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Full Name: Finn Teller
Nationality: American
Organization: SIA
Occupation Other - Security Consultant

Creator: Twist Phelan
Time Span: 2016 - 2016


Finn Teller is a security consultant with the SIA.

In the blurbs I have seen for this person's adventures, I have see the title "corporate spy" used but to me that immediately evokes the idea of someone hired by Company A to infiltrate Company B and steal B's trade secrets to the detriment of B and the increased profits of A. That is definitely not the sort of work that Teller does.

On the other hand, she does works for a private corporation, not a government agency so the adjective is correct. And she does all the same sort of things that any good operative would be expected to do so the noun is apt. Still, I eschew the moniker.

When we first meet her, she is an employee of the SIA, or Strategic Information Associates. It was started by, and still run by, Jon McAuliffe, a former CIA operative who, upon retirement, used his contacts to create his own private enterprise and proved to be extremely successful at it.

"The company's name, always spoken letter by letter, wasn't an accident. SIA was an international for-hire agency that did a lot of the same work for multinationals, hedge funds, and oligarchs that the CIA did for the US government. It was staffed by analysts, operatives, and former military people, many of them retired-in-their-prime veterans schooled in the arts of detection and deception by domestic and foreign government agencies.

"Body language experts vetted prospective jurors and CEO candidates. Techies developed corporate security systems. Former covert operatives ferreted out internal corruption; uncovered secrets buried in the pasts of job applicants, boardroom rivals, and investment targets; dug up dirt on competitors; and tracked down disgruntled employees or competitors who'd stolen client lists and prototypes of new technology.

"The firm had a black-ops division, too - kidnap recoveries, terrorist interrogations, political espionage, and unauthorized looks at a competitor's R&D. SIA even worked for governments, secretly doing what the authorities couldn't because it might break the law or rile a trading partner."

Teller is one of McAuliffe's best operatives since the day several years before that she left her previous employer of a handful of years, the CIA. She had been a rising star in that agency as well until a mission ended badly because it was expedient for her superiors to ignore her warnings. Angered, she quit. Almost immediately, McAuliffe offered her a lucrative position and she has happily stayed in it.

Teller is very good at the black-ops work when it is necessary - she is an ardent student of Krav Maga and not too shabby with firearms - but she also gets involved in the other divisions because besides being quite intelligent and resourceful, she has an almost uncanny skill at detecting lies. Her abilities in interrogations, picking up on the signs of deception as well as just hedging an answer, is what made her so good with the CIA and what is now so valuable to the SIA.

It is also one of the main reasons why she is still single. It's impossible to enjoy the sweet nothings whispered by a would-be suitor when you know instantly they are a lie.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Fake Fake
Written by Twist Phelan
Copyright: 2016

On assignment in Milan finding a fashion design thief, Finn Teller is nearby to investigate a train wreck in Croatia, a place she had much trouble in years before and where terrorists still want her head. They will greatly complicate her search for a way to stop a horrific African pandemic.
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2 Exit Exit
Written by Twist Phelan
Copyright: 2016

Finn Teller was hoping for some R&R on a warm Greek island. What she got was a request from the Prime Minister of Greece to help in the delivery of the ransom money for someone he loves. When things go wrong, as they often do in life, she has to find an ally quickly to stop a threat to the entire world.
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3 Doubt Doubt
Written by Twist Phelan
Copyright: 2016

The sister of Finn Teller needs her help with her hedge-fund executive husband disappears, along with $400 million, all just before the Feds came visiting. Finn is not convinced her brother-in-law is guilty, even after the man's secretary is found dead. This will put Finn in the middle of a case that will stretch from the White House to Eastern Europe.
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4 Splice Splice
Written by Twist Phelan
Copyright: 2016

Once again Finn Teller is looking for a vacation, this time in Cartagena, Columbia. Then a former client asks her to escort a biologist in the rain forest looking for a rare plant with healing capabilities. Unfortunately, that means going into the newly formed nation of Guevaria which is run by a Marxist government anti to the US and where kidnapping is almost a way of life.
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5 Coin Coin
Written by Twist Phelan
Copyright: 2016

When a mission for the SIA goes pear-shaped, Finn Teller finds herself in trouble with the Feds. To keep from landing behind bars, she agrees to do a very nasty job - finding a way to bring down a cybercurrency used by terrorists and criminals to transfer money around the world.
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Reading that Finn Teller was a corporate spy, as the blurb told me, kept me from starting this series for too long. I really dislike 'corporate spy', a lot.

But I forced myself to start the first one and when I wrapped it up, I immediately went to the second. And then the third. And so on. I'm sure you get my drift. These tales are excellently written. The action is plenty and often and well thought out and delivered. The character is someone I would love to keep following. There has been no new work in this series for a few years but maybe someday! I can dream, right?


My Grade: A-


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