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Full Name: Alan Gable
Nationality: American
Organization: OPC
Occupation Agent

Creator: S. L. Lahna
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


Alan Gable, the Bulletproof Spy, is an agent with the OPC.

More on what that acronym stands for in a moment. First, we need to know that our first meeting with this interesting fellow is in 1965 when he is on assignment in Italy to steal vital intelligence from that country and get it out safely. Things are not going well and he is being chased and his beautiful sports car is being pummeled with bullets and he finally has no choice but to plunge it and himself off the highway into the ocean.

Flashback then to New York City, five years earlier, when Gable is a training officer for OPC trying to come up with a new training method for the bureau. He is heading home for the day, climbing into the Plymouth that he was driving but which belonged to his mother. He is suddenly attacked; enduring "the foreign feeling of teeth, sharp teeth, inhuman teeth, tearing into his shoulder."

When he comes to, he finds his life as he knew it is over. His life as it might become beckons but only if he agrees with Attorney General who greets him with the offer to let the world think he is dead while he continues to serve the country he loves. "Do you want to play dead, or do you want to die for real? You could serve your country, do things no man's ever done before. But you'll never come back here. You'll never see your mother. You're dead, kid, for all intents and purposes. But you could do some good before you go." Gable chose to stay alive, sort of.

Now back to OPC. I do not know what it stands for. I believe from scant evidence that it is connected to the Justice Department since apparently the Attorney General is connected but other than that, no clue. Except for the fact that the operations that Gable does on its behalf take him to numerous placed around the world up against enemies to the security of the U.S. so whatever the stated 'mission parameters the department has, it is not fighting crime.

As for what the biting mentioned earlier did to him, that's a matter that is best left to the reader to discover.

Good Line:
- As bullets ping away at the car he is driving, Alan Gable muses, "Well, that almost went according to plan".


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Silver Bullet Affair The Silver Bullet Affair
Written by S. L. Lahna
Copyright: 2018

The job Alan Gable, the Bulletproof Spy, has been given, is to find a way into a heavily guarded laboratory in Moscow, snatch Russia's leading nuclear scientist, and escape without the KGB knowing anything was happening. Impossible. The sort of this Gable is good at.
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2 To Live Or Die In Moscow To Live Or Die In Moscow
Written by S. L. Lahna
Copyright: 2019

The year is 1965. Once again the US and USSR are close to war. Control of the main weapons research facility of the KGB in Russia has been taken over by a secret organization. It is up to Alan Gable of the OPC and the KGB operative called Yulian Komarov to find a solution.
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3 The Fever From Krakow The Fever From Krakow
Written by S. L. Lahna
Copyright: 2019

The KGB is so anxious to eliminate the rogue Section 6 from their ranks that they have allowed American operative Alan Gable, the Bulletproof Spy, to look into a possible anthrax attack in Krakow, aided by Soviet spy Yulian Komarov.
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There is something weird about me that loves genre-merging. A good mixture of two distinct lines of fiction is hard to achieve without getting into the ridiculous but when it is pulled off, it can be a hoot.

Which The Bulletproof Spy definitely is - a good mixture and a hoot.

People looking for serious spy fiction should look elsewhere because this is meant to be as light as it is and it does so wonderfully. It is fun following Alan Gable as he goes about his so-called life while working, initially under duress, for OPC, whatever it stands for.


My Grade: B


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