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Full Name: Kade Sims
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jay Klages
Time Span: 2015 - 2019


Kinkade 'Kade' Sims is a consultant with the FBI.

He definitely is not an agent with the Bureau; rather, he is a man deemed of considerable use by Special Agent Morris, the man who approaches Sims with an offer for him to work on a case with them..

When we first encounter him he has been out of his desired career path, the military, and is working at Home Depot. In the months since his departure from the Service, "The beard he'd grown ... along with his scraggy shoulder-length black hair made him look about thirty when he was twenty-five. He'd added at least twenty pounds of bad weight on his six-foot-four frame". He is sharing an apartment with his childhood friend Alex and trying hard to maintain a low-key existence.

Prior to his current situation, as Agent Morris explained, "after your assignment at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCtC) and return to your home unit, you had a mental health referral and a hypomania diagnosis. Your top secret clearance was pulled, and you were then separated with an honorable discharge." According to the recap that Morris gives, Sims had been well thought of in his work with the NCTC. "Senior officers who worked with you at NCTC say you did an excellent job and your ethics were never in question. Your peers loved working with you and you're greatly missed. You just seemed to run into recurring problems off duty."

It was the pronouncement of 'hypomania' that got him deemed no longer someone the military wanted part of their ranks. Sims is in disagreement. "I still dispute my discharge from the army for that diagnosis. The physician I'm seeing reviewed my records and thinks my separation was a real stretch. It's a mild case, and very manageable. But the army never gave me a chance to prove it." Whatever Sims believes, does not alter the facts - he was out of the military.

Back to the FBI's approaching him for help, there was a particular talent that he had shown that the Bureau wanted and needed. It was shown when a month after starting to work at the NCTC he was invited to take part in a DARPA study where that defense agency. DARPA was testing a new, state-of-the-art lie detector and Sims was one of the guinea pigs. In the test, every single answer Sims gave resulted in "false positives, meaning the device said [he] lied on every question, even though [he] only lied on the questions he was told to lie on". Medically, the analysis produced the belief that the part of his brain that is active when a person was lying was, for Sims, always active, even if he was telling the truth.

For someone working undercover, that has to be a useful asset.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

1 Measure of Danger Measure of Danger
Written by Jay Klages
Copyright: 2015

Kade Sims was trying to adapt to civilian life when an FBI agent knocks on his door and asks him to work with them by infiltrating an agricultural biotech company suspected of being connected to the Mob. He finds they have far grander plans as they are funded by The Chapter, a high-tech militia planning on attacking the US.
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2 Source Source
Written by Jay Klages
Copyright: 2017

With a new name and a new occupation, Kade Sims is working with the Recovery Team, a task force out to bring down The Chapter. The FBI also wants him to investigate an old colleague, Lin Soon, who is suspected of working with Chinese Intelligence.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Seminar Seminar
Written by Jay Klages
Copyright: 2019

Wade Rooker had hoped the attending the seminar would be a leg-up for his career path but what he found was something a lot more sinister - and much more difficult to just walk away from.
Note: the author says: "While Wade Rooker is not a character in MEASURE OF DANGER, he has a key distinction and is important to the plot . . . Some characters in SEMINAR have major roles in MEASURE OF DANGER and SOURCE . . ."
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This bizarre personality trait, or gift, or curse, is a fascinating one that I had never heard of or considered. I have seen several television dramas where some person is good at masking lies to look like he/she is telling the truth. To have someone who always registers as telling a lie - that's a new one.

Which, of course, led me to be really curious as how in the world that trait would be useful to any intelligence gathering organization which in turn led me to making sure that I read the story very carefully to grasp what I was being told.

You should read it carefully, too.


My Grade: B


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