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Full Name: David Avivi
Nationality: Israeli
Organization: Mossad
Occupation Agent

Creator: Charlie Wolfe
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


David Avivi is an agent with Mossad.

Though he is still a relatively young man when we first meet him, his experience in that intelligence agency is considerable. So much so that he is in line for, and will shortly receive a promotion to Deputy Chief. It does not take long when reading how many officials in other countries' clandestine services treat him, all very friendly and respectful, to see that the promotion will be based entirely on merit. When it comes to fighting terrorism, Avivi knows what he is talking about.

If his qualifications in counter-terrorism were not enough, Avivi had just recently as of the first recorded adventure received a doctorate from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Interestingly, the region of study was not at all related to his day job but rather in the field of physics.

We will learn over time that Avivi came from a "family of scientists who had worked in two of the renowned Israeli government research institutes". His father had a doctorate in chemistry and his mother hade one in physics. Both parents had taken their expertise to very high levels in the practical, real-world arenas. Along the way they passed on their appreciation of science to their son and they remain sources of good advice.

Considering, though, many of the situations that he will find himself deeply involved in, problems brought about by the terrorists he fights will involve nuclear fuel and nuclear explosives. Having someone like Avivi be reasonably versed in what can go wrong is highly useful. Having Avivi physically trained and prepared to take action is also good.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Mission Tango Mission Tango
Written by Charlie Wolfe
Copyright: 2019

Le Docteur is the new face of terror as he and his nascent organization, NEMESIS, take up where ISIS stopped with random assassinations all over Europe. David Avivi leads the Mossad team tasked with finding and stopping this mysterious man.
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2 Mission Senator Mission Senator
Written by Charlie Wolfe
Copyright: 2019

Le Docteur is hiding under the identity of a Canadian professor, still hoping for a chance to perform horrendous attacks on the enemies of Islam. He sees a chance to inflict grave harm by taking out one individual, the sitting President. To pull it off needs the help of a corrupt politician and a female US Air Force pilot, working to get hold of a nuke to take out Washington.
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3 Mission Menace Mission Menace
Written by Charlie Wolfe
Copyright: 2019

The return of Le Docteur means that the extremists has yet another plan to bring down the non-Islamic world. This one involves using weaponry stolen from an American army base to bomb St. Petersburg during an upcoming visit by Vladimir Putin. It is David Avivi who is the one to stop him.
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4 Mission Rocketman Mission Rocketman
Written by Charlie Wolfe
Copyright: 2019

Two members of ISIS, formerly Iraqi officers, have gotten hold of nuclear fuel from intelligence services in Germany and the Netherlands. The plan is to use it in planned attacks on the same day. David Avivi is given the assignment of stopping them.
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5 Mission Patriot Mission Patriot
Written by Charlie Wolfe
Copyright: 2019

A series of assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists has caused renewed animosity between Iran and Israel. The Ayatollah issues an order to take it out on Israeli civilians. David Avivi is given the job of finding the assassin.
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6 Mission Renegade Mission Renegade
Written by Charlie Wolfe
Copyright: 2019

Two recent immigrants to America have decided to join with a Pakistani intelligence operative in a major attack in both the US and Israel. When Mossad hear rumors of the plot, it sends David Avivi to put an end to it.
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7 Mission Alchemist Mission Alchemist
Written by Charlie Wolfe
Copyright: 2019

A young Swede is angry over the loss of his Muslim bride in an accident so to work out his anger he joins ISIS. He is then chosen to lead an attack on the West that will use fascist groups all over Europe to strike at any foreigner in their countries.
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I am thankful I never thought to become a nuclear scientist. Reading these exciting adventures, not only would the schooling be way, way outside my pale limits, the number of people who would be wanting to drastically hurt me for trying to use my knowledge or hurt me for not trying to use it, well, yikes!

Avivi is constantly busy fighting people who want to destroy his country. Some of them are trying it with homemade explosives and some of them with highly technically spawned nuclear weaponry. Interestingly, and scarily, either would kill you just fine.

I would not want to be Avivi but I enjoyed reading about him.


My Grade: B+


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