Full Name: Baroness Karin Geza
Series Name: Top Secret
Nationality: Austrian
Organization: Allied Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Harry W. Junkin, Ilona Massey
Time Span: 1950 - 1950


Baroness Karin Geza is an agent with Allied Intelligence.

The actions of this impressive woman who decided to use her station in life along with her natural gifts and talents to fight the forces of oppression. Initially these enemies were those of the Axis, largely Germany, but later in her long career (albeit short in number of recorded adventures) she would turn her eye towards the increasing threat of communism.

The tales we have of her exploits have previously been classified, as we are told before each one: "This story is ... Top Secret" and depicts an adventure of Geza "in transcribed dramas of international intrigue and espionage, before and during World War Two." With the change of opponent mentioned before, the introduction changed to state they came from "transcribed top secret stories of present day intrigue and espionage. They are stories of a beautiful woman fighting in her own way with her own weapons for the cause of dignity, freedom, and peace."

In her own words, Geza explains how she came to be an operative by stating simply, "A long time ago, a man, a very wonderful brave man, offered me a job and I took it. 'Baroness, he said, 'remember this. In espionage you will receive no credit in success, no protection in danger, no recognition even in death. if you have to steal, steal, but if you are caught you will go to jail as a thief. If you have to kill, kill, but if you are caught you will hang. And always remember, Baroness, your first mistake will be your last.'"

She goes on to tell us that "I accepted the conditions. I became an international agent, a spy. I forgot I was a Baroness. I forgot my whole bringing-up. I forgot everything except the fight against these ... animals."

She initially got as a manicurist working at an elegant hotel where it proved amazing the sort of things she could 'pick up in a beauty parlor and I do not mean tips.'

Geza has no naivety where it comes to the consequences of her getting caught. In the first episode, the danger she faces is shown immediately when she is found out as a spy and taken prisoner, her captor gleefully predicting, "when we get off the train you will be given to the Gestapo. They will break you. ... Your fingernails, your knuckles, your beautiful white teeth, that golden hair. I promise you your hair will be gray as ashes before the treatment is over."


Number of Episodes:17
First Appearance:1950
Last Appearance:1950

Ilona MasseyKarin Geza [ 1 ]

According to a variety of sources, Top Secret was a radio program on NBC lasting 17 episodes in 1950. It was said to have been co-created by its star and driving force, the talented and lovely Hungarian actress, Ilona Massey, who would play the main character, Baroness Geza, in each episode. It was produced and directed by co-creator Harry W. Junkin who also wrote most of the episode.

There is a bit of disagreement in the sources as to the exact order of some of the episodes and the exact date that some of them first aird but for the most part the order and dates given below seem to be the consensus.

Initially the shows ran on Sunday evenings and seemed to be successful. When, after about half of the episodes had aired, NBC decided to move the show to ?Friday? and then shortly afterwards to Monday. This may have lost a lot of viewers who did not get the word of the shift and soon the show was cancelled.

1 Assignment 1 - Night Train to Berlin
Episode 1-1, first aired 06/12/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Alan Sloane

The adventure starts with Baroness Karin Geza captured on a train to Berlin and set to be sent to the Gestapo for questioning. She was on the train to track a shipment of a small amount of enriched uranium.

2 Assignment 2 - The Admiral's Strange Identity
Episode 1-2, first aired 06/19/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Harry W. Junkin

Baroness Karin Geza elects to take the place of an enemy agent named Ilsa Frum to get intelligence on the movement of the head of German intelligence currently working in the U.S.

3 Assignment 3 - The Package In Tangiers
Episode 1-3, first aired 06/26/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Alan Sloane

"Four times in the last month the German’s had gotten hold of information known only to a handful of men in the allied high command. Baroness Karen Gaza is has to leave for Tangiers on an assignment to investigate a leak in their intelligence there."

4 Assignment 4 - Escape!
Episode 1-4, first aired 07/03/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Alan Sloane

"Assignment four concerns Philip Cornelius his courage, his bravery, his tenderness, his escape and is a personal story of Baroness Karen Gaza, which until now has most certainly been top secret."

5 Assignment 5 - Saving the Mona Lisa
Episode 1-5, first aired 07/10/1950


6 Assignment 6 - Coming Disaster
Episode 1-6, first aired 07/17/1950


7 Assignment 7 - Midnight For Danger
Episode 1-7, first aired 07/23/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Alan Sloane


8 Assignment 8 - The Story of the Unknown Mission
Episode 1-8, first aired 07/30/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Harry W. Junkin


9 Assignment 9 - Disaster in London
Episode 1-9, first aired 08/06/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Harry W. Junkin


10 Assignment 10 - The Case of the Tattooed Pigeon
Episode 1-10, first aired 08/13/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Harry W. Junkin

"The story of a castle in Scotland and the fluttering of a bird which spells danger and of a wounded pigeon."

11 Assignment 11 - The Church Without A Cross
Episode 1-11, first aired 08/20/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Harry W. Junkin


12 Assignment 12 - Drug of Death
Episode 1-12, first aired 09/01/1950
Director: Harry W. Junkin
Writer: Harry W. Junkin

"a fight against death that came silently without warning..."

13 Assignment 13 - Confession
Episode 1-13, first aired 09/18/1950

"Baroness Karin Geza's assignment began because of her friendship with Mary Bryant, and it ended in tragedy. The Top Secret agent was given the assignment of finding Jerry Bryant and bringing him back. It was all because of a strange, mysterious letter, written to Mary his wife, and which nobody could understand. But what Karin did know, was that there was evil in it..."

14 Assignment 14 - The Poisoned Hand of Friendship
Episode 1-14, first aired 09/25/1950


15 Assignment 15 - The Document
Episode 1-15, first aired 10/13/1950


16 Assignment 16 - The Dream That Meant Death
Episode 1-16, first aired 10/19/1950


17 Assignment 17 - The Plan For Sabotage
Episode 1-17, first aired 10/26/1950



Back as a very young man living on a farm in central South Dakota where television was almost non-existent, listening to radio adventures was common for me and I have always loved the concept. Now, though, after 50 years of watching movies and television shows, the ability to sit in a chair and just listen to a story is way alien.

Except when traveling in a car! There audio books are terrific ways of alleviating monotony and stress and actually enjoying long trips, especially through terrain you've been through over and over and over, like commutes to and from work.

I say all this because listening to these tales sitting in an easy chair in the living room did not endear them to me because I was so used to 'watching' something. But putting them on a device and then driving in the car somewhere - wham! These stories were not bad at all!


My Grade: B-


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