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Full Name: Thomas Thornhill
Nationality: American
Organization: Glass
Occupation Agent

Creator: S. W. Ellenwood
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


Thomas Thornhill is an agent with GLASS.

Glass is a branch of the American intelligence community, apparently an amalgam of people from the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Its headquarters is an "underground fortress in Detroit, a hidden contribution to the city's recent rebirth". It is run by Mr. Crumwell, a thin old man with scant white hair and blue eyes. Exactly what the official reason for the existence of Glass is, I do not know. The 'real' reason is a desire to go up against The Twelve, a cabal made up of a dozen very powerful men that the people behind Glass feel very much need to be brought down. Since we really do not learn that much about Glass, we do not learn a whole lot about The Twelve except that they are very powerful and very ruthless.

We also do not learn a great deal about Thornhill before he was accepted into working for Glass. We know that he was a Marine sniper who had "the average-looking body of a healthy man, a body that gave no hint that it had gone through marine physical training with flying colors, unofficially besting the record time at the hardest marine obstacle course in the world".

What we do learn is that Thornhill is, while very much a rookie in the spy business, a very resourceful and determined man who has a sharp brain behind his average looks and the grit needed to continue with the mission when everything has gone wrong. It does and he does.

There is also the interesting woman who works as Thornhill's handler, Mallory, someone who becomes a whole lot closer to him. She will prove to be more of an incentive to Thornhill than even his sense of duty.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Janitor and the Spy The Janitor and the Spy
Written by S. W. Ellenwood
Copyright: 2015

It was Thomas Thornhill's first mission for Glass and they told him it was going to be a simple one. He was to fly into Amsterdam and look into a matter. No problem. Then things go wrong and people start dying and this novice agent must find a way to just stay alive.
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2 The Dragon and the Lumberjack The Dragon and the Lumberjack
Written by S. W. Ellenwood
Copyright: 2018

Six months after the horrific end to Thomas Thornhill's first mission to Amsterdam, he is on his own but determined to still do something. This will take him to Asia and an attempt to work his way into membership of a Triad to fight from within but he will find that the organization is not at all as organized as thought.
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The writing of this two-book series is quite good and extremely easy to follow. The same cannot be said for the organization Thornhill works for or the group that Glass is working against. I still am confused about both and that is something no reader should be. If there was a paragraph or two that explained either better, I missed it.

But I liked Thornhill and I liked what I saw of Mallory and I would have lived to have seen more. The last book made me think there was going to be another, or at least needed to be one, but several years have passed since the books came out and so far no third.


My Grade: B


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