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Full Name: Jack Connor
Nationality: British
Organization: MITOS
Occupation Agent

Creator: James La Carra
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Jack Connor is an agent with MITOS.

According to what amounts to a fact sheet given at the beginning of the first recorded adventure:

"The military intelligence, MI6, Her Majesty's Secret Service of the United Kingdom, like other major powers, has recreated its military section MI7, to carry out secret missions against outside rivals. The retired military Brigadier, and the current chief of MI6, Sir Albert Ashley, has established the new MI7 Agency, officially known as MITOS (Military Intelligence for Tactical Operation Strategies) and placed it under indirect control of MI6. In the beginning, in the early years, MITOS formed as part of MI7, which shut down after a short period, due to a budget cut.

This new Agency, Section MI7, formed to work from outside of the UK. to focus on exploring all new frontiers of international threats. As a top-secret agency, operating under the MI6 control, MI7 operated with almost complete autonomy and worked independently of MI6 worldwide through a variety of fictitious agencies around the world.

The headquarters in Lancelot, an isolated remote region near Langley, Virginia, and it housed a few master-spies, who carry out the agency's work - destroying outside threats to Britain. The MITOS agency had been hidden from the public for some time, although there are at least three versions of explanations exist as to why MITOS operations were kept secret.

Sir Albert Ashley secured Maximilian Anthony Fleming (Max), as the chief of MI7 and the head of MITOS, working side by side. Commander Jack Connor was then given the task of controlling all MITOS field operations.

"Commander Jack Connor's successful operations in the Secret Service were some of the most dangerous missions in the field and he was 'The Best Man' they had. He and Max recruited the MITOS Combat Teams of 20 Field Agents, all are were high-ranking officers, typically above the rank of captain. The recruited agents were from various branches of other British Government Agencies and the Armed Forces.  Many of these agents were former MI6 Agents, but some of them were ordinary civilians."

After three years in Air Force Intelligence, there was not a city in the world Commander Jack Connor did not have connections.  Many of the Executives were influential in their own intelligence communities. 

Commander Jack Connor joined MI6 at the age of 19. When he was 17 years old, the Air Force Intelligence drafted him. His excellent ability to fill the gaps in investigations, and being a natural leader earned him a legendary reputation among the Secret Service worldwide. Specifically trained to operate aircraft, helicopters, and heavy craft as he had fluently known many languages. He had the natural talent to get a job done. While serving as a Commander in MI7 at Lancelot he was also partaking in many field operations. With Guts and Glory, these are his stories."

That pretty much says it all.

Well, except for a quick but important note on Lara McLaine, the administrator of Lancelot and Connor's best field agent. This blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty in her late 30s is also Connor's best friend. And standing 6'4" tall as did Connor, the two usually saw eye-to-eye.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Firefall Firefall
Written by James La Carra
Copyright: 2019

A MITOS agent working in the field in America is killed by a sophisticated new micro aviary weapon. It is the job of Commander Jack Connor and his small team to find out who was behind it and why.
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2 The Canary Trap The Canary Trap
Written by James La Carra
Copyright: 2019

A powerful corporation with some less than friendly intentions towards the West has launched two espionage satellites into orbit. These coupled with a quantum computer installed in a drone submarine will change the face of intelligence gathering forever. It falls to Command Jack Connor to take on this dangerous adversary.

3 Stellar Spy Stellar Spy
Written by James La Carra
Copyright: 2019

Commander Jack Connor is used to tackling opponents from around the world. The ones he has to take on for this mission are from another planet and their spaceships, hidden on the dark side of the Moon, have revealed their less than friendly objectives.
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4 No Time To Die No Time To Die
Written by James La Carra
Copyright: 2020

"Come face to face with spymasters. Take a closer look at their ingenious ways of stealing secrets.
This is where a piece of immersive secret information gets turned into useful intelligence.
Discover the techniques used to secretly influence events abroad. The covert mission sabotage the lethal action of agents and handlers who need to overcome challenges in covert communications, surveillance, and counter-surveillance. Some information is a new way to intercept messages or sniff out secrets. success or failure of code makers has reshaped the battle and changed the outcome."
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5 Falcon Eye Falcon Eye
Written by James La Carra
Copyright: 2020

"The MI6 spy satellite was shot down by a laser beam. A dormant power is now awakened and stinging in the world. Is it too strong for an untrained mind to handle? Jack Connor must make a choice. When he leads his special ops team into a secure space shuttle facility for the first time, the risks are high. Their cover could blow and the team compromised, Connor must act without being detected. All while trying to sort out who caused the disarray. Will Connor accomplish the mission? The dark side to the BND needs a man like Jack Connor—volatile, inquisitive, free-floating—in the field. The forces who are dedicated to navigating the world to a disaster act against the two powerful intelligence agencies, and has gone to an extreme measure to calm down the political hysteria."
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6 The Decoder The Decoder
Written by James La Carra
Copyright: 2020

"The disappearance of the scientist remains a mystery. The decoder apply a number of the soft output. The purpose of his mission was to infiltrate human society as one of its leaders, gather information, and control political events on Earth. The Decoder is learning the identity of human it controls. The decoder tries to penetrate the human mind, and force captures them with its electronic-Diginet. To eliminate the accumulated of technology of the humans, the decoder must lose its own identity. Then the decoders will not remember who they are and where they come from. Will that happen? What does he want? Commander Jack Connor must harness all his skills to solve the strange phenomenon that has been occurring in his agency"
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I know it is just me but while Jack Connor is a very impressive agent as well as department leader, perhaps a bit too impressive at times (IMHO), he gets upstaged in my imagination by his friend and cohort, Lara McLaine. That woman be tall! 

I'm guessing when the two of them enter a room together, everybody takes notice. How could you not? Although I could not imagine either one trying to go undercover anywhere as anything, unless it was as basketball players.

Then again, considering how capable they are at taking care of themselves, who would want to mess with them?


My Grade: B-


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