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Full Name: Roland Sand
Series Name: The Quiet Assassin
Nationality: American
Organization: The Association
Occupation Agent

Creator: Caleb Pirtle III
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Roland Sand is an agent with the Association.

At least he is when we first meet him and though his situation will change over the short time we know him, his first employer is vital to know in order to understand Sand.

The Association is an unofficial group within the American intelligence community run by a one-eyed man named Bartus Kolinski but called the Bohemian. This man was himself an excellent killer of men, an invisible man that witnesses "looked past and through him but never at him" who was paid by a government slush fund that existed for people like him and his group but which no one would ever admit to knowing. The NSA, the CIA, who knew how many of the alphabets made use of the Association when anonymity was as important as success.

It was the Bohemian who had trained him, molded him, "broke down Sand and built him back again in the image of the Association". This had started 16 years before and in those many years he had performed his duties with precision and skill.

He is called the Quiet Assassin because he is both and excellent at it. He is a patient and silent man who prefers to do his job with little fanfare. And he is a killer.

Sand has a distinctive appearance, thanks to a roadside bomb years earlier on the outskirts of Mosul in Iraq. Because of it he has a scar that "ran crookedly down the left side of his face" which "strangers always stared at", "long and ragged. A slash of white against his tanned skin". The top of his left ear was missing. Some of his skin had melted. Flames had removed most of his hair and the rest he shaved away. A dark mustache and goatee were used by him to hide "as many of the scars as possible". Thanks to that IED, he has few friends anymore and too many bad strong memories of the night he led those under his command into destruction. "The wounds had healed. The guilt suffocated him still."

Good Lines:

"It was far easier to hide away in bad weather."

"A man's next thought was never as quick as someone else's last bullet."

Regarding the Bohemian, "it was said ... God had given him a brilliant mind but had forgotten to include either a soul or a conscience."


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Lonely Night To Die Lonely Night To Die
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2019

A collection of three "noir thriller novellas":
Lovely Night To Die
Rainy Night To Die
Lonely Night To Die
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Number of Stories:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Lovely Night To Die Lovely Night To Die
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2019

Sold separately and also collected in Lonely Night To Die.
When Roland Sand refuses to eliminate an accountant who accidentally saw a top-secret mission underway, he angers his boss who sends two operatives to remove him. Sand's killing of both of them lands him in jail, being defended by Eleanor Trent.
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2 Rainy Night To Die Rainy Night To Die
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2019

Sold separately and also collected in Lonely Night To Die.
A beautiful lounge singer in Ukraine has been sending back Russian secrets to MI6 but is now in danger and needs smuggling home. When her MI6 handler is found dead, Roland Sand is picked to take his place in getting her out but he only has 24 hours to do it and the Russians are prepared.
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3 Lonely Night To Die Lonely Night To Die
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2019

Sold separately and also collected in Lonely Night To Die.
Roland Sand awakens on a park bench in a town he has never been to before and no memory of getting there. He is seated next to a very lovely but very dead young woman, someone he has never met before, either. Did he kill her or was he set up? Sand is determined to find the answer.
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The three novellas regarding Roland Sand are billed as "noir thrillers" and that fits them beautifully, IMO. They are thrillers because things are constantly happening and there is no time to really catch one's breath after one event before the next one starts. They are noir because, well, they are. In Wikipedia is a darn good line about noir: "noir fiction (French for 'black') is centred on protagonists that are either victims, suspects, or perpetrators - often self-destructive". Trust me. It fits.

Most of the lines, both dialogue and prose, are delivered in staccato manner which takes me back to the detective films of the 40s. This helps set the mood wonderfully and I applaud the author for choosing this style.


My Grade: B+


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