first aired 02/16/1961
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
Writers: Robert Buckner, Donald S. Sanford, Herman Groves

An American physician has been accused of assassinating the foreign minister of a communist country. Glenn Evans is certain he is being framed and wants to prove it.

21 With Deadly Sorrow
Episode 1-21, first aired 02/22/1961
Director: Paul Henreid
Writers: Dorothy Robinson, Robert Blees

Glenn Evans is hardly in the picture in this adventure which deals with CI Campbell dealing with an interesting mystery and a beautiful visiting woman.

22 Murder by Proxy
Episode 1-22, first aired 03/01/1961
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Jonathan Latimer

Leaving a night club, Glenn Evans is almost killed by a taxi. Then he is seen talking with the husband of one of the women he had been dancing with at the club. When the husband is shot dead soon after, Evans is the prime suspect.

23 The Woman in Grey
Episode 1-23, first aired 03/08/1961
Director: Stuart Rosenberg

Glenn Evans' friend Suki is a Chinese woman in jail for murder. She has gone on a hunger strike to protest her innocence but the man she claims is the real killer is an American movie star who was not in Hong Kong at the time of the crime.

24 Love, Honor, and Perish
Episode 1-24, first aired 03/15/1961
Director: Byron Paul
Writer: Donn Mullally

Glenn Evans welcomes a friend from San Francisco who is looking for her husband who disappeared in China four years before. Now he is living under a different name in Macao and smuggling gold into Red China.

25 The Innocent Exile
Episode 1-25, first aired 03/22/1961
Director: Fletcher Markle
Writer: Sam Ross

Glenn Evans is very interested in talking with the beautiful step-daughter of the former dictator of the republic of Costa Verde but attempts to kidnap her by unknown persons keep interrupting.

26 The Runaway
Episode 1-26, first aired 03/29/1961
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Robert Buckner

Glenn Evans is quite pleased when a lovely woman approaches him at a night club and asks to dance. Then she disappears. Then she show up again, with a different name and story. When it turns out she is a fugitive, things get even more interesting.


I was eight when this series ran and since it did not do well in network broadcasts and did not have many shows, it was not available to me in syndication. As a result what I know about from actually viewing is sadly nowhere as much as I would like. This is especially true considering the number of beautiful, classy, and exciting woman that weekly made the character, Glenn Evans, and the star playing him, Rod Taylor, very happy.

While I would not see until several years later the movie that made him a star, The Time Machine, which came out the same year this series was released, from the moment I saw that film I was a huge Rod Taylor fan and watched him in everything of his I could, including the awesome The Birds. Add his playing one of my favorite spy character, Boysie Oakes in The Liquidator, and I have even more reason to look for more episodes of this series to enjoy.


My Grade: B


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