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Full Name: Ambrose Lincoln
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Caleb Pirtle III
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Ambrose Lincoln is an agent with American Intelligence.

If the designation for his organization is a bit vague, it is likely because at the time of his employment, set in the early days of World War II, the OSS had not gotten formed so there really was no central governmental department per se doing it. Nevertheless, it was being done by somebodies.

Another reason for the vagueness is that Lincoln probably could not remember who he worked for. Not really. Memory is not something he was particularly good at any more. On purpose, actually. That lack of memory is a key element to the life of Ambrose Lincoln. As he puts it to a psychologist hired to analyze him, "Most stories have a beginning. Mine doesn't".

Feeling a bit confused? Imagine if you were Lincoln.

We meet Lincoln in the first recorded adventure as he is attending the funeral of his wife. Most telling immediately is the fact that he "had no idea how she died. No one had told him. He had not asked". Also compelling is the fact that at the service, a woman approached him and "hugged his neck when he arrived. She said she was his mother". Then a tall man lay a hand on Lincoln's shoulder, a man who "said he was Lincoln's father". The three, the lady in the casket and the lady with the hug and the man touching him in sympathy "were his family. He could not remember ever seeing any of them before in his life".

We are told in a blurb for that adventure, "Ambrose Lincoln is one of the government's prized operatives, a trained assassin, a man whose past is continually erased by mind control tactics and shock treatments. His days have no meaning. He no longer fears death. As far as he is concerned, a man without a memory is a man who's already dead". The reasoning behind this seems to be at "a man with an empty past is not afraid of tomorrow. A man who has died is no longer afraid to die. Graveyards are filled with men who were afraid."

We are told elsewhere that Lincoln "had his secrets, but they would remain lost and adrift within some twisted corner of a decaying brain that had been shattered in so many pieces that time would never be able to heal them or put them back together again. Ambrose Lincoln was the Humpty Dumpty man."

For all his problems with memory and knowing who he was and whether he really cared about who or how he might be in the future, Lincoln is one very good operative, highly skilled at taking the life of his target while keeping his own. His memory problems lay with his past, not a bit with his skills.

Good line:
- "I agree with everybody. A man lives longer that way."
- "History does a pretty good job of drawing its own conclusions."
- Regarding the electric shock erasing of his memory after a mission, "Every day Lincoln felt as if he died a little. Every day he could not remember why".


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 Secrets of the Dead Secrets of the Dead
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2016

In America the growing horror in Nazi Germany is one many are choosing to ignore. When word comes that the daughter of a killed Jewish photography had pictures of the Night of Broken Glass, Ambrose Lincoln is sent to Baden-Baden with the command to find the film and bring it back.
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2 Conspiracy of Lies Conspiracy of Lies
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2017

As both Germany and the Soviet Union race America to perfect the atomic bomb, worry resides about spies from that nation operating at Los Alamos. Ambrose Lincoln is sent there to find and uncover these agents.
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3 Night Side Of Dark Night Side Of Dark
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2017

Ambrose Lincoln finds himself in ravaged Poland looking for an ancient religious painting that has been missing for centuries. It is said that the item holds the last chance for Germany's survival and the Gestapo will quickly kill anyone competing for it.
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4 Place of Skulls Place of Skulls
Written by Caleb Pirtle III
Copyright: 2017

An American government agent sent word that he had found undeniable proof that Christ had returned to Earth and walked the land of the Aztecs 1500 years after his crucifixion. Unfortunately, the man died before revealing what that proof was. It is Ambrose Lincoln's job to head to Mexico and retrace the man's steps, even as he knows whoever killed the agent is waiting.
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The whole erasing of Ambrose Lincoln's memories is downright spooky. And the fact that a man with an analytical brain like Lincoln has would allow it to happen, well, yikes!

Now, once you get past that little bit of bizarreness, these are fascinating adventures, full of mystery, suspense, and a whole lot of thoughtful musings.

The author can really set a scene and bring the reader into whatever place or time he wants you in. He does an even better job of letting the reader know why the people who are in that place and time are there.


My Grade: B+


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