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Full Name: Blake Jordan
Nationality: American
Organization: DHS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ken Fite
Time Span: 2016 - 2020


First Look:
       Blake Jordan is an agent with the Department of Homeland Security.
       He will be, anyways. Eventually. First his life has to go through a lot of pretty dramatic changes.
       When we first meet him he is a special agent with the Department of Domestic Counterterrorism. That organization, according to Jordan, is a spin-off from the CIA and "tasked with focusing only on preventing terrorist events domestically". At the time of our meeting, he admits that he was fairly new to the job but "the work was old-hat" to him.
       One of the changes mentioned above had only recently taken place. His wife was murdered several month before and he admits to himself that "Living through that experience was the hardest thing [he'd] ever been through". His dedication to his job is one of the things that has allowed him to manage to cope.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2020

1 The Senator The Senator
Written by Ken Fite
Copyright: 2016

As Senator James Keller was about to be nominated for candidate to the U.S. Presidency, he is kidnapped and his abductor plans to stream his execution. Keller was a friend and mentor to agent Blake Jordan and Jordan will do anything to rescue him.
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2 Credible Threat Credible Threat
Written by Ken Fite
Copyright: 2016

It is one day before the inauguration when a plot by terrorists is uncovered. Blake Jordan is thrown into the middle of the action when he elects to again do whatever it takes to keep the president-elect alive.
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3 In Plain Sight In Plain Sight
Written by Ken Fite
Copyright: 2017

Blake Jordan is en route to Chicago when he learns that Russian terrorists are planning on a major event on New Year's Eve and the one person who may know enough to help him stop it is the woman who killed his wife.
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4 Rules of Engagement Rules of Engagement
Written by Ken Fite
Copyright: 2017

An attack on a field office of the Department of Domestic Counterterrorism brings Blake Jordan in to investigate. He will join with an old love as they discover that another attack is imminent.
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5 The Homeland The Homeland
Written by Ken Fite
Copyright: 2018

Blake Jordan has been in hiding for a while when a terrorist attack happens and he discovers the best way to stop another from taking place is let the world know he is still alive.
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6 The Shield The Shield
Written by Ken Fite
Copyright: 2019

Blake Jordan has vowed he will never work with his old colleagues in DC but the theft of weaponized military drones by a terrorist group makes him change his mind.
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7 Thin Blue Line Thin Blue Line
Written by Ken Fite
Copyright: 2020

A bombing in New York gets Blake Jordan of the DHS to join with the NYPD to find the person responsible. What they discovers is that the perpetrator does not exist. Catching him then is going to be difficult.
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